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I had no trouble being a monster. I loved it, in fact, and would have been perfectly content to grow ever more monstrous, day by day.
— Bigby Wolf

Bigby Wolf is the main protagonist of the critically-acclaimed Vertigo series Fable. As his name implies, he is the actual Big Bad Wolf seen and read in the fairy tales. Bigby Wolf was originally born from a she-wolf named Winter and the deity known as the North Wind. After a brief Romance, North left Winter, who soon fell ill and gave birth to a litter of seven cubs. One of them was Bigby, who was ostracized by his brothers for being small and weak. His mother soon died, and his brothers left him, but Bigby who had nowhere else to go, stayed with his mother's dead corpse. He failed to protect his mother's poor body from scavengers due to his weak nature, and from then on he made a vow to make himself bigger and stronger. He hunted beasts of various sizes as he grew up, moving from one fearsome monster to another bigger monster. He learned his powers to summon the win while hunting the Three Little Pigs, and after an unsuccessful attempt to eat Red Riding Hood, started his targetting of humans as prey.

As he reached his most fearsome reputation he soon hunted down his father to make him pay for what he had done. He failed, as he was no match against his godly father. So from then on, he made a second vow to forever walk and terrorize the world alone, burying whatever he had of his mother and father. This soon changed when the Adversary and his army started encroaching into his territory. But before he can take him on, a young girl by the name of Snow White magically turned him into a human against his will. With nowhere else to go again, he was forced to come with Snow White to take refuge in another Universe where magic did not exist called Earth. In his new home, Bigby slowly learned to be more human and leave his bestial nature. He now dedicated his new life to protect his fellow Fables as the sheriff of Fabletown.

Battle vs. Kiritsugu Emiya (by Appelmonkey and Elgb333)[]


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Battle vs. Alucard (Netflix) (by MovieStuff65)[]

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Part I: Obligatory Exposition Dump[]

"Tell my next patient he may come in."

Dr. Hannibal Lecter stands from his desk and approaches the door, opening it to let in a new client. "Good evening Bigby. Or would you prefer Detective Wolf?"

"Bigby's fine," Bigby says, his brown duster draped over his arm. Taking a step inside, Bigby lets out an impressed whistle at the "office", which was more akin to a gallery. The wide open space included the requisite couches, but the large window that opened out to the (relatively) nice side of the Blue Collar District brought in the day's last beams of sunlight. Glancing at a door towards the other side of the room, he could smell the various spices and condiments of a kitchen. Bigby started to pull out a cigarette, only to hear a slight tisk from his host.

"If you could, I would prefer if you not smoke in here."

Bigby obliged, reluctantly putting it away. Hannibal smiled, and gestured to one of the couches. "Shall we?"

"I gotta say Doc," Bigby starts as he sits. "I'm impressed. When I was told to report here, I was expecting something more.-"

"Tawdry? Crude?" the psychiatrist asks, going back to his desk to retrieve something.

"I was going to say understated."

"You are not the first to say so. While my salary is not ideal, I have been here for seven years. This, and good friends in high places, affords me the occasional luxury such as this," Hannibal says as he sits down, opening a folder titled "B. Wolf".

"Let us see...ah, quite unfortunate what happened to your partner." Hannibal starts, looking up to gauge Bigby's reaction. On his part, Bigby uncomfortably shrugs and looks away. "How does it make you feel, Bigby?

"I've lost friends before. This isn't even that - he'll be back in a week."

Hannibal nods as Bigby goes quiet. "I take it you're not a fan of psychiatrists. That is understandable - this city tends to numb its inhabitants rather quickly. I have difficulty getting patients to open up to me as is, let alone the ones the DFPD sends my way."

"Yeah. Before..." Bigby gestures around, receiving a nod to continue. "...This, I was a lot more used to working on my own. There was Snow and Beast, but usually I handled things alone. Being under a department, having a boss...feels like being put on a leash." Bigby laughed at the accidental joke he'd made, while Hannibal cracked a smile.

"And what about working with a partner?"

This earned a shrug from Bigby. "I don't know. Something always seemed off about the kid, but it was nice working with him. He's a decent kid, deep down." Bigby looks down and sits forward, visibly tense. "Honestly, the worst part of what happened is not being able to find who killed him."

"You're a police officer, aren't you? Is there not an investigation?"

Bigby dismissively waved his hand. "You know how it is. Apparently someone up top pulled the plug on the case. I just feel useless."

