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MovieStuff65 MovieStuff65 1 May

World War Royale 2: Electric Bugaloo

Cfp quietly fumed in his seat as the other users brought their hands down. Prime Minister Laquearius, leaning into his microphone, states "And the nays have it. Cfp's proposed amendment to the End of Wrestlers Ban Act has been denied." and quickly raps a gavel against his podium. "This adjourns this month's user meeting."

As the others stood to leave the room or speak with their companions, Cfp walked over to a man in a green hoodie and another in grey polo and khakis. "What the hell was that? You said you agreed with me Beast."

"Don't put me on the spot like that," Beast said, reluctantly shoving his hands in his pockets. "I do, it's's a solution without a problem, you know? Why bother burning bridges?"

"Don't blame Beast for makin…

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Lunathemoon123 Lunathemoon123 27 April

Conan (Short stories) vs. Aragorn (Novels)

Very little similar between the two beyond both being vaguely medieval and both being decendents of a long dead people (Conan of the Atlanteans and Aragon of the Numanoreans). But in terms combative capabilities both men are very similar, with both being highly physically superhuman and highly skilled warriors. So lets get into this.

  • 1 Disclaimer
  • 2 Conan
    • 2.1 Equipment
  • 3 Aragorn
    • 3.1 Equipment
  • 4 X-factors
    • 4.1 Physical fitness
    • 4.2 Experience
  • 5 Scenario/Battle Info
  • 6 Prologue
  • 7 Battle
  • 8 Epilogue
  • 9 Conclusion

For feats, I will be using Aragorn as of the end of the Lotr trilogy, but will be giving him the kit he used during the battle of Helms deep, as we are given the most extensive look at his there than anywhere else. Conan on the otherhand will be used during his phys…

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Wassboss Wassboss 23 April

DFHRI: Tsu'tey vs Athenian Hoplites

There's not real theme between these two besides both being homeless so let's just skip over the introduction and get straight into this.

Tsu'tey: The finest warrior of the Omaticaya Clan and rival to Jake Sully.


Athenian Hoplites: The backbone of ancient Athens military.

Who is deadliest.

  • 1 Tsu'tey
  • 2 X Factors
  • 3 Voting System/Notes
  • 4 Battle
  • 5 Final Verdict

Tsu’tey was the greatest warrior of the Olo'eyktan clan of Na'vi on the planet Pandora. When Jake Sully was first captured and brought before the clan, Tsu'tey felt nothing but hostility for him, reminding his clansmen that Sully was only a "demon in a false body". His anger towards Jake only intensified after Jake mated with his bride to be and he lead a war band against the RDA forces after they …

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Samurai Santa Claus Samurai Santa Claus 17 April

Leonardo vs Jason Lee Scott

Leonardo, the fearless leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Jason Lee Scott, the original leader of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers




  • 1 Leonardo
    • 1.1 Weapons
    • 1.2 Equipment
    • 1.3 Skills/Abilities
  • 2 Red Ranger
    • 2.1 Weapons
    • 2.2 Skills/Abilities
  • 3 X-Factors
  • 4 Scenario
  • 5 Fight
    • 5.1 Expert's Opinion

  • Age: 16 years old
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 180 Ibs
  • Background: Leonardo was a pet turtle bought by a young boy along with three others, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo. The boy was waiting at the crosswalk when a teenager noticed a blind old man crossing the street while a truck sped toward him. The teenager bumped into the boy with the turtles, causing him to drop the jar in which he held them. The turtles fell into the sewer. Meanwhile, the teenager had suc…

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Laquearius Laquearius 16 April

Brynhildr vs Scáthach

Warrior women frequently appear in mythological tales from around the world, but their roles vary wildly. They can be portrayed as heroic and honorable figures that break social norms to take up arms for the sake of defending their home and family, or as monstrous villains whose disregard of society's expectations is an example of their barbarism. Today, we'll be looking at two of the most unique warrior women of mythology and seeing how they measure up in battle. They are Brynhildr, the disgraced valkyrie and lover of Sigurd who didn't handle rejection well, and Scáthach, the trainer of Irish heroes and the mentor to Cú Chulainn! Who is DEADLIEST?

  • 1 Brynhildr
  • 2 Scáthach
  • 3 X-Factor
  • 4 Notes

Originally a human shieldmaiden, Brynhildr was taken by Odin to…

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Bl02PIE Bl02PIE 11 April

Sauron (Lord of the Rings) vs Jadis (Chronicles of Narnia)

There are no names more influential in the realm of the fantasy genre than J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. They revolutionized speculative fiction through their love for mythology and religion. And while both were great friends in real-life, today we'll be pitting two of their greatest creations.

Sauron: The Dark Lord


Jadis: The White Witch

Both these fantasy villains wanted to conquer everything! They went on campaigns to take over whole magical continents, and fought against beings who could practically resurrect themselves. The only difference? One's rocking black while the other cold white! Who is deadliest?!

