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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Gabriel van Helsing (by CuchulainSetanta)[]

Blade stalks through the Transylvanian wilderness, looking for vampires to slay. Suddenly, he sees the glow of a fire over the next hill, and goes to check it out. In his campsite, Gabriel van Helsing sits making dinner for himself, when he senses he is being watched. Slowly, he reaches for his crossbow and pulls it nearer to him. Climbing over the hill, Blade readies his Remington 870 shotgun, aims at van Helsing, and fires. Van Helsing hears Blade cock his gun and dodges just in the nick of time, returning fire with a volley of bolts. Blade is unprepared for the large amount of bolts flying at him, and is hit in the hand, dropping his gun. Van Helsing gathers up his other weapons and runs into the woods, as Blade painfully pulls out the crossbow bolt. He snarls at it before heading off in pursuit.

Van Helsing runs through the trees as he hears Blade chasing him. He turns and fires another volley, but this time, Blade is prepared. He jumps and runs along a tree trunk, pulling out and throwing a glaive as he does so. The glaive knocks the crossbow out of van Helsing's hands, and the startled monster hunter looks up to see Blade getting closer. Van Helsing pulls out his wheellock pistol and fires at Blade, but he dodges the shot as he unsheathes his katana. Blade swipes at van Helsing, who rolls out of the way, pulling out his hand saws. The two hunters lock eyes for a moment, before van Helsing starts up the saws and attacks.

Blade dodges van Helsing's charge, cutting him on the shoulder as he passes. Van Helsing shouts in pain, but quickly recovers, swiping at Blade again. Blade blocks the saws with his katana, but van Helsing pulls the sword out of Blade's hands as he does so. Furious, Blade pulls out a teakwood dagger, tossing it at van Helsing. He dodges, but is then roundhouse kicked by Blade. Van Helsing falls to the ground as Blade pulls out another dagger. He leaps on top of Van Helsing, prepared to stab him to death, but Van Helsing suddenly draws a silver stake, thrusting it directly into Blade's heart. Blade only has time to spit out some blood, before Van Helsing pushes his body off. He gets up, turns to Blade's corpse, and crosses himself, saying a prayer in Latin. Van Helsing then picks up his hat and places it on his head, walking back to his camp.

Winner: Gabriel van Helsing

Expert's Opinion[]

This was a very close match between two experienced vampire hunters. Despite Blade's more modern arsenal, however, his primary strength was at a distance. When van Helsing closed the distance, however, his one-of-a-kind short range weapons allowed him to surpass Blade's fighting skills and deliver the death blow.

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The battle was declared unfair for Gabriel van Helsing because of Blade's superhuman physicality and huge technology advantage.

Battle vs. Snake-Eyes (by Wassboss)[]

Blade is walking through the war-torn streets of post apocalyptic Chicago. Vampires have been attacking major cities around the world on mass and have managed to force humans into small pockets in heavily fortified castles, churches and any other big or easy to defend buildings. Blade however prowls the streets determined to eliminate the vampire scourge before it’s too late. He sees a figure in the distance and assuming it to be a vampire creeps slowly towards it.

Snake-eyes is also prowling the streets but he’s more interested in food than killing vampires. He needs to feed the masses of people living in the nearby hospital. Suddenly a bullet flies past his head. He turns around in a flash and sees blade standing behind an overturned car lining up his next shot. Snake-eyes pulls out his M-16 and fires a barrage of bullets at blade who ducks back behind the car.

Snake-eyes waits patiently for blade to stand back up but nothing happens. He begins to grow inpatient and gose to see what is taking so long. He takes one step towards the car when suddenly a throwing glaive lodges itself in his shoulder. He drops the gun and pulls it out. He looks in the direction it came from and sees blade readying another glaive.

Snake-eyes drops his gun and, pulling out his chain whip, charges at blade who throws the glaive at him. Snake-eyes catches the glaive in the chain whip but it gets all tangled up making the simple whip chain into a flail. He swings the flail at blade who jumps over it and pulling out his katana chops the chain whip in half.

Blade lands behind snake-eyes and tries to stab him but snake-eyes turns around and blocks it with his Ninjato. They duel for a bit with blade’s longer blade being cancelled out by snake-eyes superior training. However soon blade grows tired of the duel and with a quick movement disarms snake-eyes of his sword. Blade gose for a waist swing but snake-eyes does a back flip and lands out of the range of the sword.

He then pulls out his Trench knife and jumps at blade who tries to impale him on his sword. However he misjudges the swing and it fall way short and snake-eyes lands on top of him sending them both crashing to the ground. Blade is the first one to stand and, pulling out a teakwood dagger, throws it at snake-eyes who blocks it with his trench-knife.

Blade pulls out another dagger and they each take stabs at one another each time missing. This time snake-eyes gets the upper hand and whacks blade around the face with the brass knuckles sending him sprawling. He then plunges the knife into blade’s neck killing him. Snake-eyes bows to his fallen opponent and walks off.


Expert's Opinion[]

Snake-eyes won because he had superior training and skill.

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The battle was declared invalid for nerfing Blade by not giving him his superhuman physicality.