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Bruce Wayne may be gone...but the Batman will go on...forever!
— Batman

Investigating a series of murders of Gotham City's homeless, the victims' throats having been slashed, Batman simultaneously finds himself becoming unusually stronger while also developing an aversion to sunlight. After he surprises a killer just after the woman has killed a new victim, he notes that the body has only two pinpricks on the throat rather than the slashes he had seen earlier, prompting him to consider that there is more going on than he suspected. Entering a storm-drain to track the killer, Batman discovers that the murders are being committed by a family of vampires.

Having learned about the presence of vampires in Gotham, Batman is officially contacted by the renegade vampire Tanya- leader of a group of 'Others' who have rejected the methods of other vampires to protect the humans-, who reveals that she is responsible for his recent transformation; by biting him to infuse him with the vampire 'virus' without actually draining his veins, she has granted him the power necessary to oppose Dracula, the leader of the vampires, directly, something that none of her followers can do as all of them have been under his power at some point. Having explained the situation to Commissioner Gordon, Batman led Dracula's minions into the Batcave, Tanya and her followers keeping them occupied while Batman destroyed the roof of the cave, exposing all vampires inside to sunlight, destroying them. With Wayne Manor having been sacrificed to ensure his identity remained a secret, Bruce and Alfred Pennyworth relocated to a brownstone in Gotham, Batman then using his new bat-like wings to fly and confront Dracula. After a prolonged battle, with Batman's silver batarangs providing him with little advantage against Dracula's raw strength, Batman eventually defeated Dracula by impaling him on a tree that was destroyed by lightning, but at the cost of the last of his humanity as Dracula drained the last of his human blood from him. After Bruce's will is read by Alfred, Batman tells Alfred that although Bruce Wayne has died, the Batman will live on, thanks to his new vampire powers.

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Winner: Judge Death

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