  • 1 Sauron
    • 1.1 Powers and Abilities
  • 2 Jadis
    • 2.1 Powers and Abilities
  • 3 X-Factors
  • 4 Notes
  • 5 Battle
  • 6 Expert's Opinion

Sauron was a Maia named Mairon, …

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SPARTAN 119 SPARTAN 119 9 April

Infected (Higurashi Outbreak) VS Influenced (Condemned)

  • 1 Combatants
    • 1.1 Infected
    • 1.2 Influenced
  • 2 Weapons
    • 2.1 Melee
      • 2.1.1 Kama (Infected)
      • 2.1.2 Fire Axe (Influenced)
      • 2.1.3 119’s Edge
    • 2.2 Melee 2
      • 2.2.1 Rice Hoe (Infected)
      • 2.2.2 Fireplace Poker (Influenced)
      • 2.2.3 119’s Edge
    • 2.3 Melee 3
      • 2.3.1 Kuwa (Infected)
      • 2.3.2 Sledgehammer (Influenced)
      • 2.3.3 119’s Edge
    • 2.4 Shotguns 1
      • 2.4.1 Murata Shotgun (Infected)
      • 2.4.2 Sawed-off Double-barrel Shotgun (Influenced)
      • 2.4.3 119’s Edge
    • 2.5 Shotguns 2
      • 2.5.1 Pump-action Shotgun (Infected)
      • 2.5.2 Winchester Model 12 (Influenced)
      • 2.5.3 119’s Edge
    • 2.6 Rifles
      • 2.6.1 Scoped Remington 700 (Infected)
      • 2.6.2 Ruger Mini-14 (Influenced)
      • 2.6.3 119’s Edge
    • 2.7 Automatics
      • 2.7.1 MP5SD (Infected)
      • 2.7.2 Uzi (Influenced)
      • 2.7.3 119’s Edge
  • 3 X-Factors
    • 3.1 Physicality
    • 3.2 Mental Heath
    • 3.3 Teamwork
  • 4 Scenario and Notes
  • 5 Battle
    • 5.1 Expert's Opinon

In the Outbreak OV…

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Wassboss Wassboss 8 April

BOTS Candidates: January - March 2021

To make the process of nominating for BOTS easier for Users I'm going to be listing every battle sim eligible for the BOTS awards in this blog post as a sort of Written Battle Hub if you will. I've tried to get every battle I can but if I have missed any then feel free to remind me of them in the comments below.

Siren Head vs Jason Vorhees (by MLPlover2011)

The Mandalorian vs The Jungle Hunter (by BeastMan14)

Green Goblin vs Bane (by Battlefan237)

Bruno Bucciarati vs Erskine Ravel (by Wassboss)

Royal Hungarian Army vs Manchukuo Imperial Army (by SPARTAN 119)

Jetstream Sam vs Black Manta (by Cfp3157)

Ava Sharpe vs Shinji Ogawa (by BeastMan14)

Okuyasu Nijimura vs Ryuji Sakmoto (by BeastMan14)

Team Demigod vs Team Titan (by Cfp3157)

Olympian Royale (by…

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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 8 April

Battle of the Season: January - April 2021

It is that time again, Battle of the Season. Users get one week (or longer if needed) to nominate their favourite battles that were written between January and April 2021. Good luck everyone!

  • A battle needs three nominations to be eligible for the final poll.
  • Users can't nominate their own battles.
  • After the time is up a poll will be posted where users can vote for their pick of Battle of the Season.

  • Bane vs. Green Goblin by Battlefan237
  • Olympan Royale by Cfp3157
  • Michael Corleone vs. Marsellus Wallace by Wassboss
  • Okuyasu Nijimura vs. Ryuji Sakmoto by BeastMan14
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MovieStuff65 MovieStuff65 6 April

Ow the Knife's Edge: Diego Hargreaves vs. Cutthroat

In the rubble of a mansion in DFederal's One Percenter district, Number Five nervously runs a hand through his hair at the disaster around him. "Just tell me if you can do it, Five." Elijah sternly asks, his hand weakly applying pressure to his side. Five throws up his hands in frustration.

"I don't know Elijah!" Five yells back, slamming his fist into a bookshelf. As Five and Elijah consider their options, loud singing pierces through the icy barricade Elijah had set up over his library door. Two quick thumps come from the other side, and the ice begins to shatter. "The science of time's tricky, you know? I barely even had a grasp in it back in my universe, let alone this one. Besides, the users could easily stop me from-"


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Pygmy Hippo 2 Pygmy Hippo 2 6 April

The Master Caster:Gilles de Rais and Ryuunosuke Uryuu (Fate/Zero) vs. Nursery Rhyme and Alice (Fate/EXTRA)

Fate's Servants are certainly an interesting example of supernatural helpers for mere mortals with the poster girl Sabers, somewhat of jerks Archers, the absolutely terrible luck of Lancers, the explosive personalities of Riders, the deadly Assassins waiting in the shadows, and the maniacal powerhouses known as Berserkers all being main classes. The Caster Class is unique in that they rarely actually fight physically like the others, instead using magic and summons to make up for lack of personal combat skill and usually set up shop in an area where they can prepare for battle, which works out well for the scheming witch Medea, master craftsman Avicebron, and even best president Thomas Edison. These two examples of Casters are possibly the…

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Kirbysakurai Kirbysakurai 5 April

My Bloody Night: Billy Chapman vs Harry Warden

Holidays are usually joyful times, but not when these two killers who have a hefty dose of childhood trauma who took on the identities of their parents' murderers are around.

Billy Chapman, the axe-wielding Santa killer who seeks to punish naughty people.

Axel Palmer, the miner who terrorized Valentine Bluffs after Harry Warden.

One of these traumatized villains will return to punish people but who will end up drowning in a blood of their own blood?

