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It's this simple, is it? I can just watch you die... and then I rest.
— Black Manta
The only thing I want is the death of Aquaman.
— Black Manta

Black Manta, born as David Hyde, is a mercenary and supervillain that seeks to destroy Aquaman for revenge. A former treasure hunter with his father Jesse Hyde, Black Manta's ambition led him to working alongside the scientist Stephen Shin. Shin hired Manta to retrieve a sample of Arthur Curry's blood to prove that the man was Atlantean. Manta hunted down Aquaman and attacked him in his home, where the latter's father Thomas died trying to protect Curry. For his revenge, Curry killed Jesse, mistaking him for Black Manta. Vowing revenge, Black Manta developed a high tech suit and equipment to hunt down Aquaman.

Manta's desire led him into conflict with Aquaman several times, notably when he was defeated while trying to help Vulko retrieve the Scepter of the King, an ancient atlantean artifact. Manta was defeated and sent to Belle Reve prison, where he was given an offer to join the Suicide Squad that he initially declines. When the Crime Syndicate invade his dimension, Manta joins the Injustice League to ward off the invaders. Believing Aquaman to finally be dead, Manta decides to accept Waller's offer to join the Suicide Squad, although he returns to terrorizing the king of Atlantis upon discovering that Curry lives.

Battle vs. Jetstream Sam (by MovieStuff65)[]

Sam exhales a deep breath, loosening his body and sheathing his sword. The man before him fell, his head with its grey Wolf mask cleanly falling from his grey uniformed body. The swordsman let out a disappointed sigh as he turned, his battle mask withdrawing from his mouth.

"To think, these people thought they could pull off a coup," Sam says to his employer. Hawkeye looses a final arrow, the shaft burying itself into the eye of this cell's leader across the room.

"Hope you're not too disappointed Sam," Hawkeye replies before putting his finger to his earpiece.

"Starkiller, this is Sparrow. East entrance has been cleared. How're things on your end?"

Leaning against a pipe, Sam's mind wanders as Hawkeye's conversation starts to drone on. I wonder if Jack is having as easy a time carving through these people as me.

Hearing a tongue click, Sam's attention returns to Hawkeye as the archer walks up to him. "We're to rendezvous with the DFPD up ahead. Hope you can keep up."

Sam scoffs at the taunt, and the two men walk further into DFederal's sewers. As they leave, the Spy decloaks behind them, his revolver drawn as he activates his own headpiece.

"Reinforcements are on the way. Finish your work quickly."

Black Manta nods to himself as Spy's message concludes. Looking at his subordinates, Manta gestures to the three hallways that split from their main staging grounds. "Neo, Psycho Mantis, I want you two going to the west entrance. Corleone's been silent since his last check-in; we assume he's been taken or killed. Report back to me if the position is compromised."

"Lelouch, you go back to base to ensure the evacuation has succeeded. Rendezvous with Spy and await further instructions. Leliana, you're with me." The three groups split off, with Black Manta and Leliana looking into the middle pipeline. Before they can continue, Leliana raises her hand.

"I hear people coming."

Manta nods, submerging into a deep well of water in the sewer while Leliana takes a vantage point. She disappears into a cloud of smoke, just as Hawkeye and Sam step in. From beneath the water, Black Manta carefully aims his lasers. The water starts to bubble from the heat, catching Sam's attention.

The cyborg shoves Hawkeye to the side, taking the full brunt of Black Manta's laser beams. As he's knocked down, his mask covers his face and he smiles beneath it. "Finally, a real challenge!" Sam roars with delight, quickly standing back up and drawing his sword. Leliana's arrow flies towards him, only for one of Hawkeye's own to intercept it.

"I'll take the archer, go after the guy underwater," Hawkeye orders, pulling out an arrow crackling with electricity. He launches it into the water, forcing Manta to leap out of the water, swords drawn. Hawkeye takes cover as he and Leliana trade arrows, leaving Sam to face Manta.

Manta moves first, shooting another blast of lasers at Sam, who dodges effortlessly and leaps forward. He slashes diagonally, nicking Manta's armor. He thrusts his sword forward, which Manta blocks with one of his short swords. He knocks it aside and tries a thrust, which Sam parries as he spins around with the momentum of his sword. Sam takes another swing, this one cleanly connecting with Manta's helmet and slicing a chunk of it off.

Manta propels himself upwards into the air, launching another blast to gain distance. Sam rolls to the side, and uses a nearby wall as a springboard to leap into the air. He catches up with the floating Manta, slashing again across Manta's chest. The armor rips, leaving a bleeding gash in Manta's chest.

"Going to have to do better than that!" Sam yells, following up with a thrust. Manta barely raises his swords in time, trapping them in between his blades. "Don't get too confident, cyborg," Manta growls, his eyes glowing. Before Manta can fire off lasers point blank, the two men fall to the ground.

Sam stands up first, recovering and grabbing his sword. Before Manta can stand, Sam takes another hefty swing at Manta's helmet. Another chunk falls off, the eye shattering and exposing his face. Manta grabs his sword and tries another desperate thrust, only for Sam to half-heartedly deflect it.

"Disappointing," Sam muses, wordlessly thrust his sword into the exposed gap in Manta's helmet and his skull. Manta falls to the ground, and Sam sheathes his blade. "I've got mine; how about you, Sparrow?"

