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You want to know something funny? Even after everything you've done, I would have saved you.
— Batman to a dying Joker

When his parents were gunned down in front of him, young Bruce Wayne resolved to rid Gotham City of the criminal element that took their lives. He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, in addition to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology. Dressing as a bat to prey on criminals' fears, Batman fights crimes with the aid of specialized gadgets and vehicles, operating out of his secret Batcave below Wayne Manor. In addition to this, he had a secret batcave hidden under Arkham Asylum, unknown to all but him.

One night, while escorting the Joker to Arkham Asylum, Batman became trapped on Arkham Island as Joker organized a massive takeover of the prison. While on Arkham, Batman discovered that a highly dagerous toxin known as TITAN was in Joker's control. After defeating Poison Ivy, Bane, Killer Croc, and Scarecrow, Batman confronted a TITAN Joker on top of the roofs of Arkham Asylum. After a long and difficult fight, Batman defeated the TITAN Joker and returned him to Arkham Asylum.

Several months later, Mayor Quincy Sharp created the Arkham City to lock up all of Gotham's inmates into one area. In charge of the facility was Hugo Strange, a sadistic psychologist and the one person outside the Bat family that knows Batman's secret identity. On Strange's orders, Bruce Waye was placed under arrest inside Arkham City. Escaping Strange's custody, Batman began to uncover Strange's plan known only as "Protocol 10".

After hearing reports of Joker in the Steel Mills, Batman was captured by the horribly disfigured clown and poisoned with Joker's toxic blood. Batman went after Freeze, the only man who knew how to make a cure. After discovering that the only way to isolate components of the cure was Ra's al Ghul's blood, he confronted the terrorist and his daughter Talia. After a long fight with the League of Assassins and Ra's, Batman got the blood and took it to Freeze, who made the cure after a fight with Batman.

As they were fighting, Harley Quinn took the cure and gave it to Joker. While fighting a suddenly healthy Joker and legions of his goons and TITAN thugs, Batman was severly injured under a pile of debris during Protocol 10, which was a bombing of Arkham City from Wonder Tower. After being saved by Catwoman, Batman went after Strange. After eliminating all the TYGER guards at the top of the tower, Strange was killed by Ra's al Ghul after revealing he had been working with him all along. Before his death, Strange activates a self-destruction of the tower. Ra's commits suicide during the fall.

Batman confronts Joker, and after Talia's attempt to kill Joker, the real Joker shoots her as Clayface reveals himself. After fighting Clayface, Batman destroys the cure and Joker dies. Batman walks out with his body as Harley and the Joker gang stare in marvel.

Battle vs. Talion (by Weew1213)[]

Talion opens his eyes to see the dusty and foggy area known as the Wraith Realm…

He looks around to see that he is in an Elven Forge Tower. Every time he dies, he seems to wake up in one of these towers. He walks forward and sees those blue outlines of Uruks he is recognizes so easily. He walks over to the edge and blinks to see the world in a normal light. He looks down at the grassy plain below and takes deep breath. He jumps off and lands on one knee.

He looks up and starts to sprint towards one group of Uruks. As he gets closer, he notices that one of them has information he needs to take down any captain or chief he wants; a Worm.

He slows himself down and crouches down. He then moves towards some bushes nearby. He looks around to see that most of the Uruks have positioned themselves near a campfire. Two sitting,  both on the opposite sides of the fire, and the others, standing. Two are patrolling the area.

The area being part of a destroyed three-story building, where it seems as most of it is gone and only enough of the top floor is there for something to stand on and easily keep their balance. Sure enough, there is a small Uruk archer keeping his eyes open for any hostiles. The middle floor is completely gone and only a large wall is holding the floors together. On the bottom floor is that group of Uruks.

He sees that there is also one large Uruk holding a large shield and spear.

He then turns his attention towards one of the patrolling Uruks and uses an ability called ‘Attract’ which brings an Uruk’s attention to the spot Talion was or is currently at. The Uruk’s ugly head turns and it start to creep toward Talion.

Once the Uruk gets close enough, it sees him in the bushes and a shocked look shoots across his face. He raises his sword to strike but quickly, Talion moves out of the bushes and covers of the mouth of the Uruk. As he covers the mouth, Talion sweeps the leg, forcing him to fall on his back. He draws his dagger, Acharn, stabs it right in the Uruk’s neck and pulls it over to the left, completely slicing the neck open, killing him. He looks up and continues to sneak around.

He moves forward on crouched knees and up to apart of the wall that seems to cover the front of where the Uruks are.

He blinks and looks an over to his right to see the group of Uruks all by the fire still there. He then turns his attention to the other patrolling Uruk.  He moves out of the bushes and onto the wall; the same wall that keeps him between the group of Uruks. He keeps himself crouched as a he moves along the wall. He keeps close to that wall, making sure that no Uruk sees him.

