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You've made your father's killers pay for his murder, then put your own needs aside to help the city when it most needed a hero. You've honored the reputation of Batman many times and for that, I thank you.
Bruce Wayne, to Terry

Born to scientists Warren and Mary McGinnis, Terry McGinnis was a rough street kid who would grow to become one of Gotham's greatest heroes. Years after Batman is last seen, he is a former member of a street gang run by youthful racketeer Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow, Terry had his fair share of run-ins with the Gotham City Police at age fourteen while his parents were going through a divorce, even serving a three-month stint in juvenile hall. When Terry's father was murdered after being caught up in a buissness affair over nerve gas, Terry's life would change forever. Feeling responsible for his father's death and eager for revenge, Terry met billionaire and original Batman Bruce Wayne and began to utilise his highly modern Batsuit. Once Terry brought the man who murdered his father, Terry began to sort out evil on the streets of Gotham as the Batman once did. Convinced that there is still a need for a Batman, Bruce hires Terry as his "personal assistant" and begins secretly training him for his new role as Gotham's Dark Knight. As Gotham's newest hero, Terry fought against a wide variety of new and eccentric villains, while also dealing with characters from Batman's past like the Joker, Amanda Waller, and even a mind controlled incarnation of the Justice League.

Battle vs. Batman (DCAU) (by Greenberet69)

In modern day Gotham City Bruce Wayne as Batman is on his daily night patrol in Gotham when all of a sudden he looks up to see a bright blue flash of light on the other side of the city and takes out his grappling hook and starts swinging there. As Batman arrives on the scene he looks around for any signs of lfe and then notices movement out of the corner of his eye and darts after it down the alleyway. He chases the strange figure and as soon as he turns he finds himself at a dead end with no sign of anyone or anything. As he turns around he receives a punch to the face, and throws a punch but hits nothing. Before he can say anything he receives a kick to his back and turns around to see nobody their. He quickly looks around him but doesn't see anything and so he waits and then he gets a feeling and tosses a batarang to his right and hits the mysterious person. He sees that this person had some sort of cloaking device and soon sees the entire person. Before Batman stands the Batman of the future Terry McGinnis. However unknown to Bruce a Terry is from the future who had somehow ended up in Modern Day Gotham and unknown to Terry is that he had traveled back in time. Terry thinks that the Batman before him is a fake and Bruce thinks that somone stole the Batman suit he was working on.

"I think you have something that doesn't belong to you" Bruce says

"No I think it's you who doesn't has something that doesn't belong to you" Terry says

Bruce prepares a Batarang and so does Terry and both toss Bataranges at each other but the Batarange cancel each other out. They both take out explosive batarangs and toss it and they also cancel each other out and also make a big explosion. In the smoke Bruce looks for Terry but thanks to te advance visors Terry sees Bruce in the smoke and fires some some disks from his hand at Bruce who turns around in time to dodge some but one skins his arm. Bruce takes out his Bat lasso and tosses it at Terry. Terry gets wraped around it and Bruce activates the electric shock which shocks Terry. Terry acts fast and uses his retractable claws to cut himself loose from the lasso. Bruce tosses the lasso aside and takes out some Cryo capsules and tosses them at Terry but Terry activates his Rocket Boots and takes out his wings and flies away. Bruce takes out his Grapple gun and gives chase after Terry. Terry flies through the skies of Gotham and tries to contact the future Bruce but can't get a hold of him and just then a Batarang goes by him and he turns around to see the Bruce Batman giving chase. Terry takes out a Batarang and tosses it at the the Cable and cuts it in half sending Bruce falling but Bruce quickly uses his cape to glide to safety. As he lands he quickly Bat Goo gun and fires two shots at the feet of Terry disabling the Rocket boots. Terry calmely glides to the ground but as he does a Batarang strikes him in the face and he falls to the ground. He gets up and sees Bruce Batman coing at him and tosses some Bolas at Bruce but Bruce jumps over them and kicks Terry in the face. Terry rolls back and gets up and tosses some Flashbang grenades but Bruce uses his cape to cover his face and tosses his own Flashbang grenades but Terry uses his wings in the same manner blocking the flashbangs flash. He then looks up to see Bruce Batman come at him with the Bat Sword and slashes at Terry but Terry's batsuit protects him and so kicks him back. Terry gets up and activates his Extensible forearm spikes and charges at Bruce. The two Batmans clash weapons and contine the battle for a while. Soon Bruce is able to cut off one of the spikes but Terry uses his other spike to cut the Bat sword in half. Bruce jumps back and tosses thermite's at Terry who uses his spike to protect him but losses the spike in the process. He uses use claws and charges at Bruce and is able to cut the bat insignia and Bruce bleed but quickly Bat Tazer to shock Terry but Terry quickly kicks the tazer out of Bruce's hands and kicks Bruce back. Bruce uses his Bat Pellets to blind Terry and qucikly charges in while he is blinded and attatches Bat Cuffs to Terry. Bruce turns around and as Terry sees this he activates his Neuromuscular amplification and brakes the cuffs. Bruce tosses several Explosive batarangs and they explode on Terry. Thinking his work is done Bruce prepares to leave when Bolas wrap around his feets and he turns to see Terry walk out of the blazing inferno. Terry walks over to Bruce

"Now lets see who you really are" Terry says

Terry pulls of his mask but as soon as he sees the younger Bruce Wayne's face he quickly stares in shock and stumbles back. Terry then walks over to Bruce and releases him.

10 Minutes Later Back at the Batcave...

Terry explains the situation to Bruce and Bruce believes him and is able to build a tim machine for Terry. The Two Batman say their goodbye and Terry goes back to his time and Bruce goes to rest from his battle with Terry and nows that Terry will be a great Batman in the future

Winner: Terry McGinnis

Expert's Opinion

You know that saying that the Student can never beat the Teacher well in this battle that saying is wrong. While Bruce has had more years of fighting villians then Terry the advance technology of Terry's equipment and Batsuit brought him the win in order to defeat his teacher

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Battle vs. Wolf (Aliens vs. Predator) (by Redkite)


A thick and heavy thunder storm supported by rain unleashed on 2018 Gotham, but was no deterence for the workers at Gotham's dockyard, the square pen by the sea was devided into several sections. To the north-east, hangar like buildings and a control tower absent of life on a stormy night looked toward the south where a great collection of containers, varying in size, at the minimum of the average container, filled the dock in the south from east to west, the north west was where the last mass of human life were active for the night and tired workers walked to their vehicles to take them home in the north west car park. The odd figure in this crowd was a janitor who moved in the opposite direction of a great flow of nackered workers, united by their orange hardhat's.