Hannibal smiled understandingly. "I see," he starts. "But you do not need to be. Just because you aren't looking into as an officer of the law..." Hannibal says, letting the sentence hang in the air.

Pretending to look down at his folder, Hannibal snuck a glance back at his patient. Seeing he had gotten Bigby's interest, Hannibal continued. "As far as my professional medical opinion is concerned, you are perfectly fine to continue your duties. If you wish, I could clear you for action starting the day after tomorrow." Hannibal looked back up.

"Of course, I could also recommend that you take...personal time. For you to recover, of course."

"...About a week," Bigby said, understanding dawning on his face.

"About a week," Hannibal said, smiling.

Placing his black longcoat over a nearby chair, Alucard strolled through the massive library before him. Simple in its design, with four-pane windows letting in natural light and a single round table were its sole decorations. A dozen large, wooden bookshelves containing hundreds of books filled most of the room's space, and he walked up to one of them. The cover read "The Secret Technique to Fighting the Undead", with an older man in a fedora smiling on its cover. As he briefly skimmed the first page, he called out to his hostess. "This is quite the impressive collection."

"I'm glad you are enjoying my library," Sypha Belnades says with glee. "The amount of knowledge that the Belmont library contains would fill a thimble if you compared it to what's in here." She grabs another book and hands it to Alucard. "There are whole other worlds. Did you know there are elves? Merrill, a colleague of mine at the Integration Center, is one. She and her boyfriend Kurt-"

"As much as I'd like to hear more how you fill my head with the knowledge to understand this place," Alucard interrupts. "I would like to know why exactly you brought me here."

Sypha pouts. "You're so serious. But fine, party pooper." She leads him out of the library and into a humble foyer. As they walk from one room to another, Sypha throws her hands out.

"Isn't it fantastic? The only thing missing is Trevor."

"Why on earth would you want him here? He'd make the place smell like pig shit."

"Don't forget beer!" Sypha says, taking a second to deepen her voice. "Why, I would give up anything for beer. There are three things I love; beer, ale, and Sypha, in that order."

The two start to laugh, briefly reminiscing, before returning to the task at hand. She guides him into an office, where several photos and official-looking reports were strewn around the rooms. "Excuse the mess," Sypha says off-handedly as she lights the candles in the room. "I've never had a study before."

"Who are these women?" Alucard asks, pointing to the center display board. Four women, each different in age and appearance, decorated it, and all had lines leading to a map. In the middle of the map was a large red circle, and the blurred photo of a a man with black hair pinned beside it.

"That's why I've contacted you," Sypha explains. "Recently, a killer has been terrorizing the city. One of my friends in the police department had been investigating, but the trail has gone cold."

"And you want my help." Alucard finishes, but raises an eyebrow in confusion. "That doesn't answer my question of why me and not Trevor." At this, Sypha merely shrugged.

"To be honest, it was more a matter of coincidence than choice. You, or at least a version of you, was already in the city," Sypha explained. "The old man talked to someone on the inside and...." She snaps, and gestured to Alucard. "Poof. Here you are."

"I see," Alucard says, before nodding affirmatively. "If I can help, I'd be more than willing to."

Sypha claps with glee, and loops her arm in Alucard's. "I knew you would help me! Now let's get something to eat, you big softie."

"I am not soft."

"Oh, does that mean you stopped moping in your castle before you were brought here?" Sypha asks, already knowing the answer. Alucard frowned and turned away, before cracking a smile that he hoped she wouldn't see.

"Softie..." She sings to herself, before leading him out the door.

Part II: The Word Around Town[]

A few nights later, Bigby Wolf strolls through the Blue Collar district and approaches a bar. Rereading the torn note that he'd found in Akechi's case folder, Bigby took a final drag of his cigarette and walked inside. Only a few patrons were seated, and Bigby took a glance to see the establishment's owner behind the bar. A black-haired young man, with a red domino mask, stood, barely taking a glance up from the glass he was cleaning.

"Thought I told you I don't like it when pigs come by," Jason Todd said as Bigby took a seat. The sheriff grunted, and Jason put the glass down.

"What's the matter?" Bigby asks. "'Fraid I'll blow the place down?"

"After the last time you and Johnny boy swung by, I actually am," Todd replies, reluctantly grabbing a bottle of whiskey behind him. He pulls out two shot glasses and pours the liquor into them. "Heard what happened to your partner. Sorry 'bout that."

