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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Chiang Kai-shek (by Happy9999)[]

Chiang : Red Red Red Red RedRed

Mussolini : Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

Mussolini was leading five Italian soldier down a neat path in Southern China, where his troops encountered Chiang and five KMT men. Both side recognized each other as enemy. One Italian threw a pipe bomb, killing a ChineseRed. Chiang ordered his machine-gunner to open fire. The M2 KMT gunner sprayed at the Italians. Though Mussolini shouted:'Attento a mitragliatrici!' and forced his men to dodge, two Italians were sprayed down Blue Blue . Chiang, who had just figured out what happened, yelled in Chinese: '敌兵在前面的山丘上,大家分散,从后面袭击!' Two of his men received his orders and edged themselves behind the hill where the Italians were standing. One aimed his mp-28 at Mussolini, but only to be spotted by a Blackshirt and got shot in his head by a CarcanoRed .The second men threw an M-24 , blasted out the Carcano Italian Blue. '是时候给敌兵最后一击了!' Hearing the bombing noise, Chiang ordered his troops to advanced. The first Chinese men who rushed up the hill was killed by Mussolini with his Modele 1934 Red . Another Italian held his trench knife, exerted himself to piercing it into next Chinese men's chest. However, his got cut by the MiaoDao before he could reached the Chinese's throatBlue . Mussolini and his last men took out The Fucile Mitragliatore Breda modello 30, and used it to kill the M-24 KMT soldierRed. That's not long before Mussolini's last men was shot down by Chiang's Mosin-Nagant Blue . Mussolini was in great panic, he had no choice but to escape to the other side of the hill. The last KMT soldier who was chasing him aimed his rifle at Mussolini, but Mussolini quickly took out an MAB-38 and shot him downRed. Mussolini ran in haste, gasping around. When he reached the valley, he took a deep breath. Suddenly, Chiang appeared with his Luger , and shot five bullets at Mussolini. Mussolini screamed and fell to the ground Blue . 'Nice job, Benito,' thought Chiang,' If I'd been you, I'd have noticed that there'd been another path that led to the valley.'

Expert's Opinion[]

While both of them had been in army, the 1945 version of Mussolini was just lack of modern battle experience and strategy that led him to lose this battle against Chiang, who had been in army and leading forces to fight against other Chinese warlords and the Japanese for the last few decades.

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The battle has been disregarded because the version of Benito Mussolini used did not meet the warrior criteria.