The janitor walked quietly and calmy through the rain to the control tower, the last, tallest and slimest grey building at the end of the row of storage buildings, the control towr looked out to the sea and water route that lead some way into Gotham, the janitor walked up large black metal stairs up the entrance half way on the buildings. He locked the door entrance to the tower, but as he finished he suddenly heard a bang of movement from behind him, he turned around to see a metal container among the many facing the northern buildings, the lone container made another load bang of life. Fearing this to be a trapped worker, the janitor rushed down the metal stairs quickly, thumbling with his keys to find to open the container lock, as he finished rushing down the stairs he walked quickly straight toward the container but as he came in range, an enormous explosion suddenly drove the front of the container out and covering the area in smoke, the force of the explosion knocked the janitor onto his back. In fear and confusion, he stumbled on his back to get up, but his movement fell still to the presence of another, throught the dark and thick smoke and heavy rain, a figure, shrouded in the nights essense broke the smoke and stood infront of the janitor. Invisible to the normal eye yet revealed in smoke and rain, a spit of ligthing crackled and shon light on the encounter between the janitor and this thing. The shrouded thing's body was revealed as an invisible cloak that covered it and retained to it's back, a large humainoid build alien was revealed. Fear sucked the noise and motive to shout from the janitor and he simply mumbled "Oh my god.." before the night's silence was broken was by the sound of two blades being released from the alien's wrist device, shocked and speachless with fear, he janitor stumbled on his back as the alien walked toward him, another crack of lightning ended the night.


The almost identical and never lasting building rooftops of 2018 Gotham city took my no toll on Terry McGinnis as he glided in his Batsuit through the twists and turns of Gotham buildings. The great drop that lead into a dark pit of city streets were the mere man walked was tamed by Terry whom flew in the skies where’s the rooftops could breathe air. The spoiled orange sky disgusted by black stains of smoke was the toll Gotham’s sky took as it served as a sky to look down on a modern day city. A modern and metalic buildings, varying in size and amounts of glass needed stood, some taller than others with significance, others short, fat and bulky where simple paper work was done by your every day office workers. Terry felt the need for a break from his gliding and patrolling and landed gently on a high up building, looking down with some significance on the other building tops, the still air not at all hindered by wind was the first feeling Terry sensed when his feet were no longer weightless, he landed gently then strolled briefly to the edge of the building and looked down on city. As Terry reached the edge of the building to look down on Gotham, Bruce Wayne's voice entered Terry's ears from the Batsuit's cowl's microphone, "There's been a murder at Gotham Dockyard, a janitor was killed in a violent assault .", Bruce stated, "That's a job for GCPD isn't it?", Terry asked, "No. This morning when police arrived, a news reporter nearby tapped into police radio chatter, he recorded the chatter and put it in an article online saying that this was no ordinary attacker and he believes it to be the Batman, but after that incident with Mad Stan and Spellbinder, I know you wouldn't kill someone, I looked at the recordings and saved them because I knew that this would go viral and I'd need to hack it and take it down so the Batman dosen't get a bad name, however, in the comments on the article there was an explosion on the theory that it was alien. 7 minutes later, the article was deleted by an anoumanous user, I tracked the I.P address of the user and it was the goverment secret service, in addition to this, the reporter didn't check into work this morning to retrieve his camera.", Bruce replied, "You know that how?", Terry asked, "I bugged their website. Back to the point, he hasn't been into work and with the secret service removing this article it all seems so suspicious but it isn't a place for the Batman, that was until I listened to some of the radio chatter myself. The police speak of energy wounds from no type of weapon they have ever seen and stabbings with blades so sharp and precise, it's brutal. The icing on the cake was the fact the Janitors... remains were found tied up hanging upside down in the hangar but there's alot more chatter missing since my download of the chatter was cut off when the article was removed. Whatever killed him.. I'm pretty sure it's not human, and it will attack again. You need to find that reporter and get the whole chatter off him, presuming he still has it.", Bruce ordered, "How do I find him?", Terry asked, "Jim Petty, Uptown Gotham City in the North Point borough, room D29, the huge windowed one facing the river at the very top, Bruce out.", with that, Bruce's voice turned silent and Terry looked to Uptown Gotham City before launching into the air with a gush of smoke.

As Terry glided toward the tallest building in Uptown Gotham, the sun set behind him and darkness drained in ahead of him. Terry glided toward the roof of the apartment and folded in his wings and landed on roof top of the apartment. He walked to the top door on the roof and placed a unlocking device on the coded handle which clicked a green light of clearence quickly to unlock the door. Terry opened the door and quietly walked down the stairs and around a dark and shadowy corrider, the only door on the right of the corrider was D29, but this was also indicated by the glinting writing on metal on the door top that read 'D29'.

Terry opened the door gently and he lead in, the apartment was dark as expected, since the reporter was likely sleeping. Terry entered and shut the door quietly and walked into the room. Ahead of him was a great lounge with an enormous glass window covering the whole of the wall ahead of him and granting the owner veiw of the docks and river. Terry walked into the room and on the right were two closed door, Terry opened the first gently, and ahead lay a lonely and empty bed. Terry turned around to a pistol placed almost against his forehead. "Hold it right there.", the shadowy figure ordered, "You're the Batman right? We heard things about you.", he added. "What are you doing here?", he asked. "I'm looking for a friend, put that gun away.", Terry replied, "Well your looking in the wrong place Batman, get out of here.", he order. Terry quickly knocked the gun out of the man's right hand and grabbed his arm, Terry then moved around and bent the man's arm into a pressure point position and pushed the man forward agains the glass window, the man groaned with pain. "Grr.. get off of me!", he shouted, "Not until you tell me where Jim Petty is.", Terry replied, "I'm not trying to cause' trouble, I'm trying to help.", Terry added, "Well your not!", the man replied quickly broke out of Terry's pressure lock and span around, the man swung at Terry but Terry ducked and hit the man clean in his jaw, knocking him out, the man fell onto his side unconcious, "That's one less trouble.", Terry stated. He turned around walked into the second room to see a man tied up on a chair in the middle of the room, Terry walked over and untied the man but he did not move, Terry walked around to face the man who was sleeping, Terry looked down at him, "Wake up.", he stated and slapped him around the face. The man woke up and was instantly startled to see Batman's face. "Hey.. your the Batman? You murdered that janitor at the docks!?", he shouted, "Will you keep it down. And no, I didn't murder him but your Jim Petty right?", Terry asked, "Yeah.", Jim replied, "I need you to show me the whole police chatter and I'll explain something to you.", Terry replied boldly.


