Who is brave enough to free BATTLE BEAST?!
— Battle Beast

Battle Beast is a character from Image Comics' franchise, Invincible. One of the most recognizable characters, through his battle-hungry personality and powerful skills. Most of Battle Beast's past was unknown, but he was once a former planetary guardian of his planet, until he became too obsessed with fighting. As so, he left his job and explored the galaxy to find worthy opponents. Later, he served under Machine Head in hopes of testing Earth inhabitant's powers. On Earth, he defeated both Invincible and Titan, as well as the Guardians of the Globe easily, and also nearly killed Black Samson and Bulletproof, two of Machine Head's henchmen. After that, he was imprisoned by a race conquered by the Viltrumites. However, due to a prison riot orchestrated by Allen the Alien, he managed to escape. After that, he joined the Coalition of Planets after a Coalition party discovered him frozen by the vacuum of space. He also later participated in the Viltrumite War, killing many Viltrumites. After healing from his injuries, Beast was tasked to kill Thragg , who is currently in Thraxa. After days of fighting, Beast finally died when Thragg crushed his heart. Thragg will later use Battle Beast's skin as a cape and his body would be incinerated.

A powerful member of his species, Battle Beast possesses powerful physical abilities, combined with his skills in mastering weapons. In combat, Beast usually employed both bladed and blunt weapons. Although the weapons that Beast wielded were pretty large. His endurance has been described to be unlimited, as he battled Thragg for days with his organs dangling but still keeps on fighting. His strength is also incredible, able to overpower several Viltrumites at once and held his own against Thragg, who is probably the strongest  Viltrumite ever. His fangs are also sharp enough to pierce a Viltrumite's skin. Battle Beast might have already died, but his deadliness in combat, will always be remembered.

Battle vs. Wrecker (by Monkey Doctor 33)


Expert's Opinion

Wrecker won because of his experience and enchanted crowbar. While Battle Beast seems to be stronger and can overwhelm Wrecker, he eventually falls short to him. Wrecker's crowbar allows a greater amount of options in the battle, being able to shoot energy blasts, absorb energy, teleport, and even make forcefields. Battle Beast's weapons, while strong, are rendered obsolete by the crowbar. Wrecker also has the better mental health, which also gives him the path of victory. 

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