He blinks to see where the other patrolling Uruk is and he’s about to come around the corner that lays in front of him. He moves as quickly as he could to kill the Uruk before he gets seen. He reaches the corner but, still no Uruk.

He pulls out his dagger and holds it. He takes a deep breath and slowly looks over to see the Uruk just standing there. But as soon as he sticks his head out, the Uruk starts sniffing the air.

Talion snaps his head forward and scoots a bit to the left to stay unseen.

The sniffing keeps getting louder and longer as the Uruk gets closer.

“Man-filth….” The Uruk quietly growls and moves closer to Talion.

He continues to sniff and move closer.

Talion grabs ahold of his dagger tightly and holds his breath as the Uruk gets closer. He moves the dagger from his chest and holds it out and below his waist. He keeps his eyes focused on that corner.

Then slowly, a clawed hand appears and grabs ahold of that edge. That same Uruk then slowly pokes his head and as he does, he makes a snarling sound that sounds a bit more like growling. He pokes his head out enough to see his neck and is about to turn his head.

“Hey! What’re ya’ doin’?” An Uruk demands from a distance behind.

The Uruk immediately turns his attention to the Uruk.

“Nothing, I thought I ‘eard sometin’.” He responds with a hostile tone.

He then turns around and starts to walk away. He stops after a little bit to look back but, he shakes his head. He continues to walk.

Talion sees this as his chance and he moves off the wall. He crouches down and makes his way behind the Uruk.

Once he gets close enough, he stands up and puts his hand over the Uruk’s mouth. He then kicks the back of the right knee, forcing the Uruk to kneel and as soon as that happens, he slits his throat. He then kicks the body down and looks up.

He blinks and sees that the archer is still there. He turns and looks at the wall next to him. He scans the wall to see a good place to grab onto. He finds a brick sticking out out at the bottom and another one sticking out as well, a bit above it; high enough to get a good grip of. He puts his foot on the bottom brick and grabs the other. Slowly, he finds a way to climb up the building.

His hands grip the edge, the same edge that the Uruk archer was standing on, and he puts his feet on parts of the wall so he can stay in that one spot. He looks up at the archer and pushes himself enough to grab ahold of the Uruk’s ankle. He then forces the archer off his feet and he quickly stabs him in the neck before he can even make a sound.

He pushes himself up to his feet and stands up on the platform. He walks over to the opposite side and looks down. He sees that one of the Uruks is right below him. He brings his head back up and looks in front of him. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He walks off the edge and begins to fall.

His keeps his eyes closed for a second or two to just feel the air and he opens them back up and looks at the Uruk below him. He quickly grabs the dagger from his back and with his momentum, he forces the Uruk off his feet and onto his back. Talion raises the dagger and slams it down on the Uruk’s face.

He looks up to see multiple shocked Uruk faces. An Uruk on the left changes the look on his face from shocked to anger.

“Ranger?! Get ‘im!” The Uruk’s scratchy voice commands as he points his scimitar at the kneeling Talion.

The Uruk then, charges forward with his blade raised above his head.

Talion, on the other hand, waits until he feels the Uruk is close enough and he spins around.

He spins around enough to use the momentum to stab the Uruk in the neck.

Another Uruk charges at Talion but Talion, he slides the dagger out of the Uruk’s neck and moves his body out of the way from the blade coming down on his head. He raises the dagger and brings it down on the side of the knee, forcing it to buckle and keep the Uruk on one knee.

Talion lets go of the dagger and unsheathes his sword. Using the same momentum, he brings the blade down onto the Uruk’s shoulder; it cuts deep enough that it cuts through the heart and down all the way to the stomach.

He slides the blade right out and kicks the now-dead Uruk down.

He sees another Uruk charging at him and in response, he begins to charge towards him with his blade angled in front of him. He charges forward and plunges the blade in the Uruk.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees an Uruk coming from behind him. Just like the others, the blade is raised above his head and charges unwittingly into battle.

Nothing else was written at that point. The winner is Talion.

Expert's Opinion[]

None written.

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Battle vs. Liu Kang (Alternate) (by Samurai Santa Claus)[]


Expert's Opinion[]


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Battle vs. Sherlock Holmes (Frogwares) (by Killermoves)[]


Expert's Opinion[]

Both warriors each have their own strengths that gives neither side the definite victory. When it came to a straight up fight, one expert believed that Batman's weapons and martial arts would be too much for Holmes to handle, while another voter believes that Holmes' intellect and magic would end in his victory. All votes pointed that both can potentially beat each other in the investigation, owing to Holmes better detective skills and Batman's own gadgets. In the end, it was difficult to decide an actual victor for the match.

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