The two men slam back the drinks, and Bigby pulls out the note. "Think you have an idea of who this is?" Bigby asks as Jason reads the note, which only read "L. Salander".

"I might."

Bigby rolls his eyes in frustration. "I don't suppose you'll tell me out of loyalty to one of your regulars?" Jason smirked and shook his head. "In that case - you owe me. There's a reason that a certain mafiaso is the only one who's dared to take up the Penguin's contract on you."

Before their conversation can continue, a gruff voice interrupts them. "What the hell Hood? I thought you said there wouldn't be any cops here!"

A greasy, muscular man approaches Bigby, grabbing him by the shoulder and tossing him aside. The man growls as Bigby stands back up, taking off his jacket. Before Greyback could advance, the cold barrel of a gun was put to his head.

"Bigby's a friend of mine, Greyback. Now get your mangy ass away from him before I have to clean you up with a mop," Hood said, his finger hovering over the trigger. The wizard smiled, before Apparating across the room. The other patrons scattered as he pulled out his wand, shooting a blast of magic at Jason. He rolls to the side, firing two rounds in retaliation. A magical shield blocked them, and Greyback prepared to cast again before Bigby tackles him to the ground.

Stunned by the sheriff's strength, Fenrir could barely react before a fist collided with his jaw. Blood and teeth went flying as Greyback's skull slammed into the ground, cracking both itself and the floor beneath Bigby's power. For good measure, Bigby stood up and delivered a swift kick to Greyback's ribs, hearing the satisfying crack as they shattered. Jason approaches Bigby, pistol still drawn.

"Don't worry Red, he'll live," Bigby starts to say, only for Jason to shoot two round directly into Greyback's head. Jason holsters the pistol and faces a somewhat shocked Bigby. "He'll be fine," Jason explains. "Can't let people start to think they can screw around with me and get away with it. You gonna arrest me?"

Bigby considers it, before nodding back over to the bar. "Not if you point me in the right direction."

Jason inwardly groans, and leads the way back. "Lizzy's a regular around here. She's got an ink shop set up in the red light district. Can't miss it."

Bigby nods his head in appreciation, and gets up to leave. A blond cowboy enters as he does, eliciting a frustrated yell from Jason. "Where the hell have you been? I hired you to keep idiots like Greyback out, and you can't even do that!"

As Hol Horse stammers out an apology, Bigby shakes his head with a chuckle, walking out into the night sky.

Leaning against the wall of an alley, Alucard tightly pulled his jacket over his body as he waited for his contact in the White Collar district. His sword hanging loosely at his side, Alucard set his gaze on middle-aged balding man approaching him.

"Frank West, nice to meet ya," the man says, offering his hand. Alucard shakes it, and Frank nods his head to a nearby diner. They walk in, and the man behind the counter waves at them. "Hey Frank, how you been?"

"I'm doin' good Ollie," Frank says as he walks over to an empty booth. Alucard raises an eyebrow at the crowd of teenagers and young adults that take up the rest of the restaurant. One of them, a brunette in her early twenties, glared back at him before continuing her conversation in hushed whispers. Alucard smirked and sat down at the booth Frank picked.

"Don't mind my sister," Oliver says as he hands the two menus. "After what happened at North Uni a couple days back, Thea's been trying to get involved with campus politics. You know how kids are," he says with a laugh. Frank chuckles as he turns and gives the students a thumbs up.

"Things need shakin' up around here. They got my support," Frank says. "Besides, nothing sells papers like a good ole fashion protest."

The men place their orders, and Frank pulls a manila folder out of his bag. It contains several photos of a crime scene and surveillance photos of his target fleeing the scene, with Alucard looking them over as Frank starts to explain. "Finding him was tricky, but I've got friends in the right places. I don't have his name, but I did manage to track down where he works."

Alucard looks over another photo, this one of a modest three-story building. The man is walking inside, a briefcase in hand. "This is Philips Enterprise Banks," Frank says. "Run by a real psycho, but somehow manages to keep his books clean. Your guy works here as a pretty normal pencil pusher. Murders not withstanding."

Nodding his head, Alucard collects the photos and stands up to leave. Frank gets up with him, putting a hand on the man's shoulder. "Not that I mind someone stirring shit up - in fact I'm used to being the one doing the stirring - but I'd be careful digging too deep into this."

