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Bodolf fears no god! Bodolf is the strongest in all of Midgard.
— Bodolf the Black

Bodolf the Black was a Viking leader with an unquenchable thirst for battle and glory. The secret behind his success was that he would pray to Thor before each battle so that in his time of need the thunder god himself would aid him in the flesh. Bodolf grew arrogant and one day decided to forgo praying to Thor. This proved to be his downfall as the god ended up aiding Bodolf's enemies who did pray to him.

Angered, Bodolf once again prayed, but this time he directed his words towards Loki. Loki appeared before Bodolf and directed him on a quest to kill a dragon and bathe in its blood to obtain strength to rival Thor. Bodolf succeeded and confronted Thor and his new followers. Though he was at first overwhelmed the magic of the dragon's blood turned him into a hulking figure of great physical strength and defeated them.

With his newfound power and reputation, Bodolf became even more famous and feared but was angered with the beast he had become. In a blind rage, Bodolf rampaged through his village and was once again confronted by Thor who heeded a prayer from one of the villagers. The two fought and were joined by Loki who cheered for the Viking. Unwilling to be his puppet, Bodolf punched Loki. This left him open and allowed Thor to punch him to the South Pole. Since then Bodolf began to wander the Earth while trying to keep his rage in check.

Battle vs. Solomon Grundy (Earth 2) (by Monkey Doctor 33)[]


Winner: Solomon Grundy

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