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Battle vs. Wolverine (Comics) (by Godkombat21)[]

Deep in a Foundry, Wolverine finds himself lost and looking around. "Now where the hell am I?" he says to himself. "Why, your in hell of course." Wolverine turns around to see an incredably ugly creature in front of him. "You must be the invader that killed Mileena." Baraka says angrily. "Look ugly I don't know who you are and why I'm here but the name's Wolverine and I don't know of this Mileena." Baraka Snarls flashing his teath. "I am Baraka and you won't fool me with your lies!" Wolverine gets annoyed "Look ugly you see these?" He flashes his blades. "There real and you might want back off." Baraka extends his blades. This actualy surprises Wolverine. "Well looks like I'm not the only one." "They will find your heart!" Baraka charges but Wolverine aviods him. He slashes Baraka across the chest but Baraka shows no signs of pain and cuts him too. "Look ugly you aint got a chance against me." Baraka doesn't react to the comment and charges at him. Soon both Baraka and Wolverine crash through the wall. Baraka then picks up a sledge hammer sitting in the foundry. Wolverine looks up but is bashed in the head with the hammer. Thinking he has won Baraka turns around and walks away. But he soon hears heavy panting. He turns and sees Wolverine standing there. "Allright ugly, lets try that again." Wolverine runs towrds him and Baraka quickly takes out his blades and the two's blades are locked together. Wolverine slowly pushes Baraka towards a pit of lava but Baraka quickly spins and causes Wolverine to go flying into the lava. In a flash though Wolverine jumps out enraged. In a berserk Wolverine continues to cut Baraka. Baraka is unable to keep up and is getting weaker and weaker. Soon Wolverine swings his blade and cuts Baraka's head clean off. "Told you, you couldn't beat me."

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The battle was declared unfair for Baraka because of Wolverine's healing factor and adamantium skeleton.