"What do you mean?" Alucard asks. Frank gestures for Alucard to sit back down, and looks instinctively over his shoulder to make sure no one was listening. Oliver places their meals down, catching the gesture, and respectfully nods and walks back into the kitchen. Frank leans in, his voice just loud enough to be understood.

"This is just a theory, but these killings aren't random. With a city full of this many killers and whackos, the cops are pretty good about keeping things in line. And anything they can't handle, the users and their personal death squads clean up just as fast," Frank explains. "My point being this; if this person has managed to kill four girls and not get caught, there's a reason."

"I see, but aren't you being a little paranoid?"

Frank merely shrugs. "On one level, no doubt about it. Crazy shit's this city's bread and butter. But then again, when our mutual ginger magician friend comes to me to dig into it, I get a little less paranoid and a little more suspicious."

Alucard glares at Frank, baring his teeth in anger. "You're not implying that Sypha-"

"Oh god no," Frank says, looking shocked at the implication. "Nothing that bad. It's just, it seems a little weird to me that Sypha's chosen now of all times to come to me about this. Doesn't help she's pretty close to Elijah Snow, despite...well..." Frank drags his finger across his neck. Alucard grimaces at the gesture, but places his hand to his chin in contemplation.

"That Snow guy's a massive mystery in this city, even for a One Percenter."

"You've given me much to think about," Alucard says, reaching into his coat pocket. He awkwardly realizes he has no money, and Frank laughs as he pulls out his own wallet.

"I'll cover it this time, blondie."

Alucard thanks him, and stands up to leave. Frank takes a sip of his coffee and pulls out his camera, aiming it at the students. "I hope I'll see you again, Alucard," Frank yells as he snaps a photo. Alucard leaves the diner, the bell ringing with his departure.

Part III: Circling In[]

"We're here, pal."

Bigby opened his eyes as he took a glance out the window, the neon signs of the slums' red light district nearly overwhelming him at first. The driver exposed his hand, and Bigby shoved him a wad of cash for payment. "'ope ya find what you're looking for. I know that I do when I swing by," Sean says with a laugh before driving away. Looking around the street, Bigby spotted a man casually smoking on the corner.

"How would you like to partake tonight, monsieur?" the masked Frenchman asked as Bigby approached.

"I'm looking for someone," Bigby starts, pulling out a cigarette. The Spy pulls out a lighter, and Bigby nodded his appreciation. "I am sure that one of my friends can satisfy such a search." The Spy gestures to a discreet brown building, a dull red sign called "The Petit Fleur".

Bigby laughs and shakes his head. "Not like that. I'm looking for a Lisbeth Salander. I was wondering if you could point in the direction of her shop." The Spy sighs longingly, taking a drag of his cigarette.

"Ah, Ms. Salander. My little wasp. She and I used to have so much fun together," the Spy reminisces, before glaring at Bigby. "Why are you looking for her, officer?"

Bigby raises an eyebrow, and the Spy points to Bigby's open coat. "I saw your badge when I lit your cigarette, my friend." The Spy sneered. "And since you are trying to hide that you are an officer of the law, I assume this visit is not...on the record?"

"Good eye..." Bigby says, noticeably more guarded. "I'm looking for her because she knew my partner."

The Spy thoughtfully nods, before tossing his cigarette down and walking away. "Follow me."

The two men walk in silence for a few minutes until they arrive at a small grey building with a lowkey blue sign on it, reading "The Dragon Tattoo". The Spy walked up and opened the door, letting Bigby inside. A raven-haired woman sat in a chair behind a desk, hunched over a laptop. She spares a glance up, before going back to her computer. "What do you want Spy?"

"For you to run away with me, of course."

She scoffs, holding up her middle finger, finally noticing the man with them. "Bigby Wolf. Took you long enough to get here." She says curtly, picking up her laptop and gesturing to the main parlor. The Spy nods at Bigby, and departs as the detective follows her in.

"How did you know I'd show up?" Bigby asks, taking a seat. She props down down into a swivel chair, showing him his official photo. "You're the partner of that kid who came by. I figured you'd come eventually," she says, pulling up a photo of a brown-haired man. "This is the prick you're looking for. Works at Phillips Enterprise. His name is Yoshikage Kira,"

"And how do you know this?"

