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Once the monster has his fun / Take heed, it's not too late. / Mistakes needn't haunt you forever. / Though you have regret, you can't just forget / You alone decide your fate
— Excerpt from the Bogeyman Rhyme

The Bogeyman is one of the monsters roaming Silent Hill. It appears a large man about seven to eight feet tall clad in a raincoat and a gas mask, armed with a massive improvised hammer.

Murphy Pendleton first encounters the Bogeyman in the Centennial Building Otherworld when it attacked and killed a child before turning onto Murphy. Murphy then goes through another "Otherworld" sequence, confronting and fighting the Bogeyman at one point, hitting him with thrown bricks while evading his shockwave attacks.

After the Otherworld sequence, Murphy comes out in the St. Maria's morgue, where he is shown the "body" of his dead son, Charlie. Instead of Charlie, the Bogeyman is lying on the gurney, and then comes to life and attacks Murphy, causing him to go into a second "Otherworld" identical to Murphy's old house.

Murphy hears Charlie crying for help, only to be faced by the Bogeyman. Murphy fights the Bogeyman and incapacitates him before killing the Bogeyman with his own hammer. After the fight, Murphy is returned to the morgue, where he sees the Bogeyman's gas mask is missing, and the face switches from his own to that of Patrick Napier, the man who killed Charlie. Murphy then has a vision Charlie, who tells Murphy not the blame himself for his death.

Murphy never encounters the Bogeyman again, however, Ann Cunningham, a police officer chasing after Murphy, sees Murphy as the Bogeyman, and the player must fight Ann as the Bogeyman, whether they allow Ann to kill them, kill Ann, or spare her life influence the ending of the game.

Battle vs. Pyramid Head (by SPARTAN 119)[]

The grinding sound of a large blade being dragged along the ground was heard in Silent Hill's infamous Otherworld, this time manifesting itself as a prison-like dungeon. Pyramid Head walked into the next room, a large, dark underground chamber with bars blocking off one end, and blank concrete walls, like an oversized prison cell, with smaller metal cages and implements of torture hanging from the walls, which were stained with blood.

On the other side of the chamber stood a figure clad in a black raincoat and gas mask, armed with a large hammer that appeared to have a cinder block as a head. The Bogeyman brought down the hammer, and sent a destructive shockwave towards Pyramid Head creating a fissure in the ground as it went, causing him to recoil as shockwave hit him.

Furiously, Pyramid Head advanced forward, but was slowed by the weigh of his Great Knife- truly more of a two-handed sword. The Bogeyman launched another shockwave attack, again slowing down, but causing significant damage to Pyramid Head.

Frustrated with his lack of success with the ranged attack, The Bogeyman went in for the close range kill, swinging his hammer in a great horizontal arc that connected with Pyramid Head, knocking him backwards, and in the process, causing him to drop the Great Knife, sending it sliding across the room.

The Bogeyman raised his hammer to finish off Pyramid Head, but unencumbered by the weight of the Great Knife, Pyramid Head evaded the attack and ran to the side of the room, grabbing a spear from the rack on the wall.

Armed with the lighter weapon, Pyramid Head advanced faster than before, dodging a vertical strike from the Bogeyman and running his spear right through him. The Bogeyman was badly wounded, but not quite dead. Pyramid Head moved in and prepared to finish the job with his sharp tongue like appendage.

But it was not over for the Bogeyman. He caught the appendage in his hand and literally snapped it off, causing Pyramid Head to roar in pain. The Bogeyman responded by kicking Pyramid Head on his back and retrieving his hammer. It looked like Pyramid Head was finished...

But he had landed next to his Great Knife. Pyramid Head seized the large sword as the Bogeyman prepared to bring his hammer down, however, he was interrupted by the Great Knife literally thrusting through his chest. Pyramid Head got up as The Bogeyman fell to his knees. Pyramid Head pulled the Great Knife out of the Bogeyman and brought it down in a vertical strike, splitting the Bogeyman's head in half and going halfway through his torso in a spray of blood. The mangled remains of the Bogeyman fell to the floor.