Terry and Jim are sitting in the longue listening to the last of the chatter on Jim's laptop. "This is where it gets weird. The police talk of a camera recording audio of the alien talking after it kills the janitor.", says Jim, he presses the play button on his laptop and the laptop has a quite delay then a load alien roar is heard. Somewhere, in the darkness and foulness of Gotham docks, where shadows are even intimidated by it's presence, something hears a distant roar and this gains it's attention. "That's it.", Jim adds and looks to Terry, "Hmm..", Terry sat and thought, "The only person capable of something like this would of been you Batman but if it's not then we have a bigger problem.", "We need to go to the docks.", Terry states, interupting the end of Jim's sentence, "Seriously? The police have that place on lock down, even from you!", Jim replies, "That's the only way were going to" - suddenly the glass shatters and a dark figured comes through in a fury, Terry looks up quickly and the dark figures retains a whip to it's hip holster, the figure walks forward to be Wolf, Terry stands up, clutches his fists and raises them, ready for a fight, Wolf leans forward and roars a loud and menacing roar but this has no effect on Terry, for a fight is about to begin, "Get out of here, we just found the Alien.", Terry orders Jim.

Wolf launches the whip at Terry in a crackle but Terry launches himself up in a jump, just dodging the whip, Wolf drags the weird alien whip upward and it slatches Terry's leg as he drops back down. Terry lands back on his legs and quickly deploys a batarang which he throws at Wolf, Wolf flings the whip at the batarang but misses and the batarang hits the Predator's hand, forcing Wolf to drop the whip. Wolf looks up from dropped whip to see Terry's right fist hit him in face, the Predator takes this punches quickly jabs Terry in the stomach then in the jaw, knocking Terry back, Wolf storms forward but Terry quickly rushes below him and punches Wolf several times in the stomach, barley hindered by these, Wolf put's his hands together and flings them down in a hammer like move, striking Terry in the back and knocking the un-prepared Batman to the floor. Terry quickly recovers from this strike and tackles Wolf, push and driving him back towards the broken window, however Wolf sees this danger coming and picks up Terry and throws him onto a coffee table, creating a loud crash. In the fury and fighting between Wolf and Batman, Jim phones GCPD to tell them Batman is being attacked. As the fight continues, Predator swings at Terry but Terry ducks and punches Wolf several times in the stomach again before upper-cutting him, stumbling Wolf back, Terry then grabs Wolf's shoulder and punches Wolf in the face but Wolf tackles Terry before he can swing again, as Wolf tackles Terry and throws him onto his back. The shaken Batman stands up to see Wolf charge at him, Terry leaps over Wolf quickly but Wolf stops his charge and spins around, striking Terry in the face with the back of his fist and stumbling Terry, Wolf then begins to punch Batman constantly in the face with either fist, the shaken Batman stumbles and falls onto his front, and crouches nackered for a moment.

Terry get's his breathe back and turns around to see Wolf waiting for Terry but before the fight can continue three police cars suddenly hover outside of the window and flash powerful lights in on the fight, drawing both warriors attention to them, fustrated by the interuption and bright lights, Wolf deploys his Plasma Caster and fires at one of the police of the police cars, hitting it directly in the cockpit, the police car fly backward as fire now seeps from the damage and an explosion is heard as the car crashes in the streets below, the other police cars deploy weapons and fire on the Predator whom begins a shootout with the cars, as this happens, the nackered Terry looks around to see Jim waving his arms to Batman from the apartment door, Batman stumbles to the door and out of the apartment, as the door shuts, inside a muffled shootout can be heard. Wolf grows tired of the shootout and fires again, taking down another police car before grabbing his whip and flinging it into the wall above the broken glass and launching himself out onto another roof and into the shadows, ending the fight for now.


Terry and Bruce Wayne look over the battle through the camera in the Batsuit's cowl. Bruce sighs then looks at Terry, "I've met a foe like this before. A long time ago.", Bruce stated, "Did you beat him?", Terry asked, "No. And I had the help of Superman, a luxury you haven't got and it looks like this guy is a whole new level.", Bruce replied, "But.. your a whole new kind of Batman.", Bruce added, Terry smiled, "These kind of aliens follow a code of honnor when fighting. You'll have to take him head on, go into the docks and he will meet you.", Bruce said, "Your fight with him was fists only, and that was your downfall, that thing has been fist fighting a hell of alot longer than you will ever, but use your other weapons, it's nothing he'll of ever seen before, as for you, I can give you some preperation on his basic weapons. He has a laser weapon on his shoulder, it's very powerful when a direct hit but it's pretty unrelyable on splash damage unless it hits a target. He has a blade linked into his wrist machine, that will penertrate the Batsuit with ease so be careful and you've seen him use that whip, that thing is fast and lethal but you can dodge it, my advice is too keep on the move, it's tiring but he'll tire out before you do, and use your acrobatic skills to your advantage, that's the best advice I can give, it's better off you deal with this thing that it take 200 odd GCPD SWAT officers to even get a scratch on it.", Bruce stated, Terry nodded in reply nobaley, Terry felt briefed and ready. He ran out of the Batcave, Bruce watched Terry as he did this then turned to the Batcomputer, as Terry left Wayne manor, a message entered Terry's ears through the Batsuit's cowl, "Oh and good luck.", Bruce said.