Lisbeth moved to a different tab, which showed a massive document filled with countless names and numbers. "This is a registry containing all the basic information of everyone but the users in this city. It's incredibly dense to sort through, and that's if you know who you're looking for," she explains. "With the Wolves' rebellion and the slew of evictions and deportations, the algorithm was updating frequently enough for me to just slip in." Her lips just slightly twitched into the beginning of a smile, before closing the laptop and standing up. "He'll be getting off of work in one hour."

Bigby quickly thanks Lisbeth and walks out, putting his cellphone to his ear. He groans in frustration as he hails a taxi, before hearing a cockney accent on the other side. "Oi, what's the deal Big? I'm a bit-"

"No time to explain, John. I'm going to text you an address - meet me there as soon as you can."

"And you're sure that this is where Frank said we'd find him?"

Alucard merely shrugged as he and Sypha walked into the bank. A single teller sat behind the desk, looking up as they entered. "We're about to close," the young woman says, her voice tinged with regret. "Depending on what you need, I'll try to see to what I can help with."

"It's quite alright, Miss...Granger," Alucard replies. "We were hoping to meet a friend here, but it seems we've missed him," he explains, before a door labelled "staff area" opened. Yoshikage Kira approached the two, offering his hand.

"Go ahead and clock out, Hermione," Kira says. "I'll handle our customers from here."

Alucard takes a forceful step forward, hand subtly reaching for his sword, before Sypha steps between the two men. "That's quite alright. We were just leaving," she says, surprising Alucard with her convincingly innocent tone. Kira temporarily hardens his face in suspicion, just enough for Alucard and Sypha to notice it, before frowning in feigned disappointment.

"I see. I overheard you were hoping to meet someone. Perhaps if you gave me their name, I could point you in the right direction so I can help you catch up to them," Kira offers, starting to approach them.

"That won't be necessary," Alucard replies firmly, pulling Sypha away. The duo walk away without a word, leaving a confused Kira in their wake. They walk outside and a distance away, watching the entrance from an alleyway. "I presume there's a reason you stopped me from killing him there," he asks, looking at Sypha for an answer.

"Besides the fact that we have no legal authority to do so, it wouldn't do us any good. If he dies, he gets sent to the hospital and is free to kill again," Sypha explains.

"Perhaps the police, then?"

"We don't have the proof. Even if we did, he'd get his sentence in the Illegal District and let out again." Sypha pulls out a small phone, putting it to her ear. "Elijah will have a plan for a more permanent solution. Until then, we stay put and keep an eye on him."

"One of us should probably put a stop to that, then." Alucard says as he points a finger at the bank. Sypha looks over to who he's pointing to.

Sypha groans in frustration as two men approach the bank. One leans on the door outside, running a hand through his blond hair and lighting a cigarette, while Bigby Wolf walks inside.

Part IV: I Want to Break Free[]

Bigby marches inside the bank, instantly recognizing the man whom Lisbeth had shown him. Kira looks with curiosity, starting to explain the bank was closed, only for Bigby to grab him by the collar and throw him over the teller's counter. Kira slams into a wall, looking up in disbelief as Bigby's hands morph into razor sharp claws.

"This is for Akechi, you bastard."

Smirking in spite of his situation, Kira summons Killer Queen to his side as Bigby lunges forward. Killer Queen raises its arms, grabbing Bigby mid-air and chucking him back towards the entrance. Before Bigby could stand back up, Kira pressed his thumb down in mid-air. An explosion ripped into Bigby, sending him flying into the glass doors and back outside.

"What the hell is happening?" Constantine stammers out, looking over his friend. Bigby stands up with a groan, blood coating what parts of his jacket and shirt hadn't burnt off in the explosion. He shakily stands up, his wounds slowly knitting his flesh back together, and shoves Constantine off of him.

"I'll be fine, John. I'm gonna try to catch up with him. See if you can flank him or get in front of him," Bigby says, going into a sprint. As he runs inside, he stops to try to catch Kira's stench. Getting a whiff of the trail, Bigby bounds over the teller's counter and runs out the back door, spotting Kira running down an alley. He takes off after him.

Behind him, Constantine walks into the bank, Sypha and Alucard on his tail. "Bollocks. If I knew this was the shite he was gonna pull, I would've stopped him," Constantine starts, before Sypha stops him.

"It doesn't matter anymore. Alucard, go and stop that madman before he kills our target. I'll keep Kira from getting away. Constantine, you figure out what needs to be done to put him away."

