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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Cluny the Scourge (by Wassboss)[]

Batman is flying though Gotham city scanning the streets below looking for any signs of danger. He has been hearing rumours that a large rat like person has been terrorising innocent citizens. He perches on top of the tallest building and gets ready to swoop down the moment he hears or sees something suspicious. Suddenly he sees a hunched over figure heading towards the bank. He flies down to investigate.

Meanwhile Cluny the scrouge is preparing to rob the bank. He has grown tired of harassing citizens and has decided to “Borrow” some money from the bank. Suddenly batman swoops down and kicks him square in the face knocking him down. Cluny is sent sprawling and hisses in anger. “I have reason to believe you have been attacking innocent civilians and i am asking to stop” says batman his face giving away no emotion. Cluny just growls at him and pulls out his sling firing a church railing at batman hitting him square in the shoulder.

Batman shrugs off the hit and throws his baterang which narrowly misses his foe. Cluny laughs at his attempt. “Is that all you got” says cluny pulling out his spear. “No “says batman smiling “This is” as the baterang hits cluny in the back of the head. Cluny grabs the back of his head in pain and thrust forwards with the spear but batman expertly blocks it with his gauntlets. He then snaps the end of the spear rendering it useless. Cluny snarls and swings at batman with the blunt wooden handle. Batman is caught off guard and is knocked down. Cluny unsheathes his sword and swings it at batman.

Batman dodges the swing and thrust forwards with the gauntlets but is blocked by cluny’s sword. Cluny then cuts one of the gauntlets off with the tip of his sword. Batman is shocked at the cutting power of the sword which gives cluny the chance to cut the other one off as well. He then thrusts forward and makes a shallow cut on batman’s side. “That ain’t fair” says batman looking at his snapped off gauntlets. “Life’s not fair” snarls cluny stabbing forward which batman easily avoids. “Too right” says batman whipping out his grapple gun and taking away his sword.

Batman grabs cluny by the head and slams his head into his knee. He then delivers two quick jabs stunning cluny before delivering a powerful roundhouse kick to the chest sending cluny flying. Cluny hits the side of the bank and makes a large crack in the wall. “Your gonna pay for that you flying vermin” says cluny his teeth gritted in anger. “Says the giant rat” batman a smile creeping over his face. Cluny shouts a war cry and jumps at batman swinging his tail in a circle around him. Batman manages to get out of the way of the main tail part but the tip of the tail spike scrapes his cheek wiping the smile off his face. Cluny then jumps on batman pushing him to the floor and standing triumphantly on top of him.

“There are many ways i could kill you “says cluny putting his face extreamly close to batman’s. “I could slit you throat with my tails spike or i could impale you though the chest with it”. “Oh wait” says cluny an evil smile forming on his face “I think I’ll strangle you it seems much more cruel”. “And what make you think you’ve won” says batman questioningly. Cluny presses his face right into batman’s “Shut up” He whispers and spits on his face. Batman suddenly brings his knee up and knees him in the face and pushes him off. He then sticks some explosive gel on his fur and leaps behind cover. Cluny furiously tries to pull it off but it won’t come off.

Batman hears the explosion and peeks over the wall he took cover behind. Strangely he does not see his foes body. He is so engrossed with his search he does not see or feel the long tail like thing as it wraps around his neck. Suddenly he is yanked of his feet and starts to squirm on the floor as the hold tightens. He tries to pull it off but his hand is sliced off by the spike at the end. Cluny smiles as batman’s life slowly ebbs away. The last thing the dark knight hears is “Told you i would strangle you”.

Cluny releases his grip when he is sure his foe is dead. He then picks up explosive gel from batman’s utility belt. He sticks it to the side of the bank and gets back a good distance before it explodes. He stares greedily at the notes piled up to the ceiling. “God i love being a villain” says cluny as he steps into the bank.

