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I am Bane -- and I could kill you... but death would only end your agony -- and silence your shame. Instead, I will simply... BREAK YOU!
— Bane to Batman

Bane is a core member of Batman's rogue gallery. For the first 17 years of his life, Bane spent his entire most of his time inside a chamber connected to the ocean within the prison named Pena Dura located in an island nation called Santa Prisca, spending every day in secluded boredom and every night swimming for his life to stay afloat when the tide would come in and fill his cell. Over the years, he grew stronger, more cunning, and filled with hate for the world. Anytime Bane wasn't struggling for his life in the prison, he was training for the moment when he would finally break out. Later in his life he broke out of the prison and became the leader of his own criminal organization. With his skills and intellect, his organization soon developed into a global crime syndicate, which naturally resulted in his countless conflicts with Batman, the hero and protector of the city with the highest rate of crime in the world.

Among all the Batman villains, Bane has hurt Batman the most. For not only did he break the caped crusader physically in the infamous Knightfall Storyline, but also he is directly responsible for the murder of Alfred Pennyworth, the butler of Bruce Wayne. In addition to his feuds with Batman, Bane, as a high-ranking member of groups such as Secret Society and Injustice League, is also an active player in many universal events in which he fought Justice League or various alien and extra-dimensional forces that attempt to invade the main universe.

Battle vs. Green Goblin (Comics) (by Battlefan237)

Dark Side Club, DFederal

Pushing open the door of this small, unremarkable pub, Bane looks around the main room, hoping to spot one or two familiar faces, only to find no one at all except the bartender, who greets him with a gentle but somewhat inscrutable grin.

"Greetings, Bane. " Says the bartender, in a deep and eeriely calm tone, "I have been expecting your service for quite a long time. Fancy a drink ? "

"Watch your words. I don't serve any one. I only come here because you contacted me at first, Turpin." Bane replies, as he stares down at bartender, who appears to be a short, elderly man in his 70s with the sheer amount of wrinkles, scars and shade on his face strongly suggesting that he has been through more than a lot of ordeal, and his health is probably not very good. "And since I am in urgent need of funds and you are in urgent need of the thing locked in that clinic, I suggest skipping the drink and cutting to the chase scene. "

"Ah, business-oriented, I like your attitude. " The bartender responds, pushing aside the already-prepared drink and unfolding a map on the counter. Pointing to a marked spot in the center of the map, the old bartender informs Bane that the thing he desires is locked inside this particular room. "Since this place is, after all, a clinic, I don't expect it to be heavily guarded, but it is highly possible for you to encounter at least one or two heavy-hitters, so it won't be an easy operation. But I trust you, for your record is good. "

"Wait, have I worked for you before ? I have just arrived in this place." Bane asks, in confusion.

"You certainly haven't worked for me in this reality. But your reputation has graced this place long before your arrival. If you were to successfully complete the job, you would receive great fortune. "

"You need more than money to persuade me into doing it. Even though I am a new comer, I am aware that money itself is quite futile in this place."

"Then I will offer you the address of every version of Batman in this place. When you've done your job, you can track all of them down and break their backs, one by one. " Says the bartender.

Intrigued, Bane nods in agreement. Picking up the map, he heads out.

Ravencroft Clinic for Sinister Six and its Associates

"For the past few weeks, surgical department has not been very busy. Most patients come for treatments of minor injuries and left on the same day. The only serious case was Curt Connors - fella got several of his ribs broken when he was delivered. He claimed he got attacked by a clown-like figure while journeying through the sewers, but we don't believe him. Anyway, who believes in the word of a drunk lizard man ? We treated him well, and he walked out in perfect shape after resting for two days. Dean Octavius. "

"Very good, Doctor Kraven. Now, Doctor Kingsley, how has the psychiatry department been doing ? Is our Mr. Osborn feeling better ? "

"Progress has been made. He no longer thinks he is a god, which is a good sign. However, he still cannot get over the sadness and regret of being beaten by freaks that dress like clowns or use umbrellas as weapons. And he still sometimes thinks he is an unbeatable goblin. "