The two men nod at their orders, and Alucard flies forward in a red blur. "'Ate to see ya leave, love to watch ya go," Constantine says under his breath, before noticing Sypha glaring at him.

"You and I are going to have a very serious talk with Elijah when this is over." With that final threat, Sypha summons a gust of wind beneath her feet, launching herself into the air. She freeze the air particles beneath her, creating several steps as she goes in pursuit of Bigby and Kira.

"Bloody show-off," Constantine grumbles as he waves his hands, a magical portal opening up for him to step inside.

Bigby let out a snarl as he saw Kira just disappear in front of him. Before he could pursue any further, a firm hand gripped him from the back of the neck and carried him away. The wind whipped into his face as Alucard carried Bigby far away from Kira, and slammed him through a nearby wall. Stone and mortar cracked as the two men fumbled inside what appeared to be an abandoned apartment. Alucard picked Bigby up and tossed him to the ground, drawing his sword.

"Let's try to be civil, detective. I'm sure-" Alucard starts, only for Bigby to open his mouth and let out a gust of wind. Alucard plunged his sword into the ground in a desperate attempt to stay anchored, while Bigby took a moment to collect himself. Alucard recover first, letting go of his sword and floating in place. The blade flew forward, quickly skewering Bigby through the side.

Putting one hand to the wound, Bigby pulls out the sword and tosses it to the ground. "Heh, magic," Bigby mutters to himself, fur growing around his body. "Guess that'll take longer than usual." Alucard steps back in momentary shock as Bigby transforms. Growing a solid foot taller and bearing his hackles, Bigby launches himself forward and pins Alucard to the ground.

The vampire quickly forms into a cloud of mist, causing Bigby's paws to slam through him and into the ground. Alucard reforms, grabbing Bigby from behind and flying upwards. He hoists Bigby above his head and sends him crashing through several floors, before finally reaching the roof and tossing him to the floor.

Alucard's sword flies back into his hand, and he thrusts it forward. Bigby knocks the blade aside with his wrist, and slashes Alucard across the chest. Blood pours freely as Alucard levitates backwards, clutching his wounds as the sword flies through the air to protect its owner. It floats around Bigby and slashes him across the back, and he lets out a howl in pain. Taking the moment to collect himself, Alucard dashes forward, using his speed to land several blows on Bigby. For his part, Bigby took another deep breath and let out a blast of wind, sending Alucard flying.

Before he could recover again, Bigby grabbed Alucard by the throat and jumped off the roof. As they fell, Alucard attempted to turn into mist again, only for Bigby to break his concentration by burying his left claw into his side. Letting out an involuntary scream, Alucard summoned his sword to follow them down. The blade skewered Bigby clean through the chest, but this did little to stop the hulking Fable as he clasped his other hand around Alucard's throat. The two land onto the ground with a thud, sending dust and debris into the air.

As the dust settles, Bigby sluggishly raises his arm and tears out Alucard's throat. As Alucard lays bleeding out on the ground, Bigby stands up and looks at a wall. Grimacing, he walks towards it, pushing Alucard's sword out of him by shoving the tip against the wall. Feeling his wounds slowly knit back together, he collapses on the ground.

Before he can close his eyes, he hears the chime of his cell phone. A text showed up on its screen, with the name "Detective Constantine" as the contact. Got the bastard was all it said, and Bigby sighed in content. Closing his eyes, Bigby took a moment to rest as his healing factor started to work its magic.

WINNER: Bigby Wolf


Akechi straightened his tie before walking to his desk, looking over the precinct with a momentary look of disgust as the waft of cigarettes infiltrated his nostril. As he sits, the young man feels a firm grip on his shoulder. Jumping slightly, Akechi turns to see his parter Bigby with a huge smile on his face.

"Detective Wolf! It's good to see you again," Akechi said, surprised to feel a genuine smile on his face.

"Good to have you back kid. We missed you around here," Bigby says as he starts to take off his jacket.

"I'm sure my...absence was too detrimental."

"You'd be surprised. Most of us aren't quite clever like you, and that's excusing idiots like Johnny," Bigby says, loud enough for the passing Constantine to overhear.

"Bugger off mate. You know you'll miss me!" Constantine says, only for another voice to chime in from across the room.

"Well, the break was nice while it lasted. At least you only had to deal with him for a week." Alistair remarks from his desk. Constantine flipped his partner off, before the distinctive clattering of bones signaled the arrival of their boss.