  • 1 Billy Chapman
    • 1.1 Backstory
    • 1.2 Powers/Abilities
    • 1.3 Weapons
    • 1.4 Weaknesses
  • 2 Harry Warden
    • 2.1 Backstory
    • 2.2 Powers/Abilities
    • 2.3 Weapons
    • 2.4 Weaknesses
  • 3 X-Factors
  • 4 Notes
  • 5 Trivia

William "Billy" Chapman used to love Christmas, but this changed one fateful day. He and his parents visited his grandfather, his parents lef…

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Wassboss Wassboss 4 April

Crazy in Love: Yukako Yamagishi vs Caelan

Love can do strange things to a person. For many it leads to joy and fulfilment but for others it leads to delusion and misery. And for some, a rarer breed, their love take a toll on their mind until they are driven insane by it, obsessed with the target of their affection and determined to be with them at all times and at any cost. This is what is commonly known as a Yandere and in today's battle we're pitting two of them against each other, dropping their facades and indulging in the mindless violence and anger they cannot control. Whose love will prove stronger as;

Yukako Yamagishi: Love struck teenager with a terrifying power, willing to do anything to protect her beloved Koichi.

takes on

Caelan: Self-loathing exiled Vampire with an obses…

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April Fools' Battle: Team Fake Anime vs. Team EA Warriors

“What did you think of my second chapter?” asked Rafael Uribe Uribe in Spanish.

“Honestly, it’s not bad,” replied EA, a pale, slim figure much younger than the Colombian general, clad in a jacket with elbow pads. “I’m impressed with the primary sources you … ah, what’s the word,” he paused, stumbling over his Spanish. “Dredged up,” he finished in English. Uribe raised an eyebrow. “Don’t give me that, Uribe,” EA retorted in Spanish, smirking. “I read your letter to the canal thief for my own thesis, you know. Your English isn’t flawless, either.”

Uribe tugged at the sling wrapped around his forehead like a headband and cast his gaze across the wall. “Yeah, well, he’s an asshole,” he said. The wall was mostly filled with framed “Battle of the …

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123chaseyoung 123chaseyoung 1 April

Dystopian Madness: V vs Ronin

Today in Deadliest Fiction, let us go to the bleak future where freedom is naught and dictators rule. When freedom is infringed, its up to the freedom fighters to save everyone. But what happens if the freedom fighters are the one who'll face each other?

V: The anarchist-slash-terrorist of dictator England.


Ronin: The nameless samurai of lawless New York.

It's a battle between two well-known dystopian freedom fighters from the minds of Alan Moore and Frank Miller. Who is deadliest?!

  • 1 V (Comics)
    • 1.1 Weapons
  • 2 Ronin (Comics)
    • 2.1 Weapons
  • 3 X-Factors
  • 4 Notes

V is an anarchist and the main protagonist of the graphic novel V for Vendetta. The background and identity of V is largely unknown. Due to the ill effects of worldwide famine, disease and a devastating …

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Leolab Leolab 1 April

DFSB vs DFederal Planetary: A Beast\Leo Collab

  • 1 Intros
    • 1.1 Leo
    • 1.2 Beast
  • 2 DFederal Planetary
    • 2.1 Frontline

An elevator door hisses open, and the members of the DFSB file into the lobby of their headquarters. The room had changed shape yet again, now a wide hexagon with a group of twelve pillars midway between the walls and the center of the room. Their leader, the user known as Leo, stands near a box in the center, his right arm split into several pieces fiddling with its insides.

“You sure it’s a good idea to bring all of us in?” Echo asks as they fan around it, “We’re only police in name, but I thought you wanted to keep order.”

“If this works anywhere near the way he wants, it’s worth it,” Jodi says as Leo gathers his hand together.

“Not like anyone’s going to be able to cause trouble,” Parcel …

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Tybaltcapulet Tybaltcapulet 30 March

Para vs Special Forces Group

It's been several months since I've put out any sort of battle, so I thought I would come back with something simple as to get me back in the swing of things. And of course to do that, today I'm going to use none other than one of Old DF's favorite type of warriors....Special Forces! And since I don't want to wax poetic we'll just get on with the battle! On one side we have the Para , India's deadly special forces unit that served their country for over 50 years! . On the other the Special Forces Group , Japan's elite counterterrorist group dedicated to protecting their homeland!


The Para (Special Forces) are a special forces unit of the Indian Army. Formed in 1966, the Para Commandos are the largest and most important part o…

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Leolab Leolab 29 March

Shinsuke Kazamatsuri & Shakugan (Sengoku Youko) vs Tanjiro Kamado & Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer)

(hit "Expand" if you want to read it)

{{#tag:tabber| Shinsuke Kazamatsuri=

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Lunathemoon123 Lunathemoon123 29 March

Rage: Guts (Golden ages) vs. Goblin Slayer

Two of the angriest warriors in modern fantasy.