"Good. Since Mr.Osborn's delusion syndromes are disappearing and we here at Ravencroft only treat injuries that are not related to those so-called battles, I believe Mr.Osborn's treatment can be stopped after two more weeks. Now that we have no more work left to do for today, I think we have time to have a nice meal together. I've heard that there's a new restaurant in Little Italy. It is run by two brothers, and the food there is great. Call Mysterio and tell him to meet us at that place at 6pm, Doctor Kingsley. " Says the dean, happily, as he takes of his sunglasses and grabs the patient files across the table with his robotic tentacles, while Hobgoblin stands up and goes for the phone. Kraven, however, has something else to say - " Are you sure about that, Otto ? I mean, according to what I've heard, one of the brothers there is an illegal citizen, and none of them is chef material. Before the illegal one arrived, the other brother had always been working as a plumber for hire. Sabertooth once hired him to fix up his toilet. He only opened the restaurant to support the expense of both of them. In addition, our friend Eddie's comment about that place isn't good either - he went there last Friday, and Venom apparently had diarrhea after the experience - "

Before Kraven can finish his rant, the siren of the clinic suddenly burst out ringing, as a man mountain barges into the front door. Grabbging Kingsley by the collar, Bane tosses the man out of the window with ease. With his hunter instinct, Kraven swiftly pulls out a syringe and inject it into Bane's muscular arm, but the man simply shruggs it off.

"Impossible ! It is intended for whales ! " The hunter shouts in disbelief, as the giant delivers a punch toward his head, knocking him out instantly. With two enemies taken down, Bane immediately goes for the third one, as he grabs Doctor Octopus's incoming tentacle, easily breaking it into two parts. He then proceeds to finish off the dean by throwing a part of the broken robotic arm at the doctor's head, sending him into a coma like Kraven.

With all the staff member terminated, Bane strides down the corridor towards the marked room. "CARNAGE ! The world's a maze with multiple dead ends, and only through carnage can we find our way out !" A voice from a nearby ward shouts, as Bane passes it. Given the number of psychos he has encountered back in Gotham, the man mountain ignores the insane rants and proceeds his own goal. Breaking into the room, he quickly takes notice of the small, rectangular case the bartender has tasked him with retrieving. Laying his hands on the case, he pauses, as he feels an annoying sense of electric shock overwhelming suddenly, as Norman Osborn emerges from the door and pats on his body with the Goblin Gloves. Having taken his daily dose of the goblin formula, Norman once again has something funny going on in his brain and has already put on the mask. Turning back, Bane pushes aside the Goblin's arms, ending the electric current that speeds through his body.

"Who are you ? " Bane asks, readying his giant fists for attack. The goblin, however, downright initiates his assault, as he launches himself forward in seconds, punching Bane on his jaws with great strength, sending him backwards and crashing into the shelf, with his face mask shattered by the punch. Adjusting his balance, the man mountain is fast enough to dodge the goblin's second punch and draw out the firearm tied to his back. Firing back at the intruder, Bane is surprised to see bullets having little effect on his enemy - most of the rounds simply bounce off, while those that actually succeed in hurting Osborn only leave minor wounds, and the wounds heal almost instantly.

"I am the Goblin King ! " The mad man replies, and he chuckles maniacally, closing his distance between Bane at the same time.

"The way I see it, you are nothing more than a costume freak. You belong to Arkham like the rest of those garbage. And I'm going to break you like I break all those garbage. " Bane shouts, in defiance, as he retaliates with an offensive punch, which is avoided by the Goblin rather easily. However, more punches soon follow, as Bane puts his skills into use. As the creation of a remarkably-trained martial artist, the series of punches attack the goblin from multiple directions in a short span of time, leaving the untrained Normal dazzled and shocked, as several hit him hard in the chest and on his face. The goblin formula ensures that these punches will be futile in hurting him, but it cannot ease the pain. Roaring in agony, the Goblin is pummeled to the floor and subsequently lifted up by Bane.

Pressing the button on his suit to increase the amount of venom, Bane grab the Goblin's leg with his other arm, placing Norman's body in position for his infamous strike. Putting all of his strength into his knee, Bane crashes it onto Norman's back. This time, the goblin formula does little to help, for the force is simply too strong, and Norman has no choice but to scream, as the sound of the goblin armor and his bones being broken echoes across the room. Thinking that he has taken care of his opponent, Bane violently smashes Norman's body across the room.