Bruce glided straight the docks, the dark and misty Gotham streets below him and the tall definitive buildings were of no intrest, a determination to protect Gotham was all that ran through Terry. As Terry came near to the docks, he noticed a car parked in the car park of the docks and outside it Jim Petty stood. Terry glided downward and landed perfectly infront of Jim. "What are you doing here?", Batman asked, "I was going to try and see this thing for myself, get a front page!", Jim replied, "You don't have a clue how dangerous that thing is! I'm going in to stop it and your leaving now.", Batman ordered, "Okay, okay.", Jim replied helplessly, Batman walked into the main docks, ready, Jim however, did not get in his car and leave but instead, loosely followed Batman in, deciding to get do a promotional page for Batman. Terry walked past the first main docking storage facility, a great sea of metal containers to his right, more storage hangars and eventually the main control area and the river eventually to his front, suddenly Terry noticed a dark figure standing on one of the craiters to his right, the figure, covered by the nights darkness as it was last night, was Wolf. Wolf hopped down and walked infront of Terry, several metre difference between the two, both were ready for combat. Jim watched carefully, croutching by a container far back behind Terry. "I don't know if you can understand me, but you need to leave Gotham, I can't let you kill anymore people.", Terry stated, Wolf payed no attention and roared threatingly, "Fine.", Terry replied.

The fight began. Terry ran at Wolf and deployed a batarang and threw it at Wolf, the Wolf drew his whip and cast it in a crackle at the Batarang, the whip hit the batarang mid-flight but an enormous explosion engulfed the space between Wolf and Batman as the batarag was explosive. Wolf drew back his whip from a fury of instant smoke, awaiting his foe, Terry emerged from the smoke to Wolf's left unexpectedly, Wolf again used his whip as Terry grew near as he ran at Wolf but Terry dropped onto his knee's and slid along the ground, the whip extended and crackled above Terry and he quickly deployed his buzz saw and cut the whip away at it's link with the handle as he slid past the amazed Wolf. Terry's slid end and he stood up to Wolf's right, seeing his buzz saw, Wolf deployed his wrist blade. Wolf slashed at Terry whom raised his buzz saw in defence, the buzz saw blocked the slash but stopped the saw from spinning and broke the small machine in centre of the saw that made it spin, realising this, Terry leapt that and deployed an electric batarang and threw it at Wolf, the batarang landed in Wolf's arm and give a quick electric burst to Wolf shocking and distracting the Predator. Terry deployed a Batarang to use a melee weapon and ran at Wolf. Recovering from the shock, Wolf raised his wrist blade to block Terry's slash, then blocked Terry's next slash then his third slash, as the two fought, Wolf moved backward , Terry slashed again for a fourth time and Wolf blocked this one then lunged at Terry whom leapt over Wolf in responce, mid-flight Terry cast his batarang at Wolf's head but it only caught one of Wolf's hairs as Wolf lunged forward, enfuriated by this mockery to have his hair cut off, roared and span around, Wolf seathed his wrist blades and deployed his plasma caster which he fired quickly at Terry but again Terry leapt up and onto a container to side, Wolf turned and fired his plasma caster at the container which explodes in a rush of smoke. Wolf stepped back, awaitng Terry to emerge but Terry was no where to be seen. Suddenly a bat disc came out of no where and cut straight through the wiring and metal raise that held the plasma caster on Wolf's shoulder, shocked by this, Wolf disappeared into his cloaking device and stepped backward into the luming darkness of the entrance to the second storange facility. Terry whom was also in a cloaking device, snuck towar Wolf far from his right, Wolf enabled his EM vision mode and looked around carefully, he noticed a raise in temprature too his right and quickly flung a Shuriken, seeing this coming straight toward him, Terry dodged the flying blade and moved back into his original positon but did not antisipate the Shuriken to come back, as the flying blade came back, it chipped the very edge of Terry's jaw, cutting the suit and exposing Terry to Wolf, Wolf roared and grabbed the Shuriken as it returned, Terry realised that he could no longer use his cloaking device and turned it off, as did Wolf whom emerged from the darkness.

Wolf deployed his combi-stick which expanded to show two lethal blades, Terry expanded his claws and forearm spikes then ran at Wolf. Wolf swung at Terry with the stick but did not antisipate Terry to suddenly return to cloaking mode, Terry's scratch barley noticable in sudden change, Terry grabbed Wolf's stick and punched Wolf in the face and leapt back, bringing the combi-stick with him and into his hands before uncloaking himself again, Terry held the stick but then threw it too the floor behind him, the mistreatment of his stick enfuriated Wolf and he deployed his wrist blades. Ready for a second melee fight, Terry awaited Wolf's move but did not antisipate Wolf to raise and fire the two blades from his wrist mechanism, Terry, taken by suprise, leapt up but was too slow and one of the blades landed in Terry's foot, he screamed in pain and fell back down to the floor and grabbed his foot in pain, Wolf walked toward Terry and looked down on him, ready to end the battle but then he noticed that the second blade had hit another target, Jim lay by a container, the blade has gone through his stomach and blood ran heavily from stomach, he groaned in pain, Wolf walked toward Jim and Terry turned around in shock. Terry had failed, he had failed to protect Gotham and now it was paying the price with another life, this enfuriated Terry whom mustered all his courage and strength and pulled the blade out of his foot, adreneline numbed the pain of his wound and Terry stood up, ahead, Wolf walked toward the dying Jim and Terry was angry. He leapt at Wolf's behind and deployed two batarang which he used as melee weapons, he slashed several times at Wolf's back then moved around and behind Wolf whom moved around at the same time and again Terry slashed Wolf's back, Terry then dug his batarangs into Wolf's back and punched Wolf's directly in the spine before picking up Wolf and throwing him against a container. Terry looked too Wolf and deployed a batarang, ready to finish the kill but then another dying groan from Jim wiped his mind and Terry dropped the batarang and walked over and knelt by the wounded Jim. "..Batman.. I'm sorry..", Jim mumbled, Terry looked down fustrated and disappointed, "Batman..", Jim said again, Terry looked up, "You.. are not too blame.. you have faced a.. demon.. no one else in Gotham could of.. you.. truley are.. Gotham's protect-", Jim let out a last sigh and a rush of wind passed Terry as he did, Jim shut his eyes, his head turned away, and his skin turned pale. Terry felt recognition and stood up, he turned around to see Wolf kneeling ahead of him where Terry had throw him, Wolf looked up and as he stood up, patted his right thy where he kept his shuriken, for it was not there and the rush of wind that passed was the shuriken, and it was coming around again, Terry ducked and shuriken came spinning just past his head, barley missing him, the shuriken passed Terry and as he looked up, Wolf realised what Terry had dodged and that was Wolf's last thought as shuriken passed through Wolf's neck, decapitating him instantly. The headless body of Wolf fell backward with the head which landed nearby to the body, a green blood seeped from the body that was once Wolf's and Terry stood looking downward on it. Terry then went a picked up the combi-stick, realising it to a important thing to Wolf since he had overacted when Terry threw it to the floor, Terry placed the stick by Wolf and then his feet ignored in a fury of fire and smoke, and the dark knight of Gotham left the docks, for he had become the hunter, and not the hunted.