"Breaktime's over fellas. Everyone, take a break from your case work and meet me in the briefing room in five minutes," Skulduggery Pleasant orders, .

Akechi picks up his notebook as Bigby groans. "It seems we shall never be given a moment to rest," Akechi muses. Bigby nods in reluctant agreement and stands up.

"Tell you what. After today ends, why don't you come along with me and some of the boys for a night out?" Bigby asks. "My friend Jason owns this great bar."

"I...I think I'd like that," Akechi admits as he stands. Bigby smiles, and the two officers walk into the briefing room for another day at the office.

"That's great to hear Kara. I..I guess I'll pick you up in half an hour, then." Lisbeth can't help but smile as she pockets her phone, placing her laptop in her satchel. As Lisbeth locks up her store behind her, she hears a charming melody and feels herself involuntarily freeze in place. Before she can let out a threat or complaint, she feels her satchel floating off of her body and away from her.

Looking through its contents, Psycho Mantis found Lisbeth's laptop, a grey wolf-like mask over his face. His companion continued to sing, keeping Lisbeth firmly locked in place. As he opened the computer and looked over the files. "It's all here, just like Spy said it would be."

"That fucking snake!" Lisbeth said through gritted teeth, earning a humorless chuckle from Mantis. He turns around and begins to float away, putting his back to Lisbeth.

"Make sure she can't follow us."

The woman nods as Mantis floats away. As she keeps singing, Leliana equips her bow and looses two arrows into Lisbeth's knees. She grasps the arrows in pain as Leliana leaves, before noticing the small piece of parchment tied around the shaft. She looks it over despite the pain, and raises her eyebrows in confusion.

Tell the Evictor the Nightingale Must Sing.

Expert's Opinion[]

While Alucard had speed, intellect, and versatility on his side, Bigby Wolf was just too powerful of a foe for Alucard to take on. He didn't have the means to harm Bigby in any meaningful way, while Bigby had the durability to shrug off anything Alucard threw at him and the strength to give it back much harder. The battle is probably closer than it would appear, but Bigby Wolf is the one who walked away.

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Battle vs. Mr. Nancy (by LokoDito)[]

Jolliness hung in the air inside the Manhattan club where Mr. Nancy was staying. Pop music roared like thunder inside the small humid pit, colorful dizzying lights spun around the ceiling and walls, and young unsupervised rich brats danced and made out on the dance floor.

Even with its dreary, loud, worse-than-war atmosphere, the old man loved the place. Unbeknownst to these kids, he was a god — the same ones they’d read in their English classes. He was far from what his mythology wrote, yet even if he was never the god of parties, he was nonetheless in control of his destiny. He was the god of this club for now — a god who would drink, sing, and fuck way beyond a human could handle.

That night, however, was different from all the other nights, as a lone hairy man in a stained polo and a tie, barged uninvited into the club. A certain darkness covered the place as the man came in. While the young kids were too drunk or too sexed to care, Mr. Nancy felt the inhuman power this stranger brought. Coldness crept through his non-existent spine. A certain coldness that told him to prepare.

The man was indeed not human. He was a fable, a certain character from fairy tale books, who took refuge in this mundane normal world. Specifically, this character was known as the Big Bad Wolf, though he preferred the name Bigby to everyone he met. If one wondered how a wolf was walking in man’s territory, one should only remember of the phrase “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” But instead of sheep, he wore man’s skin — a sort of reverse werewolf. He was no man transformed into a wolf. He was a smart wolf turned into a man.

Bigby scanned the room, and once his eyes picked Mr. Nancy, he went to him in slight haste. The spider god prepared himself for what this stranger was planning. He had his wits if the stranger wanted to talk, and he’d have his powers and fists if things went dirty.

“You are Mr. Nancy?” Bigby asked.

“You’re looking at the one and only,” replied Mr. Nancy.

“Hardly,” added Bigby. “Listen. You’re not allowed to be here. This is fabletown territory.”

“Come on. Can’t you spare a brother some good time?”

“Nope. The magic you’re bringing is making a lot of us nervous. We’ve had our run-ins with all manners of literals and gods to just stand here and hope nothing will happen.”

“Nothing will happen if you don’t fuck with me, boy.”