WINNER: Pyramid Head

Expert's Opinion[]

Pyramid Head won this match because of his superior weapons, as well as a possible psychological effect he has, even on monsters. His metal pyramidial helmet also make him less vulnerable to downward attacks.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Halloween Special (by Goddess of Despair)[]

In the dark of night, a small group of zombies zones in on an even smaller camp bordering a lagoon. A heavy rain falls upon the area, making the sounds of the undead quieter. The Rake spots several zombies in the forest and licks its lips. It took off running towards the first zombie it saw, striking its head with its claw. Turning, The Rake struck down another zombie before being grabbed from behind.

The Rake struggled against the undead assailant, before the rotten teeth of the zombie pierced The Rake’s neck. The creature roared in pain, only bringing the other zombies closer and closer. Slowly, The Rake was brought to the ground and stripped of its flesh.

Hearing this cry, a camper exited his tent to take a look at the forest. He stood outside armed with only a flashlight and scanned the forest. He flashed the light upon a zombie, which holds a human arm in its hands. The camper screamed in terror, and turned to run, only to collide into Jason Voorhees.

The camper let out another shriek and fell to the ground. Jason lifted his Machete and thrusted it into the camper’s chest, before turning his attention to the zombie approaching him. The ghoul dropped the arm it held and grabbed Jason, biting his arm.

Jason ignored the wound and struck the zombie with his Machete, removing the creature’s head. Suddenly, he was struck in the back! Jason stumbled and turned to see the Bogeyman eyeing him, hammer in hand. The two stared at one another for a moment before several more zombies exited the wilderness around them.

Jason ignored them and raised his Machete, delivering a slice to the Bogeyman’s chest. The man ignored the pain and slammed Jason with the handle of his hammer, driving him back. Taking advantage on the groggy state of the serial killer, the Bogeyman struck Jason with the head of his hammer!

Jason stumbled back into the open arms of several zombies. He sliced one with his Machete, then another, but the other three managed to force him to the ground. The Bogeyman merely watched, before hearing a loud roar in the distance.

He turned to see the Jersey Devil flying directly towards him. Before he could raise his hammer, the demon flew by and sliced off his throat! The demon didn’t stop there, and rammed into the zombies that covered Jason, striking two with its claws and stomping on the third with its hooves.

Meanwhile, a now reanimated Rake walks alongside the lagoon aimlessly. In curiosity, the Gill Man rised to the surface to see the creature. The Rake at this point was missing an arm and most of the flesh around its chest and head; however its brain and claw still functioned. The Rake stumbled after the Creature who grabbed the undead monster by the legs and dragged it into the lagoon.

As the Rake became submerged beneath the lagoon, it struck the Gill Man with its massive claw, leaving a large cut on the creature’s head. The Gill Man released the monster and struck it in the head with its webbed claw, killing the undead fiend before succumbing to its wound.

The Jersey Devil let out a loud, blood curdling scream and flew towards Jason, sending him to the ground with a claw strike to the head. Jason got to his feet as the Jersey Devil flew by again, striking him once more in the head and bringing him down. Jason got to his feet one last time before the Jersey Devil cashed into him, sending the two crashing through several trees!

Both the Jersey Devil and Jason lay on the destroyed tree, until the Jersey Devil slowly began to stand. With one last tremendous roar, the Jersey Devil opened its jaws and crushed what remained of Jason’s head in its mighty jaws!

Victorious, the Devil’s favorite demon spread its wings and took off; never to be seen for another hundred years.

Expert's Opinion[]

In this battle of horrors, the Jersey Devil emerged victorious in first place.. Jason followed closly in second due to his tremendous strength and durability, however his lack of intelliegence and speed was his undoing. The Creature from the Black Lagoon came third. Although being the smartest warrior here, the Gill Man was slow on land and its only weapons (webbed claws) were not able to inflict enough damage to bring down most of the other warriors. In fourth place was The Bogeyman. Although he was very similar to Jason, he was still inferior in strength, speed, and intelliegence and carried a weapon less practicle than the machete. In fith was the zombie horde. Despite outnumbering all other fighters, they were the dumbest, slowest, weakest, and least durable. In last place was the Rake. He simply relied too much on stealth in order to win.

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The battle was declared unfair because of the power imbalance between the warriors.