  • 1 Guts
    • 1.1 Equipment
    • 1.2 Abilities
  • 2 Goblin Slayer
    • 2.1 Equipment
    • 2.2 Abilities
  • 3 X-factor
    • 3.1 Physicality
    • 3.2 Tactics
    • 3.3 Experience
    • 3.4 Armor
  • 4 Scenario

Being born from the bowels of his hanged mother, Guts was a professional warrior and later monster hunter who played an important role in the ending of the 100 years war between Midland and Tudor. Guts spent his mouth as a merc, fighting in his adoptive father Gambinos merc before joining the band of the hawk. As the captain of the raiders, would followed the Hawks and their leader Griffith into battle, becoming a heroic figure within midland before leaving to find his own goal in life. Guts would later return after hearing that the Hawks had become criminals, aidin…

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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 24 March

S1 E2 1950s monster clash. The giant claw vs Rhedosaurus

The giant claw, the giant alien bird big as a battle ship. Rhedosaurus, the stop motion terror that attacks the world. Who Is deadliest?


The Rhedosaurus is a giant dinosaur that was frozen in Antarctica that appeared in the 1953 film the beast from 20,000 fatoms.

It terrorized the world and evenly got killed.

  • Length:200 feet
  • Weight:500 tons
  • Abilities:Infeced blood

The giant claw

The giant claw is a giant alien bird that appeared in the 1957 film of the same name.

It got killed in on a body of water.

  • Length:600 feet
  • Weight:5,000 tons
  • Abilities:Anti-matter shield,eyesight,flight speed,strength,radar invisibility


Voting ends april 2 2021

Battle scenario

  • This battle will happen in a airport

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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 24 March

2 announcements

Hello everyone. I just want to make 2 announcements real quick. Ok about my polls, they are for making content during battle voting, but if you want more blog posts from me thats is completely fine. And I will make another battle later today. Thank you for reading, good bye.

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Cs2714260 Cs2714260 19 March

S1 EP1 Bald faced hornet vs Giant asian hornet. war of wasps

Wasps have been the bane of humans. Now its time to put 2 wasps in a fight to see WHO IS DEADLIEST?

Bald faced hornet.

Bald faced hornets are a species of yellow jacket wasp that live in north america, the length of the bald faced hornet is about 3 quarters of an inch. and is defensive(but can be aggressive.) and there diet is soft bodied insects and spiders.Other names. Bald Hornet,White Faced Hornet And Black Jack.

Giant asian hornet

Giant asian hornets are large hornets from asia there length is about 2 inches and there diet is mostly bees but they will eat other animals such as insects,spiders and even rats. They are really aggressive. other names. Murder Hornet,Giant Japanese Hornet.


Voting ends march 29 2021

Battle scenario

  • This will …

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Lunathemoon123 Lunathemoon123 16 March

Fjord vs. Zuko. Water and Flames

This battle is itself a fight between two simultaneously very similar and very different people. In terms of their overall function in battle both are very similar, with both being spell and sword types. Both have access to magical powers but still have skill in the usage of martial arts, often using both quite frequently in combat. But where both differ is in their personality and personal status, with both being the inverse of the other. Where Zuko is fiery, Fjord is stoic. Where Zuko was born rich and lost status and reputation, Fjord was born poor and gained renowned through hard work.

  • 1 Disclaimer
  • 2 Fjord
    • 2.1 Abilities.
    • 2.2 Equipment.
  • 3 Zuko
    • 3.1 Abilities.
    • 3.2 Equipment.
  • 4 X-factors.
    • 4.1 Armor
    • 4.2 Phyiscal fitness
    • 4.3 Experience
  • 5 Scenario
    • 5.1 Win conditions.
    • 5…

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Laquearius Laquearius 12 March

Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) vs Yu Narukami (Persona)

Countless works of fiction have discussed the strength and the resolution of the human spirit. Even when confronted by insurmountable odds and when the truth is hidden in shadow, humanity has found a way to persevere, adapt, and survive into the future. Today, we'll look at two warriors who have taken the power of the human spirit to the extreme. They wield their fighting spirit as a weapon, using it to protect what they hold dear. They are Ichigo Kurosaki, the substitute soul reaper who's going to protect his friends, no matter what, and Yu Narukami, the Persona-user who saved his town from countless supernatural threats! Let's find out which spiritually empowered hero is DEADLIEST!

Ichigo Kurosaki was once an ordinary teenager that loved his…

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MovieStuff65 MovieStuff65 12 March

DFHRI: The Dragonborn vs. The Warden

On a rainy morning, Morrigan takes a sip from her tea in her manor's dining room. She lifts her eyes briefly from her book at the sound of footsteps, seeing her husband enter the room. "Well well, what have we here?" she says, returning to her book. The Warden, holding a bowl of cereal in his hand, chuckles as he sits at the opposite end of the table.

"I guess that means your offer of hospitality is still open," he remarks as he takes his seat.

"I have a very large house," she replies, not taking her eyes from the book. "'Twould be a waste not to share it with someone."

"And we can't have that," The Warden furrow his eyebrows, a strange feeling touching him before passing just as quickly. "Have you considered the Council's offer?"

Morrigan rai…

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Leolab Leolab 8 March

DHRI: Tahnok v Tenno

This is a DHRI, so whether or not this gets written is dependent on demand and - more importantly - my mood.

- Fire Shield =

Each Bohrok type carries a pair of tools called "shields." Tahnok uses Fire Shields, which have the ability to produce heat or flame hot enough to burn or melt through any substance on Mata Nui, including metals. They create enough heat to flash-melt rock, allowing Tahnok to melt handholds into canyon walls as they climb. The shields could also function as melee weapons, or be used for defense. - Krana =


  • Please have at least couple paragraphs as to who you think will win and why
  • Rebuttals can reduce a vote by half.
    • Counter-arguments can restore the half point
  • Evaluating the warriors used based on a different canon or dif…

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Lunathemoon123 Lunathemoon123 8 March

Strahd Von Zarovich vs. Dio Brando

Magic vampire battle.

