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My blades will find your heart!
— Baraka

Baraka is a minor antagonist of the original timeline of the Mortal Kombat video game series. Baraka was a member of the Tarkatans, a race native to Outworld, and one of their leader and fiercest warriors, which earned him the attention of Shao Kahn and other villains.

In the events leading up to the second Mortal Kombat tournament, Baraka led a raid against the Wu Shi academy, prompting Liu Kang to seek vengeance against Outworld. During the tournament, Baraka planned to assassinate Shao Kahn with Mileena and take the throne for themselves, though Mileena's death at Kitana's hands stopped this plan. He would later partake in the invasion of Earthrealm but was forced to retreat after Shao Kahn's second defeat at the hands of Liu Kang. Masterless, Baraka wandered the realms until he was approached by Quan Chi and his master, Shinnok, who offered him to fight once more. Baraka accepted and planned to betray his new masters, though his plan too would be stopped when Liu Kang killed Shinnok.

Baraka would once again find a master, this time in Onaga. Under his command, he freed a resurrected Mileena from imprisonment. She then posed as Kitana and gave command of her army to Bo' Rai Cho, believing the drunken master would be unfit to lead and result in a loss against the Tarkatans. Instead, the Endinian army emerged victorious. Realizing she was now in control of one of the strongest armies in the realms, she invited Baraka to meet with he as a ploy to assassinate him, as he was the only one aware of the true identity. Suspecting foul play, Baraka sent another Tarkatan to be killed in his stead.

In the Battle of Armageddon, Baraka joined the Forces of Darkness and was killed by Kung Lao.

Battle vs. Lust (by Laquearius)[]


Winner: Lust

Expert's Opinion[]

Lust has the superior weapon, as her claws have greater reach and cutting power than Baraka's blades. She is also harder to kill; her Philosopher's Stone can regenerate numerous fatal injuries before running out of power. However, Baraka is more experienced and skilled due to his participation in multiple tournaments and his knowledge of martial arts. Combined with Lust's tendency to toy with her opponents, Baraka could theoretically survive long enough to deal enough damage to drain her Stone, but more often than not, Lust will drop the act before that happens, and Baraka can't survive against Lust's claws when she isn't playing around.

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