Sam looks over to Hawkeye, who buries his knee into Leliana's head as he slaps a pair of handcuffs on her. "Yeah, we're clear."

WINNER: Jetstream Sam


"Boss isn't gonna be happy when he sees you, Red."

Hours after the last of DFPD pulled out of the sewers, several Wolves operatives in tow, Hawkeye uncuffs Leliana as they enter the secret door to Cfp's building. As they navigate the tunnels, Leliana rubs her wrists in annoyance. "You know, you could've uncuffed me once we left the sewers."

"Yeah, but where'd the fun in that be?"

The two co-workers stop as they approach, the door sliding open with a metallic hiss. In Cfp's office, a large shelf filled with DVDs splits apart for the two to enter. As they enter, Etrigan glances in their direction before resuming to drink the large bottle of rum in his hand. Cfp looks over from his desk, and gestures for Leliana to sit.

"I had to pull a lot of strings to get you extracted ahead of schedule," Cfp starts, taking a sip from his beer. "You better have a good reason."

"Trust me, this is important. Doom has access to the user database."

Cfp pauses briefly as he sets the bottle down, just enough for the others to catch the gesture. He tries to shrug it off as he leans back in his chair. "That can be dealt with. Your cover is probably blown by now, so getting out was a good-"

"That's not all, sir. It's how he's using it that's the problem."

Deep in the sewers, hidden by complex magic, Doctor Doom looks down in satisfaction at the currently dissected body of Kai Leng. In the palm of his hand, Kai Leng's deactivated collar sits uselessly. Handing it to his subordinate, Doom stands up and walks to his new partner.

"Your knowledge on the collars is worth praising," Doom says, the closest he could muster to a compliment. Laughing, Farouk waves his hand as if it were nothing.

"Consider it a favor. I'll be taking Leng myself for my own means, now."

Doom nods, gesturing for the exit. "Once all of our best soldiers are de-collared, my Wolves will be at your disposal."

Expert's Opinion[]

While Black Manta had a strategic and range advantage over Jetstream Sam, he couldn't compete against the cyborg swordsman. Sam's far greater skill more than compensated for his lacking technological equipment, giving him a distinct advantage in the fight.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Killer Croc (by RaptorHunter)[]

Deep in the sewers of Gotham, Killer Croc feasts upon the remains of a sewage cleaner. He rips off the mans head with his long, razor sharp teeth and crunches away at the skull, blood dripping down his scaly face. For now, the beast is content. But below, in the murky waters, the Black Manta hides, in search of a place to stay. His head peeks just above the water line, and scans the underground tunnels. Croc swiftly turns his head, notices the red light shining from Black Manta's eyes. He roars in anger, "My sanctuary! My home! How did you get in here!" He then lets out a big bellowing growl, and swings the chains on his wrist at Black Manta. Black Manta quickly ducks his head below the water, just dodging the chains. Croc picks up the Tommy Gun by his side, and spray fires at the ripples in the water, in hopes of hitting his new enemy. The ripples stop, and Croc smiles. "Dead... Just the way I like 'em, ha ha ha ha."

But Black Manta pops up from the water, and his Laser Eyes fire, hitting Croc square in the chest, and knocking him back against the sewer walls. Croc begins to pick himself up, but Black Manta fires two Miniature Torpedoes at him. But at the last second, Croc dodges out of the way, and the Torpedoes explode upon the sewer walls, and several bricks fall down to the floor. As Croc is rolling out of the way, he grabs his Webley Revolver and fires four rounds at Black Manta, but misses all four. Black Manta tries to swim away, down the sewage tunnel, so Croc picks up his MARK VIII Mannlicher-Cobra Rifle, loads it, then aims it at Black Manta, who's about 100 yard down the tunnel. Croc pulls the trigger, and the bullet fires, hitting Black Manta right in back of his head. Black Manta drops down into the water, but is not dead.

Croc leaps into the water now, and swims towards Manta. He can't seem to find him in the dark waters, when he suddenly, Croc is hit upside the head by Black Manta and his Trident. Croc thrashes around and claws at Black Manta, leaving a rip in his suit, and several scratches. Black Manta swims away, but Croc is able to pick up the scent of his blood and chases after him. He swims at Black Manta, and pulls out a Steak Knife, ready to stab him to death. But, Black Manta turns around and blasts Electricity from his Wrist Gauntlets towards Croc, stopping him in his tracks. Croc roars in pain, but builds up enough strength to lunge at Black Manta with the Steak Knife. He hears a "SNICKITT!" and Blades pop out from Black Mantas toes and wrists. Black Manta tackles Croc, kicks him, and throws his fists at him, in attempts of stabbing Croc. Unfortunately, the blades just bounce right off Croc's scales. Croc looks Manta in the eyes and grimaces, chuckling an evil laugh. He then stabs Black Manta in the heart, leaves the blade in his body, and a cloud of blood pours out. Croc then takes Black Manta by the helmet, and crushes it with his two bare hands, like it was a soda can. He lets go, and the body just drowns down into the depths of the sewer. Croc swims out of the water, once again happy.


Expert's Opinion[]

Black Manta brought some superb weapons to the fight, but it was Killer Croc's bestial personality that won the day.

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The battle was declared invalid because Killer Croc was given firearms despite never using them.