Blood for blood.
— Black Skulls

At one point in their lives simple bikers who worked as drug runners, everything changed for the Black Skulls once they befriended the Chemist, who gave them a special batch of LSD that permanently broke their minds, turning them into depraved, cannibalistic monsters. At some point, the Chemist was captured by the Children of the New Dawn, a hippie cult led by Jeremiah Sand, and he supplied them with the Horn of Abraxas, an apparently magical horn that can summon the Black Skulls to do the wielder's bidding. Trapped into servitude, the Black Skulls followed the Children on a path of destruction throughout the West Coast, slaughtering prostitutes, truckers, and anyone unfortunate to draw Sand's attention.

One day, Sand became attracted to Mandy Bloom, a store-clerk and artist who lived with her boyfriend, logger/ex-hunter Red Miller, in a secluded cabin in the woods. Sand ordered his top disciple, Brother Swan, to capture her for him, and Swan summoned the Black Skulls, who agreed to do so in return for a sacrifice, namely the cult's overweight member. Their bloodlust sated, the Skulls broke into Mandy and Red's cabin, subdued Red, then brought Mandy before Jeremiah, who attempted to seduce her, only for her to mock his arrogance. Enraged, Jeremiah burned Mandy alive in front of Red, then left.

Red, who had survived the ordeal, reacquired his old weapons, tracked down the Skulls and killed one of their members before allowing himself to be captured, then broke free, wiping out the Skulls in a brutal fight. After killing them, Red sampled the Skull's LSD, using his hallucinations to track down the Chemist, who gave him the whereabouts of the Children of the New Dawn, enabling Red to hunt them down and avenge Mandy's death, crushing Jeremiah's skull with the same strength the Skulls utilized.

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