It's time for heroes who don't just patrol the world... they change it.
— Black Adam (New Earth)

Black Adam, or also known as Teth-Adam is a supervillain and occasional anti-hero from DC Comics. Originating from Fawcett Comics, Adam was initially conceived as Captain Marvel's nemesis, having the same set of powers but from another age and a different set of gods empowering him. A corrupted predecessor of Billy Batson, Teth-Adam was the son of Ramses II of Egypt, chosen by Shazam to inherit his powers. Unfortunately, instead of gaining the powers of six Greek gods, due to the deal made by Shazam's daughter, Blaze and the god, Set, Adam gained the powers of Egyptian gods. Overcame by the vastness of his powers, he then decided to rule the world, until Shazam banished him to the most distant star in the universe. Spending the next five thousand years returning to Earth, he makes it back to the year of 1945, encountering Shazam's second champion, Captain Marvel. Though in DC Comics, he returns when Dr. Sivana resurrected him after he was depowered years before his modern appearance. Still, since then, Black Adam has been one of Captain Marvel's most notorious and famous villains while also getting his own headlines after Fawcett Comics got inducted into DC Comics. Black Adam is also known to have started the Third World War, as well as being the ruler of Kahndaq, and a former member of the Justice Society of America.

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