  • 1 Disclaimer
  • 2 Dio
    • 2.1 Abilities.
  • 3 Strahd
    • 3.1 Abilities
  • 4 X-factors
    • 4.1 Experience.
    • 4.2 Physical power.
  • 5 Scenario

For this, I will be using Dio as of part 1 and Strahd as of his appearance in the D&D 5th edition campaign "Curse of Strahd". I will also only be showing the combat applicable spells that Strahd uses, as it would only be a waste of space to add in the non combat ones.

Being originally born into poverty, Dio Brando would be adopted into the affluent Joestar Household as a teenager. He would spend much of this time trying to find ways to gain the families massive wealth, making a power grab by trying to poison his adoptive father George Joestar. This would be a failure, being foiled by this adoptive brother Jonathan, with Dio…

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Kirbysakurai Kirbysakurai 7 March

Screaming Smiles: Ghostface vs Jeff the Killer

The last thing you see before they creep out of the shadows and gut you like a fish is their horrific, pale faces... Despite their brutal and horrific actions, a tragic and traumatic past lies behind them, these two stealthy teenagers are known for their pale faces (or mask in Ghostface's case) and unchanging grin or startled expression found new targets, each other.

Ghostface, the persona of many people who despise Sidney Prescott.

Jeff the Killer, the burnt and bleached Creepypasta.

One of these psychopaths will come on top today but who will it be?

  • 1 Ghostface
    • 1.1 Backstory
    • 1.2 Powers/Abilities
    • 1.3 Weapons
    • 1.4 Weaknesses
  • 2 Jeff the Killer
    • 2.1 Backstory
    • 2.2 Powers/Abilities
    • 2.3 Weapons
    • 2.4 Weaknesses
  • 3 X-Factors
  • 4 Notes
  • 5 Battle
  • 6 Expert's Opinion

William "Billy" Loomis…

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BeastMan14 BeastMan14 1 March

To Be in DFederal, in the Summertime: John Constantine (Hellblazer) vs Mr. C (Twin Peaks)

Sometimes, you don't have to be all-powerful to have a name that strikes fear into the hearts of all those who dare who utter it. More often than not, it just takes a little bit of cunning and a well-placed show of power to become one of the most feared tricksters in the world. Tonight on Deadliest Fiction, we have a showdown between two such schemers, men who have outwitted beings far more powerful than anything beyond our comprehension and come out on top. Prepare to be riveted as John Constantine, the magical conman who outwitted the Devil himself, faces off with Mr. C, the evil clone of Dale Cooper who escaped the Red Room and built a vast criminal empire! It'll be a true game of wits, but only can come out on top and give us the answer …

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MovieStuff65 MovieStuff65 14 February

Lovers Quarrel: Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase vs. Raven & Robin

Shuffling the last of her morning deliveries in her hands, Annabeth Chase exits the main elevator of Ice-T Puppy Incorporated onto the third floor. She walks through a pair of glass doors, where the sign "District Reassignments" stood in crisp black letters. Inside, a young man looks up from a sketchbook and sees Annabeth enter.

"Good morning, Annabeth-san," Yusuke says, putting down his pencil. "I take it you have more work for us."

"You know it Yusuke. Appel's on one of his rampages again," she says, a hint of bitterness in her voice.

"As if Cfp is any better."

Annabeth tellingly looks down at her tablet to avoid his gaze, letting the remark hang as she hands him the papers. "Me and Percy are going out to Haru's cafe for my lunch, care to jo…

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Lunathemoon123 Lunathemoon123 13 February

Julius Caesar vs. Charlemagne Rematch

This battle needed to be remade, as the original was of poor quality but had a good idea behind it. So let's dig into this.

  • 1 Julius Caesar
    • 1.1 Equipment
  • 2 Charlemagne
    • 2.1 Equipment
  • 3 X-factors
    • 3.1 Experience
    • 3.2 Troops
    • 3.3 Armor
    • 3.4 Tactics
  • 4 Scenario

Gaius Julius Caesar was a Roman statesman, general and dictator of the Roman republic. Caesar spent the majority of his career as a politico, becoming governing of most of northern Italy after his term of Counsel. He would fighting a campaign in Gaul from 59 BC to 51 BC before fighting in a civil war against a large number of political rivals from 50 to 45 BC. Caesar would act as dictator of Rome for a brief time before being assassinated in 44 BC.

Gladius Hispaniensis: A relatively long variant of Gladii, being …

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BeastMan14 BeastMan14 9 February

Dudes Rock: Okuyasu Nijimura (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) vs Ryuji Sakmoto (Persona 5)

Everyone's got that one friend who you can always count on. Your A1 Day One. Your ride or die homie. That one pal whose always got your back, even if they're not the sharpest tool in the shed. Tonight on Deadliest Fiction, we have a showdown between two such young men, brash heroes who are both pure of heart and dumb of ass, who were gifted with extraordinary abilities. Watch in awe as Okuyasu Nijimura, wielder of the Hand who helped stop a serial killer in the bizarre summer of 1999, brawls with Ryuji Sakamoto, former track star who become one of the founding members of the infamous Phantom Thieves! We'll compare their abilities and skills to determine the answer to the ultimate question...