WINNER: Batman (Terry McGinnis)

Expert's Opinion

Terry won this barley. It was a close match up, but the reliability of the Batsuit when it came too movement and acrobatics made the significant difference, and was main edge that gave Terry the win.

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Battle vs. Batman (Earth-31) (by Elgb333)


Gotham Stadium. 1:00 pm

It was a quiet night for Gotham's great sport stadium. A full moon shined luminously over it's sleeping playing field. Gentle breeze brushed the grass softly with a low hum. And no people can be seen or heard; a contrast to its usually noisy and crowded feel. This was the place where people cheer for their heroes, where athletes grunt and fight one another, and commentators fill the air with rubbish remarks. And so it was highly unusual indeed to see it silent as this. Yet, one can never learn that silence too hides the creeps who are up to no good.

In the announcers table, one can see a very grotesque sight. A creepy, disgusting, midget-like mite floats and bounces on every part of the room. The little man hovers in the air and presses the buttons for fun like a little child, or an abomination no God in this world could have though of existing. This little man was none other than the great Bat-Mite; a preposterous and annoying Batman-figure and the Dark Knight's greatest and number one fan.

"Oh dead oh dear. What to do? What to do?" Bat-Mite said. "This night's sooooooooo boring. Oh what should I do? What can I do?"

Batmite sits down on a chair and slides back and forth across the room. "Dammit. Should I summon the Joker? Or sea-monsters? Or Doomsday? Maybe that Henry Cavill guy? There's gotta be something to make a great battle for Batman."

And then, literally a yellow light bulb lit up above his head, signalling that his devious mind has concocted something sinister. "I got it!" Batmite said with a grin he ripped straight out of the Grinch cartoon. "Fuck Batman v Superman. Dudez this fight's gonna rock your knickers!"

With a smile, a wink, and a snap of his fingers, he summons his powers to bend reality. A distortion appeared in the fabric of space and time; as if the two elements started to twist, turn and spiral out of control. Lightning spewed out of nowhere, holes in reality started to appear, and finally... two dark figures emerge into the center of the field.

Everything else went back into silence even though the debris and carnage still remained. In the center of the field were two men, who looked and dressed like the iconic Batman. One was an old-battered Batman wearing his iconic cape and cowl, while the other was a dark capeless figure with a red bat symbol on his chest. Nonetheless, both of them couldn't believe their eyes at what was happening at that moment. Batmite then welcomes them with a maniacal laugh and the two Batman were startled.

"Who the hell are you?! And where the hell am I?!" the young Batman, named Terry McGinnis, asked.

The other Batman just ignores him and observes the place where he's at. A grizzled veteran himself, he knows exactly what was happening, though he feels just as pissed nonetheless. "Great..." he sighed.

Batmite on the other hand, teleported just right above the arena. Now towering over them, he snaps his fingers and reality was distorted yet again. The two Batman can only look strucked at the power this little Batman was showing. And as the distortion of reality finally ends, the stadium was again filled with people. Not just ordinary people... but different versions of Batman, just as what Batmite has ordered. There was a Batman who was Russian, a Batman that looked like a nosferatu, there was also a Batman that looked like a Victorian vampire, a Batman that was a frigging GREEN LANTERN (!), a Batman that looked like he was from WWII, a campy Batman from some crazy what-the-hell-where-they-smoking 60s TV show, a Batman that looked the devilishly handsome Christian Bale (who also sounded like he swallowed a marble), a Batman that looked like... an owl, a Batman with bat-nipples, a Batman who sounded like Kevin Conroy, Ben frigging Affleck, and a gritty wartorn Batman who was oviously ripped from some fighting video game probably developed by the sadists who made Mortal Kombat. And so much more.

All Batmen were silent, still confused and untrusting of what was happening. Batmite, who was still towering over them like a God, spoke, "Greetings to all Batmen. It is a great honor to be with you. Yeah I know. A lot of you are probably busy fighting crime or preparing for whatever tragedy that may fall upon you (like a dead sidekick or finding out you have a son or preparing to fight that guy from the Social Network). But please, offer me this night to bring you entertainment beyond one of your wildest dreams!!!"

After that Batmite started giggling like an excited fanboy and said, "I can't believe this is actually happening. Reddit and Comic Vine's got nothing on this shit."

All the Batmen just looked with awe and disgust at that little Batmidget floating in midair. But Batmite himself just said with enthusiasm, "Just like what Jesse Eisenberg said. This is the "greatest gladitorial matchup in human history!" Two of the greatest future versions of the legendary Batman... right here baby... to fight to the DEATH!"

Finally having had enough, Terry shouted in defiance at his little captor, "Enough of this. You are going to return us back home you freak!" The he and the older Batman drew their batarangs and throw them at Batmite. The other Batmen also simultaneously drew and threw their Batarangs as well. But Batmite just sighed and turn all those batarangs into butterfly puppies. He then snaps his fingers and all of the Batmen became paralyzed and immobile.

Batmite then changed his form into a giant now literally towering over them and said in a big booming voice, "Well so-orry party pooper. But I get what I frigging want! When I want a battle to the death between two Batmen. I GET THAT BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!!"

His voice almost wrecked all of their eardrums, and every Batmen couldn't help but stay put, be silent and obey. "Good," Batmite said. And then he appears right infront of Terry and the old Batman and said, "Batman Beyond... Goddamn Batman... I only want one thing and one thing only. For the two of you to fight to the death. It's simple. Whichever one of you kills the other. Gets home. The loser? Well he lose. And no consolation prizes. Understood?"

The two Batman just stood silent, their eyes fixated with mixed emotion at him. "Very well. Seems there are no objections (hehe)." Batmite then teleported himself back to the commentators box, changed his voice to sound like Michael Buffer and yelled "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!" Then the stadium suddenly became filled with all sorts of Batman-related miscellaneous like Batmobiles, Batwings, bat-propellant sprays you know it.