"Ha ! You should have continued your attack instead of ending it like this. What you have done to me is more than enough to take down others you have faced, perhaps, but I am different from everything you have seen. I gotta say, though, you are strong, very strong, but certainly not as strong as the Spider-Man. And since I am the equal of Spider-Man-- --no, no, the superior of that vigilante, I think you are doomed at my hands. "

The Goblin laughs, as he stands up, recovering from the attack as some of the broken bones reconnect themselves, courtesy to the formula as usual. Grabbing up the bag of tricks, Norman reaches inside for a pumpking bomb that contains knock-out gas. Setting it off instantly, Norman is once again surprised to see his opponent stands still, completely unfazed by the gas. Throwing out two more bombs, the gas quickly fills up the room, and Bane remains unaffected.

"Just as the rest of them, you go for gadgets when you cannot defeat me in a straight brawl. But how naive of you to think such simple chemicals like this may do any harm to me. Back in Gotham and Santa Prisca, others have tried to tackle me with chemicals that are actually lethal in twisted ways, and I shrugg them off like nothing. Now listen, freak, you think you are different from what I have faced ? In the past few decades of my life, I have fought with and along the most extreme pack of human beings on this planet, many of them being the worst of the worst. Each and every one of those abominations, tried to take me down with methods that are physical, mental or even magical, and in the end, I walk out alive and rip all of them apart. I am not a spider or a goblin, I am something beyond the worst of your imagination, something that only appears in your worst nightmares. I AM BANE ! And I am going to BREAK YOUR SOUL ! "

Marching forward, Bane abruptly halts, as he notices an evil grin appearing on the goblin's face, as Norman snatches out a different bomb. Despite the fact that it has been heavily modified to resemble a cartoonish halloween pumpking, Bane, with his extensive experience in the fields of global warfare, is sharp enough to realize it is a grenade, which won't necessarily hurt him, but might destroy the venom tubes at this short of a distance. Throwing himself out of and window and landing safely on the ground, Bane only has seconds to regain balance when the Green Goblin comes out of the explosion, with the glider under his feet.

"Beware the wrath of the Goblin ! " Norman shouts, as more pumpking bombs rain down, which Bane retaliates in vain with his AK-47, because the Goblin is too fast of a target to aim properly. The air superiority leaves Bane with no choice but to run for his life, but despite his superhuman speed, he is still not fast enough to outrun the Glider, as the Goblin soon catches him up. With his MP5 and AK-47 out of ammo, Bane discards both firearms and pulls off the door of his vehicle for his minigun.

Holding the heavy weapon with bare hands, Bane unleashes it against the Goblin. Bullets from the weapon clashes with the pumpking bombs mid-air, leading to them exploding before hitting the ground. "You fool ! " Goblin laughs, as he swiftly dodges some of the bullets, while tanking the rest. "You seriously believe that you can kill me with guns , after we have been fighting for this long ? "

Bane, however, replies calmly - "While it is true that guns cannot kill you with ease, an overwhelming number of bullets will potentially do the job, or at least severely break you and make you hurt, or else you wouldn't have screamed when I broke your bones or dodged when I fired at you. So, at this very moment, I'm not trying to kill you with the gun. Instead, I'm trying to make you dodge, so that you will be in the right position for me to kill you. "

"What ? " The Goblin asks in confusion, as he swiftly glides aside to shun another barrack of bullets. "What the f**K are you talking abo - ? " Suddenly, Norman pauses, as he realizes what Bane has meant. In the past few minutes, when he was being forced to glide aside, the cape of his broken costume has been entanged on the spiked gargoyle decoration of the top floor of Ravencroft.

"Finally, it's time to break you ! " Bane shouts, as he drops the minigun and picks up the rocket launcher, swiftly climbing up the car and taking aim. A huge explosion soon follows, sending both the Goblin and the Glider crashing into the building, utterly shattering the Goblin Armor in the process. Blood pours out of various parts of Norman's body, as he struggles to stand up. But the Goblin eventually picks himself up and once again boards the half-destroyed glider. Gliding out of the building shakily, the Goblin smirks as Bane watches in shock.

"You are still alive. Impressive. But you won't last very long, for - " Bane stops in terror, for he realizes what the Goblin is attempting. Instead of fleeing or dropping out more bombs, the mad man is actually readying his already-broken body for a dash, and judging from the state of the glider, it is still functioning and more than capable to accomplish the mad man's goal before Bane finish reloading his rocket launcher.