“We’re not taking any chances. Now, either you can leave or I’ll have to drag your—“

Suddenly, Mr. Nancy socked Bigby Wolf in the cheek. Though that punch was pathetic compared to what Bigby had been through, the surprise attack distracted him long enough for Mr. Nancy to teleport away. Once Bigby got back to his senses, the old man was gone.

“So much for a god,” Bigby jested. He then felt creatures crawling in his pants, which began to fill his skin with bites and pinches. Bigby panicked at the sight of spiders, both venomous and non-venomous, cultivating his barren thighs with their painful jaws.


Mr. Nancy arrived near the highways of central park. That was a close call, but the battle was not over yet. As long as that bastard lived, Mr. Nancy would always have a dagger sticking in his back. He needed to do something if he wanted his stay in New York City to be a pleasant one.

He then began yelling and jesting in order to grab the attention of the people. There were colorful mighty sparks combined with his booming voice, which lured people unto him like flies to a rotting carcass. As hundreds of people watched, Mr. Nancy began to proclaim with a charismatic voice that every corrupt politician would envy, “Everyone! Gather all to me! A terrorist has again entered New York City! We gotta do something fast if we don’t want ourselves to be under attack. Remember! You are strong! Our country is strong. But only together do we become truly invincible!”

Bigby Wolf got out of the club and began roaming around Manhattan in search of his target. The stings from those spiders were gone but the annoyance and embarrassment they caused remained in Bigby. That old man would pay dearly for his insolence.

Bigby had little trouble getting himself back on track. The winds obeyed his command, and they brought to him the scent of the spider god. With superhuman speed, Bigby ran towards the direction of the smell.

But as he entered the park, he heard someone yelling “Terrorist!” as a bat hit him in the head. Other people started coming out of trees, bushes, and other covers, carrying an assortment of weapons like goof clubs, batons, nailed bats, and metal pipes. They ran towards Bigby with anger in their eyes. Bigby found something wrong with this situation. There were many people, all of whom were stupid and unreasonable. Someone had taken control of their minds and he knew just who.

As melee weapons pounded Bigby Wolf like there was no tomorrow, the fable had no choice but to unleash his werewolf form. With tattered remains, and now sprouting fur, teeth, and claws, Bigby threw the brainwashed pedestrians with his superior physicality. Even though there were many of them, in time, Bigby succeeded in eradicating their number.

Suddenly, something powerful smashed into Bigby, which threw him away unto a tree. With a growl full of annoyance and the grinding of teeth, Bigby charged at Mr. Nancy, who took the form of a tall tribal man with 6 arms. The wolf grabbed two of his arms, and with ease, ripped them out of their sockets. Mr. Nancy screamed in agony as he laid down, blood bathing the park’s grass.

“You should have walked away!” Bigby growled.

“Fuck you!” Nancy screamed, as he transformed into a giant tarantula. Mr. Nancy raised his giant arms and smashed it on Bigby, flattening the wolf and burying him to the ground. As Bigby tried to get up, he found that one of his arms and legs were missing.

“I don’t think you would be needing those, where you’re going,” bantered Mr. Nancy.

“Heh, interesting,”. Bigby replied, and in front of Mr. Nancy, the fable finally unleashed his true form. He transformed into a wolf the size of a small elephant.

“No fair!” Mr. Nancy remarked as he tried to get away. But Bigby unleashed a mighty gust of breath that flipped Mr. Nancy to his back. A paw then slammed into his thorax, pinning him. The spider god tried to bite Bigby’s paw again and again, menacing and shredding it with his long pincers, but to no avail.

“Please! Leave me be! I promise I won’t make any trouble.” Mr. Nancy begged.

“Nope,” replied the Big Bad Wolf.

“Please! I think we can work something out. Maybe you need something? Anything?! I am a god! I can help you! I can make your wishes come true!”

“Nah. Now stay steady, so I can kill you quick.”


There was a loud crunch, and thick goo running from Bigby’s jaws. With a tug, he pulled Mr. Nancy’s head off and tossed it to the ground. The fable then transformed back into human form and left the rotting carcass of the giant spider. He was too tired to do anything else. Maybe Flycatcher could burn or clean it up for him.

Expert's Opinion[]

Bigby Wolf won because of his tremendous strength and speed, better transformation, and aerokinesis. While Mr. Nancy was smarter and had a few tricks up in his sleeve, Bigby didn’t lag behind as a detective and had all the skills and powers to track Mr. Nancy down and capture him.

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