Then, a ring was heard that signaled the start of the fight. The two Batmen, now forced to fight to the death, looked at each other with contempt. With no choice left, all of them felt that it was inevitable.

But Terry, being the more reasonable one, tries to talk, "Listen. We don't have to do this. We're both Batman. We can think of something out."

The older Batman can only drew his batarang and aimed. "No kid. I don't got time for this. I have a war to finish," he said before throwing it at Terry, who immediately uses his rocket boots and wings to fly away.

"And by the way. You're NOT Batman. I'm the goddamn Batman."


The battle was on between the two future Batmen. Bruce made the first move, throwing every batarangs and bombs he had on Batman Beyond, but Terry just flew to the sky way out of his reach. His superior speed and agility allowed him to easily dodge all of the old man's toys like they were pebbles. Now knowing that there was no other way to calm the old Batman down, Terry finally decided to retaliate. He used his rocket boots to dash unto the goddamn Batman in blinding speed and pummels the old man square in the jaw that knocked his ass down to the ground. The goddamn Batman then tried to catch the flying Terry using his grappling gun, but again Terry just barrel rolled out of his range. Pissed, the goddamn Batman had no choice but toretreat but there nowhere for him to hide because the arena was an open battlefield, and Terry seemingly has the edge with his flight. "Hahaha you think that gonna be easy? Do ya?" Batmite jeered like a jerk.

Trapped, the goddamn Batman then grabs all of his smoke bombs and stun grenades and sprinkles them throughout the stadium. The bombs exploded simultaneously which covered the whole stadium with black smoke and fear gas. The goddamn Batman was trying to tip the battle to his favor by making himself invisible using the smoke. But Terry just smirks at his cute attempt due to the fact that his enhanced vision allows him to see Bruce through the thick smoke. Terry then unleashes his own bombs and made it rain throughout the stadium. The goddamn Batman tried to run but Terry carpet bombed the whole place, knocking Bruce to the ground. Terry then unsheaths his batarang and throws, slicing Bruce's thighs and making him yell in pain.

Terry then landed to the stadium to see if the goddamn Batman can still fight. "Ready to give up old man?" Terry asked Bruce who was still clutching his leg. "Shut up," the goddamn Batman said before throwing a Batarang of his own. Seeing the projectile fly towards him, Terry just threw another of his batarang that sliced Bruce's own batarang in two.

Seeing that the old man was in a disadvantage with his technology, Terry decided to finish this once and for all, so he aggresively lands on top of the old man and pins him to the ground. Now on top, Terry then pummels the old man in the chest continuously, breaking a couple of ribs. The goddamn Batman was hurt, but he counters with an elbow to Terry's jaw and grapples him to the ground. The goddamn Batman was now suddenly on top of him and quickly punches Terry in the nose and slashes at his face with his spikes. However, none of those managed to penetrate Terry's armor, and the young man turns his rocket boots on to get him off. But even though Terry was already in the air, he was suprised to see the goddamn Batman still clinging to his waist and punching his torso continuously.

Hurt but undamaged, Terry unleashes electricity from his Batsuit that shocked the goddamn Batman with a thousand volts of electricity. The goddamn Batman yelled in pain as electricity flowed through him, and he subsequently lost his grip and falls to the ground. His body landed on a 60s batmobile with a loud crash, flattening the vehicle like a pancake. Terry looks at the ground below him and sees the goddamn Batman lying on the wreckage; immobile and unconscious.

"Sorry it had to be like this," Terry said as he soar above the wreckage. But then he notices a small blinking light that was attached to his chest. The light turns out, was a bomb the goddamn Batman managed to stick into Terry while they were in the air. "Oh man," Terry can only say before the bomb blasted him out of the air. Crashing on the ground below, Terry tried to see if his batsuit was still functioning. The bomb damaged his wings and his HUD system, but so far his suit was still okay. Standing up and brushing the dust off of him, he couldn't believe that he didn't see that bomb in the first place.

But then, as Terry noticed, the ground started to shake. Dust started vibrating and the debris started jumping. He had a bad feeling about this, and as Terry looked in front of him, he sees a hulking monster walking straight towards him. "Kids these days. No respect. I think it's time I teach you a goddamn lesson," the goddamn Batman said, now sporting one scary looking armor.

"Oh that's not going to happen," Terry said. "But I'll tell you what's going to happen. After this you'll wish that you have stayed back in your retirement home."

Terry then threw his explosive batarangs at Bruce, but those didn't even made a dent. Bruce then dashes at Terry with his rocket boots, and pummels Terry straight in the face, sending him backflipping to the ground. The punch was so hard, that Terry's mask cracked and his pointy ears bended. Bruce then picks Terry up from his neck but the Batman Beyond Terry managed to unleash his wrist lasers unto Bruce. The lasers managed to scratch the goddamn batsuit's paint and Bruce retaliated by shoving Terry's face right back into the ground. Bruce then grabs Terry by the arms and rips his wings off his suit. But Terry then kicks his way out of Bruce's grasp and cloaks himself in invisibility.

The goddamn Batman tried to locate Batman Beyond but he seem to have disappeared. Suddenly, Terry's voice echoed in the stadium and taunted the old Batman. "I gotta admit old man, you surprised me there. But you have to know something. I'm the new Batman here. I don't know who you are but seeing that old discrepit face of your,  you should know that you're way out of your league."

"You have no idea kid," the goddamn Batman just smirked.

Terry's voice continued to echo around the stadium, mocking Bruce in front of Mite and all the other Batman. "I may not be the world's greatest detective but I know a loser when I see one. You see Bat-gramps, I can tell that you should have given up a long time ago. You only wore that suit again because you're failed once as Batman. Trust me I know. That's the same face my mentor had as well. And his name... was Bruce Wayne."

And then, Terry suddenly appeared behind the goddamn Batman and swiped him with his claws, tearing a huge chunk of the Batman's armor. The goddamn Batman tried to punch back, but Terry dodged and went invisible again. He then appears again in front of him and swipes his claws deeper, taking off a layer of the Batman's bulky armor. Batman tried to punch him again, but Terry just rolled out of the way and jumped over the goddamn Batman's head and swipes at his helmet. Terry then landed behind Bruce and he used his wrist lasers at full power to destroy more layers that greatly thinned Bruce's armor, before turning invisible again.