Winner Cluny the Scrouge

Experts Opinion[]

While Batman was more fought harder foes than cluny he rarely if ever kills his foes. This means that his weapons were not designed to be as lethal as they could be. Cluny on the other hand had weapons designed to kill because he actually needed to kill his foes.

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The battle has been declared unfair for Cluny due to Batman's superior technology, experience, and skill.

Battle vs. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (by Wassboss)[]

Batman is standing patrol on top of Gotham city’s tallest building when he hears a cry for help. He immediately glides down to the commotion. Meanwhile Ezio Auditore da Firenze having just killed his target is about to leave when batman flies down and sends him flying with kick to the face. “Well, well, well” say batman “so you are the guy who has been killing innocent people”. Ezio answers by throwing several throwing knifes at him. Batman dodges them with ease. “So that’s the way you want it” says batman. He then charges at ezio but is met with a throwing knife just missing his head followed by two more thrown in quick succession scraping his shoulder.

Batman getting annoyed now pulls out a baterang and throws it at ezio. It misses him initially but gets him on the rebound. Dazed ezio pulls out the mace of the bull and swings it at batman just missing his head. He then swings it again catching batman off guard and knocking him away. He heads towards him but batman pulls out his grapple gun and takes the mace away from ezio. “Not so tough now are you” says batman pulling out his baterang and throwing it at ezio again. Ezio answers by slicing it in half with is hidden blade. “Try me” he says smiling. Batman gets out his gauntlets and they begin to duel.

After several long minutes of duelling batman starts to get the upper hand. He kicks ezio down and steps on his blade snapping it. Batman stands over him and says in a mighty voice “you were good but not that good”. “Oh” says ezio “it’s not over yet” and fires his hidden gun at batman. It hits him square in the shoulder. The shock sends him stumbling back in pain. Ezio reveals two more hidden blades and charges again at batman. Batman tries to stab ezio with his uninjured arm but ezio easily dodges it. He then gose into a fury slashing at batman with all his speed and strength. Batman dodges most of the slashes but some manage to hit him leaving behind several gashes in his chest. “What do you have to say now you flying rat” say ezio still furiously slashing at batman. “This” say batman and pushes ezio back and runs off into the night. “Well i guess i win” says ezio. He turns around when suddenly he notices the sticky gel attaches to his chest. “Aw crap” he says as he is blown to smithereens.

Batman flies back down after a couple of hours and picks up the remains of ezio’s corpse. He then takes it away and chucks it in the dump. “As i said before you ain’t that good” whispers batman as he glides off into the distance.

Winner Batman

Expert's Opinion[]

While Ezio brought some good weapons to the fight it was Batman's experience against tougher enemies that won him the battle.

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The battle was declared unfair for Ezio because he is unable to pierce Batman's armor and because of Batman's tech advantage.

Battle vs. Green Goblin (Comics) (by Thats random369)[]

In the Batcave, Bruce Wayne is searching on the bat-computer for all the information he can find on a new criminal called the "Green Goblin" that has just come to Gotham. Alfred walks into the room, "Would you like a drink master Bru...oh I see your still looking into our new little friend." says Alfred. "Apparently there was a very similar criminal in New York, his attacks stopped about the time he appeared in Gotham. I looked into all flights to and from Gotham within the month of his arival but nothing has come up that would be helpful. This guys good." says Bruce. "Perhaps you should get some rest sir, remember you have your big meeting with Norman Osborn tommor..." A loud boom is heard. Bruce runs upstairs, batarang in hand, to see what happend. He sees a giant hole in the main entrance and the Goblin on his glider. "Hope you have ensurance Mr. Wayne, or should I say... Batman!"

A very surprised Bruce throws his batarang at the goblin, who isn't fast enough to react in time and gets his wrist sliced. Aaagghh! screams the Goblin grabbing his wrist. You will pay for that... but not tonight, I'm afraid I have a busy day tomorow so I'll have pospone your death to later this week." says the Goblin as he flies away on his glider. Bruce picks up the batarang off the ground and stares at it for a minute or so. "That was unfortunate." says Alfred. "Not as much as one might think" says Bruce, "I now have evidence to find out his identidy." says Bruce holding up the batarang. He runs the blood on the batarang through the bat-computer. The computer has only one match... Norman Osborn.