  • 1 Intro
    • 1.1 Okuyasu Nijimura
    • 1.2…

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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 4 February

Unicorn vs. Smilodon

Will add a titlecard and intro when I can be asked to do so.

  • 1 Unicorn
    • 1.1 Weapons
  • 2 Smilodon
    • 2.1 Weapons
  • 3 X-Factors
  • 4 Scenario
  • 5 Battles

  • Height: 180 cm (withers)
  • Weight: 1.000 kg (not counting the horn)
  • Max speed: 88 km/h
  • Stamina: can maintain max speed for 4 km

Unicorns are a horned horse or goat-like creatures featured in European folklore. Though majestic and graceful, unicorns are incredibly violent creatures and lack control over their more violent impulses and could only be calmed by the presence of a virgin maiden. Their horn was said to possess healing and purifying properties and was a highly sought after item by European noblemen who were often tricked into buying a narwhal tusk, thinking it to be a unicorn horn. Seen as a symbol of purity and be…

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123chaseyoung 123chaseyoung 30 January

BlackWarGreymon vs Heathcliff

The ultimate battle of metaverse badasses!

BlackWarGreymon: The legendary virus Digimon who took on the strongest digital monsters of the Digiworld!


Heathcliff: Distinguished player turned surprise main antagonist of the virtual MMORPG Sword Art Online!

  • 1 BlackWarGreymon
  • 2 Weapons, Powers & Abilities
  • 3 Heathcliff
  • 4 Weapons, Powers & Abilities
  • 5 X-Factors
  • 6 Notes

Intent on destroying the DigiDestined once and for all, Arukenimom created BlackWarGreymon from 100 Control Spires to perform the task. He managed to easily defeat Paildramon and the DigiDestined's other digimon without even trying. But when given the order to finish the job, BlackWarGreymon refused to obey Arukenimon and simply flew away, stating that he wasn't going to take orders from someone t…

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Wassboss Wassboss 29 January

Living in a Gangsta's Paradise: Michael Corleone vs Marsellus Wallace

"And you're sure you found it in a Corleone controlled warehouse right," Marsellus asks.

"Yes. I'd rather not reveal my sources but I can confirm the Corleones have been using the place as a basis for their smuggling operations" Marsellus leans back in his chair, his expression contemplative.

"I see," he says after an age. "Well I thank you for helping us in this matter Mr?"

"Bond. James Bond." Jules raises his eyebrows at this but Marsellus' expression doesn't change.

"Well then Mr Bond. I understand that you're currently homeless. Well as thanks for your service I've made arrangements for you to stay with some of my guys. I've got several places picked out in the white collar district, you probably won't be able to stay in any one place for …

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Battlefan237 Battlefan237 29 January

Magical Girls Face-off : Hermione Granger vs Carrie White

Today we have two magical girls - both are teenagers blessed with magical powers. Hermione Granger,the brightest student of Hogwarts whose aid to Harry Potter was beyond valuable when it comes to defeating the dark lord. Carrie White, a poor soul whose life would've shined had it not been destroyed by constant abuse from the world around her. Although their stories differ vastly from each other, both are still capable fighter in their own right. And let's see who is the deadliest.

  • 1 Hermione Granger
    • 1.1 Weapons & Abilities
  • 2 Carrie White
    • 2.1 Weapons & Abilities
  • 3 X-factors
    • 3.1 Training & Experience
    • 3.2 Raw Power
    • 3.3 Brutality
    • 3.4 Control Over Power
  • 4 The Situation

Hermione Jean Granger was a Muggle-born witch born to Mr. and Mrs. Granger, both dentists in London…

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Lunathemoon123 Lunathemoon123 24 January

Rogues Royale: One Rogue leads another

"One rogue leads another"


I wanted to make a battle Royale between a bunch of roguish figures in fiction. So here we go with it.

  • 1 Robin Hood (2006 series).
    • 1.1 Equipment.
    • 1.2 Abilities.
    • 1.3 Traits.
  • 2 Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean).
    • 2.1 Equipment.
    • 2.2 Abilities.
    • 2.3 Traits.
  • 3 Bronn (A song of ice and fire).
    • 3.1 Equipment.
    • 3.2 Abilities.
    • 3.3 Traits.
  • 4 Westley (Princess bride).
    • 4.1 Equipment.
    • 4.2 Abilities.
    • 4.3 Traits.
  • 5 Practical Severard (First law).
    • 5.1 Equipment.
    • 5.2 Abilities.
    • 5.3 Traits.
  • 6 Scenario
  • 7 Voting information
  • 8 Prologue
  • 9 Battle
  • 10 Epilogue
  • 11 Conclusion

Born into nobility in the village of Lockley, Robin Locksley was a noble, soldier and bandit born in Nottinghamshire England. As a young man, he would follow King Richard the Lionheart on Crusade in the holy land,…

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Pygmy Hippo 2 Pygmy Hippo 2 19 January

Virtual Psychos vs. Deadliest Killers

This fight was a reaction to the sudden stream of user-made killers after Kyle Dash the Owner vs. Dan the Decapitator was posted and while there were similar characters in the past, it really kicked off in the past couple years with some iconic psychos. The only logical fight idea I had was to use them all against a group of the horror genre's mist famous and who better to use than the most recent generation of video game and visual novel killers although slasher villains were a tempting pick as well. Anyways, it's time for blades to spill blood once more, fiery explosions to go off, and people getting torn limb-from-limb when two teams of maniacs decide to find out who's the victim and more importantly...