The goddamn Batman was having enough of it. So he draws his sonic emmitter and sends waves after waves of powerful sound waves throughout the stadium. Walls cracked and everything started to fly everywhere. The other Batmen who were watching fell to the ground clutching their ears and shouting for it to stop, while Batmite himself just laughed. Terry was critically hit by these soundwaves which made his whole body vibrate violently and also ruptured his eardrums. The sounds left him lying on the ground in intense pain, but Terry managed to regain just enough focus to send an explosive batarang to destroy the emitter on Bruce's hand.

Before Bruce can get back at him, the goddamn Batman soon found multiple bombs attached at his own back, which mirrored what he did earlier while they were in the air. Impressed, he can only mutter, "Now wouldn't you look at that" before the bombs exploded and engulfed him in an fiery explosion, sending huge chunks of metal everywhere. With the goddamn Batman seemingly on fire, Terry tried to calm his raising heart.

However, Terry just couldn't believe his goddamn eyes when the old man just stood up from that explosion. "Oh come on!" he yelled in frustration.

Bruce's armor maybe damaged but he was still in fine shape. Bruce knew his armor could take it for he designed it to take on the most powerful superhumans from his own universe. And so there was no doubt for him that it can also take on whatever this punk can throw. Bruce then unexpectedly, removes his helmet and shows his old wrinkled face at everyone and smiles. He then grabs two batmobile in each hand and throws one at Terry. Batman Beyond easily dodged one, but he didn't see the goddamn Batman dashing towards him with the other batmobile, and smacks him with it that sent him crashing towards the wall of the stadium. Terry was now starting to lose consciousness and he can feel his own Batsuit losing power.

Bruce then started approaching the downed Terry at a slow and a tense pace. Terry tried to throw a smoke bomb but Bruce just walked through it like nothing. Frustrated, Terry tried to throw all of his batarangs but they just bounced off the goddamn Batman's armor. "No!" Terry yelled before running towards Bruce with his claws. He tried to swipe but the old man just dodged it easily. Terry made a roundhouse kick but Bruce caught it and threw him to the ground like a doll. Terry knew that it was almost over. He was no longer stronger nor faster, and his weapons were now useless. But he wasn't just going to give up just yet. With tenacity he yelled and tried to swipe at Bruce's face, but Bruce just punches him in the gut so hard that blood and fluid came out of his mouth and he lost his breath. Panting, Terry clutches his broken abdomen, as the goddamn Batman grabs a bomb of corrosive fluid and splashes it right at Batman Beyond's face.

"God!" Terry yelled as the chemical started to searingly and painfully melt his face. Terry managed to get his mask off quickly and threw it away. "Heh. A kid. Just as I expected," Bruce said as he sees Terry's cute baby-like face.

"Shut up!" Terry said as he charges with his remaining strength at Bruce. Bruce however, manages to catch Terry in a bear hug. As Terry struggled and squirmed, Bruce attaches his belt to the stadium wall's fusebox; electrocuting Terry with the whole city's electric power. Gotham City temporarily blacks out, and in the stadium, one can hear the cry of Batman Beyond being fried.

With the kid smoking and almost dying, Bruce stops, dropping the kid on the ground, and standing over him triumphantly.

Winner: Batman (Earth 31)


"Amazing! Just freaking amazing!" Batmite said clapping his hands with joy. He continued to cheer and cheer like a little kid which creeped the Batmen out. Now ready to congratulate his future winner, Batmite teleports himself towards the stadium in front of the goddamn Batman.

With his arms crossed and an evil look in his face, he commands Bruce. "Yes Yes Kill Him! Do it!... and take your rightful place at my side," he said while sounding like Emperor friggin Palpatine. But Bruce couldn't do it. No. He may have waged a brutal and bloody war, but there was no way he can kill. He stares at Terry's weakened face, and there he realizes, that the kid never wanted to kill him in the first place. Bruce may have fancied himself as the "real" Batman but he was the one who didn't act like one. He waged an endless crusade against evil and today in this little fluke in his life, he almost broke the vow he swore to uphold.

"No," Bruce said as he kneels down and clutches Batman Beyond in his arms.

Batmite cringed at what he saw. "Ew. Bat-romance. Not nice dudes." Floating above the air, he points at Batman and proclaims, "You are all my toy. All my idols. And like all toys I will do whatever I want with you. If I want a battle to the death... then I get that battle to the -"

Suddenly, a batarang flew and hits Batmite in the head, making him fall to the ground.

All the Batmen looked up, and they were all in silence as a dark figure emerges from the night sky. A dark cold sensation was felt by all of them in that stadium, and they can only look at awe and respect at the new Batman who just entered. And while they didn't actually knew it, the dark figure was none other than the original Batman himself: the Batman of Prime Earth who finally appeared to stop this nonsense.

"Oh man..." Batmite said as Batman grabbed him by the cowl and lifted him up like a toy.

"You've done quite enough Mite. You are going to send these people back."

"Oh come on Batman. Look at them. Aren't you excited at all of the many different versions of Batman that's in here right now. Each of these Batmen are unique, and hell, don't you want to exchange stories with them?"

"No!" Batman said as he shakes Batmite violently. "You will send these people back now!"

"Alright alright Jeez. Ever since the New 52 you've become less fun. Guess what even your movie version is getting a new reboot." Batmite said before he snaps his fingers and all Batmen started disappearing simultaneously. "You gotta pick up your pace Bruce. History may have been revamped but you'll never know what these DC writers are up to. You think Endgame was fucked up? It will only get worse and worse in your pathetic life. And it will never end..."

As many of them depart, each Batmen gave each one a respectful nod and smile. For while they do not fully know or trust one another, they do respect each other for being a Batman.

As both the goddamn Batman and Batman Beyond started disappearing, Bruce looks at Terry who was finally regaining consciousness.

"This ain't over yet old man," Terry said.

"Oh. No. It's not over. Especially for you. You've still have a long way to go," Bruce said. "But remember this day kid. Remember this every time you don your suit and cowl, that today, THIS OLD MAN DEFEATED YOU..."

Then both Batmen were whisked away into their respected universes, now with knowledge and respect of each other.

