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The moment you catch feelings... is the moment you catch a bullet.
— Bats

An impulsive, but effective, member of Doc's heist team, Bats is a violent criminal introduced during Baby (Doc's #1 getaway driver and debtor) last heist. Baby immediately clashes with Bats, whose tendency to leave civilian casualties and collateral damage nearly compromises the job. After the final heist, Baby is reluctantly blackmailed into another job with Bats, alongside couple Buddy and Darling, who also dislike Bats.

As set-up for the final heist, the crew is required to pick up weapons from an arms dealer known as the Butcher, but Bats realizes the Butcher's men are cops and shoots him, leading to a shootout that destroys the weaponry and leaves the crew as the only survivors. On the way back, Bats forces Baby to stop for food, and Baby has to pretend not to recognize their waitress, who is his girlfriend Debra, but Bats notices Baby's affection for her when he stops Bats from killing her to get out of paying the check. Returning to Doc's warehouse to explain what happened, Bats's suspicions are confirmed, only for Doc to explain they were cops on his payroll. When Baby tries to sneak out of the warehouse to flee the city with Debra, Bats knocks him out and discovers his mixtapes, which Baby plays to convince the crew he's not a mole.

On the day of the heist, the initial plan goes smoothly until Bats kills a security guard and angrily demands Baby start driving. Baby, fed-up with both Bats and the criminal lifestyle, drives the car directly into a truck carrying rebar, which impales Bats and kills him instantly.

Battle Royale with Cheese (by BeastMan14)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


1st: John Pilgrim

2nd: Jordi Chin

3rd: Boyd Crowder

4th: Lucas Hood

5th: Trevor Philips

6th: Joe (You Were Never Really Here)

7th: Bats

8th: Mister Blonde

9th: Dylan Cross

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