The Virtual Psychos, computer gami…

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Laquearius Laquearius 16 January

JC Denton (Deus Ex) vs Raiden (Metal Gear)

There are countless theories about the conspiracies at work throughout the modern world and all of them are true. Contrails are really mixtures of mind-altering gases created for population control. Your boss is actually a reptilian creature disguised as a human. Paul McCartney has been dead for decades, and his identity has been assumed by an imposter. And worst of all, there's a shadowy organization out to dominate the world through artificial intelligence and information control. There's only one way to fight back: with a bloodstream pumped full of nanobots and a really cool sword, just like JC Denton, the cyborg who defeated a renegade division of the Illuminati and changed the fate of the world, and Raiden, the rookie spec-ops agent cau…

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Deathblade 100 Deathblade 100 7 January

An Insectoid Terror: Tyranid Hive Lord (Dawn of War 2: Retribution) vs Xenomorph Palatine

Amongst the myriad of potential alien lifeforms, the most repugnant of them are insectoids. Equipped with chitinous armour and often living weapons, these creatures strike fear into the hearts of everything they face.

The Tyranid Hive Lord- A specialised Synapse entity developed by Hive Fleet Leviathan; which attacked the Aurelius Subsector.


The Xenomorph Palatine- The Xenomorph Queen Mother's elite guard; which defend the central hive to the death.


To find out the history of war and modern science collide, as we test the weapons and tactics used by these instruments of war. We dissect their strengths and weaknesses and file them in for an all new battle to the death. It’s no rules, no safety, no mercy. It’s a duel to th…

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BeastMan14 BeastMan14 4 January

Badass Bureaucrats: Shinji Ogawa (Symphogear) vs Ava Sharpe (Legends of Tomorrow)

Sometimes, you need a by-the-book agent to get things done. Someone who can kick ass and still properly file the paperwork justifying said asskicking before quitting time. Tonight on Deadliest Fiction, we have a showdown between two such agents. Prepare to be astounded as Shinji Ogawa, agent of S.O.N.G, Symphogear user babysitter, and effective right-hand of Genjuro Kazanari, faces off against Ava Sharpe, Director of the Time Bureau and ally of the Legends of Tomorrow! We'll put their skills to the test in a no-holds-barred clash, all to determine the answer to the ultimate question:


  • 1 Intro
    • 1.1 Shinji Ogawa
    • 1.2 Ava Sharpe
  • 2 Weapons, Powers, and Abilities
    • 2.1 Shinji Ogawa
    • 2.2 Ava Sharpe
  • 3 X-Factors
    • 3.1 X-Factors
  • 4 Notes
  • 5 The Battle
    • 5.1 Epi…

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Wassboss Wassboss 2 January

BOTY Candidates 2020

To make the process of nominating for BOTY easier for Users I'm going to be listing every battle sim eligible for the end of year Awards in this blog post as a sort of Written Battle Hub if you will. I've tried to get every battle I can but if I have missed any then feel free to remind me of them in the comments below.

Shiki Ryougi vs Saint of Killers (by Bulls12345)

Swamlord vs Mannoroth (by Monkey Doctor 33)

Spawn vs Goku (by Bulls12345)

Daredevil vs Question (by Killermoves)

Byzantine Cataphracts vs Emishi Horse Archers (by Pygmy Hippo 2)

BX Commandoes vs Kig-Yar (by Deathblade 100)

Mai Kawasumi vs Nemuru Kushinada (by SPARTAN 119)

Green Lantern vs X-O Manowar (by Killermoves)

Vandalic Warriors vs Han Soldiers (by Pygmy Hippo 2) 

Grazghkull Mag U…

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Wassboss Wassboss 2 January

BOTS Candidates: October - December 2020

To make the process of nominating for BOTS easier for Users I'm going to be listing every battle sim eligible for the BOTS Awards in this blog post as a sort of Written Battle Hub if you will. I've tried to get every battle I can but if I have missed any then feel free to remind me of them in the comments below.

Jesse Faden vs Cole MacGrath (by BeastMan14)

Sly Cooper vs Perry the Platypus (by Cfp3157)

Spear vs Takkar (by Lunathemoon123) 

Chris Walker vs Leo Kasper (by Killermoves)

Springheeled Jack vs Jack the Ripper (by Wassboss)

CJ Johnson vs Marcus Reed (by Killermoves) 

Ramona Flowers vs Harley Quinn (by BeastMan14) 

Dio Brando vs Tex Hex (by Jackythejack) 

The Man with No Name vs Arthur Morgan (by Wassboss) 

Asuna vs Art3mis (by Killermoves) 


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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 2 January

Battle of the Season: October - December 2020

It is that time again, Battle of the Season. Users get one week (or longer if needed) to nominate their favourite battles that were written between October and December 2020. Good luck everyone!

  • A battle needs three nominations to be eligible for the final poll.
  • Users can't nominate their own battles.
  • After the time is up a poll will be posted where users can vote for their pick of Battle of the Season.