The Next Day...

Norman enters the meeting room with a smirk on his face. He sits at the head of table "Sorry I'm late gentlemen now, lets begin." bla bla bla a bunch of 2 hours wirth of boring buisness talk. Everyone around the table stands up and prepares to leave. "Its a true pleasure to meet you Mr. Wayne." says Osborn extending his hand. "Its good to finally meet you in person." says Bruce, shaking Osborns hand, while at the same time sticking a microscopic tracking device on his hand. "I hope to see you soon." says Bruce. "As do I, as do I." says Norman with a devilish smirk.

Batman enters Norman Osborn's hotel room through the balcony. As soon as he enters he sees a bloody knife on the carpet, in the blood is the tracking device. The Green Goblin emerges on his glider behind Batman. "Did you really think I wouldn't have expected you to do something like that at the meeting. Your intelligence is highly overrated!". Batman turns around just to kicked in the face by the Goblin. Batman falls backwards onto the floor. "Now I will finish you!" taunts the Goblin, unsheathing his sword. The Goblin slashes at Batman's neck, only for Batman to block it with his gauntlets. The goblin tries to get his sword unstuck, but his attemps fail as Batman snaps the tip of the sword off and then punches him in the chest. The Goblin falls off his glider and lays crumpled on the floor for a second, the sword goes flying off the balcony. Batman walks towards him prepared to defeat the Goblin. The Goblin presses a button on his glove, which makes two blades emerge from the tip of the glider. The glider suddenly goes darting at Batman. Batman isn't quick enough to dodge it and gets a large gash on his side, the glider gets stuck in the door. Batman shakes it off and throws three batarangs at the Goblin. The Goblin dodges the first two but the third hits his glider control glove causing the glider blades to conceal themselves into the glider, making it unstuck. The furious Goblin throws two razor-wings at Batman and runs for his glider. Batman quikly dodges them with ease. The Goblin is now mounted on his glider and trying to escape. "I'll see you in hell Batman." he exclaimes as he throws two pumpkin bombs at him. Batman, quickly realizing what they are when it starts beeping, jumps off the balcony.

He uses the batclaw to propel himself at a nearby rooftop as the hotel room explodes. He follows the Goblin to a safehouse in North Gotham. The Goblin is talking on a intercom to someone. "The Batmans dead. We had a deal I kill the Batman you stop sending your people after me, its getting boring slautering them, its just too easy. Keep up your end of the deal or your next!". Batman waits till he done talking then throws a sonic shock batarang hurtling at the Goblin, who doesn't notice it until Batman detonates it. The Goblin falls over and starts twitching uncontrolobly on the ground for a few seconds (the Goblin's armor is the only reason he wasn't knocked out completely). Batman swoops down and kicks the Goblin in the face. "Who wants me dead?!" interrigates the Batman. "You would like to now wouldn't you, you bastard." exclaims the Goblin mockinly. The Goblin knees Batman in the groin and stands over him, prepared to kill him. Batman thinks fast and throws a batarang at a falty light fixture, making the room pich black. The Goblin is distracted for a second, which gives Batman enough time to escape, he turns his sight to night vision and grapples onto a high beam.

Batman sprays explosive gel on the goblin glider than escaped through a skylight the Goblin turns on an emergency light and stumbles onto his glider, the serum is whering off. He attemps to escape to somewhere, but as soon as he's in the air Batman detonates the gel making the glider explode, knocking the Goblin onconsious. He catches the Goblin with his batclaw hangs him from a fire escape, He then sets off a distress flair and leaves him for the Police.

Winner: Batman

Expert's Opinion[]

Batman won because he has fought more powerful foes and was intelligent enough to work around the Green Goblins tactics.

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The battle was declared invalid for neglecting to mention the Green Goblin's superhuman physicality.