"Don't, you will kill us both, you psychopath - " Bane shouts , as he jumps aside to avoid the incoming doom, but as previously described, he simply cannot outrun the glider. Having maximized its speed, the Goblin bumps into the man mountain alongside his Glider almost instantly, sending himself flying backwards and crashing onto the ground, while the Glider thrusting into Bane's chest. Both men groaned in extreme pain, as they hit the ground hard. But Norman Osborn, with most of his body intact apart from several broken bones and bleeding wounds, manages to stand up, albeit in a crippled fashion. "I am unkillable. I am immortal ! " He mocks, "While you are certainly not ! " While Bane, on the other, with the glider piercing his body and all the tubes on his back damaged by the impact, coughs out huge amount of noisome liquid, which is a mixure of vomit, blood and venom, as his mind fades into blankness.

This time, the Goblin has broken the Bane.



"Now, let's see what this man wants so badly from the institute. " Norman whispers to himself, as he kicks aside the large corpse of Bane, revealing the small box his enemy has been tasked to retrieve.

"Strange. I can feel a stream of powerful energy that is inconsistent with its size floating inside this tiny device. No wonder this thing intrigues Otto. "

Picking it up, the Goblin observes it with curiosity, as he touches the totems engraved on the box, seeking for a handle to open it. Sensing a button, Osborn presses it, and all in a sudden, he is plunged into a realm of complete darkness, and just before his eyes could adapt to the darkness, he hears something bizarre -


The noise itself is not loud, but it is a poweful one, for it reminds him of hearing large explosions from a long distance. Another strange thing is that, despite the noise, he himself is not injuried. To make things even more complicated, he now finds himself no longer in the street in front of Ravencroft, instead, he is now in a small basement. The strong smell of alcohol and the barrels displayed around him are signs that tell him he is below a bar.

"What the hell just happened ? " Hardly has Goblin adjusted to the new environment, when a concentrated beam of pure red energy is launched towards him.The goblin dodges it instinctively. "Cyclops ! Glad to know that you're here as well, but you've missed, you utter fool - " Before he can finish, the red beam, which passes him , unnaturally takes a turn in its trajectory and blasts him from behind, instantly reducing him and his armor into ashes.

"Now that's unnecessary, Turpin. You could've just knocked him out instead of killing him. "

"He'll get resurrected in couple of days. So will Bane. This is how things work around here. The power of Anti-Life Equation is pathetically trivial when compared to the power of them, those who are in charge. And by the way, since here's only the two of us, you can use my real name, Luthor. "

"Very well then, Darkseid. So, back to the topic. What do you want from me ? "

"Plain and simple. I need you to construct a device that will help connect to Apokolips, with this motherbox and other resources at my disposal. In this way, I can regain my powers that were lost in my fight against the old one. "

"That's not how things work around here, Darkseid. Once you've been brought into the Federal, you can run, you can fight, but you can never escape. For years, I have attempted to escape with every physical, metaphysical and magical methods imaginable. All failed disastrously. So why not stop trying and start enjoying your life in this brave new world ? "

"For a 12th level intellect, your ability to comprehend at times baffles me. I'm well aware of how this place works and the futility of attempting to escape. Therefore, my request is not a device that will send me back to Apokolips, but instead, a device let will enable me to communicate with my followers stranded back there. So that even without the presence of great Darkseid, they will continue my research into the Anti-Life for eternity, until eternity itself has been conquered under the name of Darkseid, and then all are Darkseid and Darkseid is. "

"If that is what you are aiming to do, I would like to put forward a more feasible alternative. You see, I've recently received this piece of information - it comes as a rumor, but it is the kind of rumor that usually turns out to be true. The being that orchestrated your fight with the old one is planning another fight. He has already selected a group of extraterrestrials with godly powers to represent one side, but he hasn't yet decided their opponents. And I happen to know a certain individual whose suggestion is always valued by the being, so with the correct set of manipulation, I think there's a high chance that we can determine this particular choice. "

"So what are you trying to suggest ? "

"The Dark Side Club has always been troubled by a lack of personnels, doesn't it , Darkseid ? You always find it hard to offer good service in busy hours, both in terms of custome service and the quest for the equation. I think here comes a chance to solve this issue. "

"I see....You do have an astonishingly good idea. " The bartender lets out a grin, as he sets aside the mother box, and begins formulating his desired line-up for the fight.

Expert's Opinions

Despite Bane's superior skills, experience and mental health, his lack of effective weapons and physical capabilities ultimately hold him back in his fight with the Green Goblin, who is able to compensate for his insanity and lack of fighting skills with the strength required to bring down the back-breaker.

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