  • Ramona Flowers vs. Harley Quinn by BeastMan14
  • Asuna vs. Art3mis by Killermoves
  • Cactus McCoy vs. Miguel by Wassboss
  • Bigby Wolf vs. Alucard by Cfp3157
  • EMIYA vs. SCP-076-2 by Appelmonkey
  • Sly Cooper vs. Perry the Platypus by Cfp3157
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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 2 January

Annual Deadliest Fiction Awards 2020

Christ, what a year it has been. 'Rona is sweeping across the globe, the economy took a sharp nosedive as a result, Brexit dragged got dragged out again, a massive explosion killed 204 people in Beruit, and American cops once again murdered a POC whom they already had detained. But it is not all bad. We had our first 10th anniversary, and the way COVID research is going we might have a vaccine by the end of the year. Not only that but we got rid of Trump, let's just hope that the other senile white guy is going to do a better job. Anyway, without further ado, let's get to the Annual Awards, shall?

  • 1 Rules
  • 2 Awards
    • 2.1 Battle Awards
      • 2.1.1 Ancient Battle of the Year
      • 2.1.2 Modern Battle of the Year
      • 2.1.3 Fantasy Battle of the Year
      • 2.1.4 Best Sci-fi Battle
      • 2…

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Wassboss Wassboss 1 January

A Traitor's Requiem: Bruno Bucciarati vs Erskine Ravel

What sacrifice would you make to make the changes you believe are righteous? Would you be willing to betray everything you know chasing your impossible dream? Well in today's battle we put two warriors against each other who have a vision of how the world should be and the conviction to do whatever need be done to achieve that vision. Murder, treachery, ostracization and self sacrifice are all fair game for these two men in pursuit of their goals and when fate puts them on collision course just how far will they go to make sure they are the ones victorious.

Bruno Bucciarati: Capo from Passione, who dreams of stopping the drug trade that plagues his home town.


Erskine Ravel: Former Dead Men, who believes sorcerers should rule over mortals.


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Leolab Leolab 1 January

Chess Royale: God Kill the King

And this years Q1 Leo Royale is Chess-themed. Not much else to say, so here's your obligatory DFederal intro.

Just before the new year, a door chime sounds, startling Shirou from his dinner prep. He opens his mouth and turns, then stops. The person he’d usually ask to get the door was no longer there, and likely wouldn’t return. He rubs his hands with a wet towel, cleaning them quickly as the chime rings out again. He dashes to the door and opens it, mouth hanging in shock at the unexpected visitor. Thinking he’s dreaming, he starts to shut the door when the visitor punches the frame to keep it open.

“Do we have to do this every time, Emiya-kun?” Rin asks, smiling daggers at him.

“No, no. Just… didn’t expect you. Kiritsugu said you wouldn’t b…

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Lunathemoon123 Lunathemoon123 29 December 2020

Caribbean Pirates vs. Wokou

  • 1 Disclaimer
  • 2 Pirates
    • 2.1 Equipment
  • 3 Wokou
    • 3.1 Equipment
  • 4 X-factors
    • 4.1 Training
    • 4.2 Experience
  • 5 Scenario
  • 6 Wokou Opening
  • 7 Pirate opening
  • 8 Prologue
  • 9 Battle
  • 10 Conclusion

For this fight, I will be trying to make this comparison as fair as possible (hopefully this one won't backfire). I will be using these two at points were they were much more comparable, mainly using the Wokou at their most powerful and the Caribbean pirates near the beginning of the Golden age. This will help to potentially close the gap between the two in terms of technology, as the Caribbean Pirate's did live nearly a century afterward the Wokou.

I will be giving the Wokou a set of armor for their special instead of a different weapon. I would usually do an armor section or put it in X-facto…

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AlsoPbGoat AlsoPbGoat 28 December 2020

Bell (CoD Cold War) vs Red (CoD WW2)

  • 1 Bell vs Red
    • 1.1 Bell
    • 1.2 Scenario
    • 1.3 Voting
    • 1.4 Expert's Opinion

WARNING: This is kinda poorly made... Also it contains spoilers for CoD Cold War. also spoiler for CoD WW2. and spoilers for my IQ test. Also i screwed up with one of the x-factors.

Call of Duty. Nicknames. Idk where i'm going with this. (i was gonna add the deadliest warrior theme, but i'm too lazy).

  • Battle will be 5 v 5
  • Bell will be assisted by Soviet Soldiers and Red will be assisted by US Army Soldiers
  • Takes place in Quarry Junction at midday, but without the deathclaws.

  • Votes in edge format must have at least 1 - 2 sentences per edge.
  • Votes not in edge format must be at least 4 sentences long.
  • Anything else will only be worth half a vote unless i feel otherwise.

To be decided

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Appelmonkey Appelmonkey 18 December 2020

Battle of the Bald: Slender Man vs. Voldemort

  • 1 Slender Man
    • 1.1 Powers
  • 2 Voldemort
    • 2.1 Powers and Abilities
  • 3 X-Factors
  • 4 Notes
  • 5 Voting Rules

The origins and much of the Slender Man's history are a mystery, though the stories date back to ancient Egypt and can be found all over the world. These stories always featured a pale, faceless, man dressed as a nobleman or a member of the aristocracy that preyed upon innocent children and left madness in its wake. These stories are regarded as nothing more than folktales, however, nothing more than cautionary tales to scare children into behaving or to scare one's friends while sitting around the campfire. Even today you can find stories of the Slender Man on various internet forums written by amateur writers with a fascination for horror. But be warned, t…

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