The term "Bazooka" refers to a series of shoulder mounted rocket launchers used by the US military during and after the Second World War. The first bazooka, the M1, was first deployed in 1942. The Germans captured American bazookas in North Africa and reverse engineered it into their own, larger rocket launcher, the Panzerschreck. The bazooka had difficulty, however, penetrating the armor of heavy German tanks such as the Panther and Tiger. The later M9 and M9A1 model partially rectified this, but they were still most effective against the side or rear armor, and best used defensively, not for hunting tanks offensively. After WWII, a large 90mm bazooka was developed, the M20 "Super Bazooka", which saw service in Korea and limited use in Vietnam before being replaced by the M67 recoilless rifle and M72 LAW.


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