Expert's opinion

While Batman Beyond was carrying the more advanced technology and speed advantage, experts believe that Batman (Earth-31)'s armor was just too much for Terry to overcome. Terry may have been the new and improved Batman, but Bruce of Earth-31's was more experienced and smarter and it won him the day.

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Battle vs. Raiden (Metal Gear) (by Cfp3157)

Rapidly tapping away on his keyboard, Gotham City District Attorney Clyde Dent took a brief glance at the clock on the wall. 11:55 it read, just five minutes before midnight. Maybe I can actually get away with-

Dent's frantic train of thought was slowed when he noticed a man's shadow on his desk. His thoughts were stopped altogether when a firm hand slammed his face into it. He stumbled up, nose broken and streaming blood, as he drew the pistol from his coat.

Terry McGinnis, better known throughout Gotham City as the Batman, threw a batarang at the corrupt politician's gun as it fired. It easily sliced down the middle of the barrel, before cutting into Dent's hand. Instinctively grabbing his now bleeding hand, Dent could barely react as Batman slammed his fist into Dent's nose. Careening backwards and unconscious, Dent slammed into his coffee table with a resounding crash.

"Alright sir- Dent's down. Collecting the files now."

From the Batcave, the elderly Bruce Wayne grumbled in approval. "Good work, Terry. Dent's the worst thing his uncle could've imagined. He's got all of Harvey's brains, but none of his morals."

"Depending on which Harvey, that's probably a good thing."

Just as Batman finished downloading the years worth of bribes and blackmail, the door to Dent's office crashed open. Batman threw another batarang, but a sword struck out and swatted it aside. Raiden emerged, his High Frequency Blade already drawn. The cyborg leaped forward with a diagonal slash, aiming for the vigilante's left shoulder.

Batman triggered the spikes on his forearm, and raised them to catch the blade and parry the sword strike. Raiden's sword easily sliced through the spikes though, breaking one of them off while Batman tried to guide the strike away. Batman countered with a quick haymaker, only for his fist to be caught by Raiden.

Raiden twisted Batman's arm, who grunted in pain. His opponent triggered his jets, flying away to gain distance. The cyborg easily kept up in the small office face, shoulder slamming into the flying vigilante. He followed with another sword strike, this time going low to take out his jets. Batman flipped backwards to avoid it, and threw a bolo to try and trap Raiden.

The bolos wrapped Raiden's hands together, but no sooner than they slowed down did he rip them apart with ease. He resumed his attack, a vertical slash aimed at Terry's head. He was met with more resistance as Terry raised his forearm spikes of both arms, trapping the sword this time. Batman then launched the pair forward, flying into and through several walls.

Standing up to collect himself, Terry recoiled as Raiden stood up unfazed. Tossing a smoke grenade to cover his escape, the vigilante started to backpedal away. "Boss, who the hell is this guy?"

"Be careful with this one, Terry. His name is Raiden- a mercenary employed by the PMC Maverick. Most of his history is blacked out, to the point even Waller and A.R.G.U.S. don't have much on him. Her personal records seem to indicate his involvement in the World Marshall Incident back in 2018, as well as Guns of the Patriots in 2014. He's dangerous, Terry. Do you have the files?"

"Yeah, let me just-"

"No. We have what we need on Dent, get out of there."

Terry grumbled, but obeyed as he started to fly back outside. However, as he turned around he was tackled by Raiden, who had sheathed his sword now. Both were sent crashing through the office's skylight windows, and plummeting down from the Gotham skyscraper.

Freefalling, Terry could barely counter as Raiden began a swift series of punches and kicks. His strength was incalculable, the cyborg's fists hitting him like freight trains. Raiden finished his assault with slamming both feet into Batman's chest. Using the vigilante as a springboard, Raiden launched himself backwards and, sword drawn, slammed into the side of the building. The High Frequency blade sent chunks of asbestos, steel, and glass shattering down, but eventually held as Raiden clung to the side.

No sooner than he'd stopped to take a breath did Raiden instinctively cover his head as Batman flew past him, flying up to the top of the building. "You've got to be shitting me!" Raiden growled, before slinging himself upward to chase Batman. His cybernetic legs clawed into the building's side, propelling him upward on sheer strength and speed alone. Raiden looked up to see Batman looking at him in awe, before chucking several more batarangs at the cyborg. Slicing his sword forward, he deflected them all and just managed to catch up to Batman as they reached the roof. Raiden grabbed Terry's leg, jumping over the edge and slamming him down back to the ground.

Terry barely started to stand before Raiden leaped again, this time thrusting right for his chest. Batman dropped a flashbang down, temporarily disorienting them both, and he reached out to grab the cyborg. They both fell back onto the ground, and Raiden's sword finally left his grasp. Seizing his chance, Terry took out his handcuffs and slapped them onto Raiden's hands.

"Pfft, try getting out of those things." Batman cockily said, starting to stand up. Raiden struggled for a moment, before standing up right away. All he did was laugh, madly, and his eyes turned red. Before Batman could quite grasp what happened, Jack the Ripper slammed his knee into Batman's groin. Heaving and doubling over, Batman barely countered as Jack let loose a roundhouse kick into his exposed head. Flying to the side, Terry struggled for breath and control. Rising up to his knees, Batman mustered up the strength only to be forced back down by Jack's vicious headbutt.

Now on his stomach and barely conscious, Batman felt Raiden's handcuffed hands grab him by the back of the head. The cyborg didn't hold back, ripping off the cowl of his costume to expose a bloody, bruised Terry McGinnis. He slammed the battered youth's head into the ground twice. Barely breathing and barely awake, Terry struggled all the same as Raiden, hands still in handcuffs, wrapped around his neck.

As his opponent choked and uselessly struggled against his steel grip, Jack the Ripper let out a final psychotic laugh as he broke Terry's neck. In an instant, Raiden looked down in immediate regret as he accomplished what criminals had been trying to do for the last forty years; he had killed the Batman.

He then looked down at his handcuffed hands. Trying to break them open, Raiden grunted in surprise as the cuffs held firm.

"Well shit, now what?"


Expert's Opinion

While Batman Beyond had a large arsenal of tools and skills at his disposal, it was little surprise that he lost compared to Raiden's strength, skill, and savagery. The High Frequency Blade quite literally sliced through everything Batman had, while the vigilante had nothing to pin down Raiden in response for longer than brief seconds.

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