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These invaders from beyond the sunset worship hellish demon gods, sacrificing the population of entire towns on altars erected on top of pyramid-shaped wooden edifices.
— Sunset Invasion event

The Aztec Empire is a large and powerful realm far beyond the Atlantic Ocean. Having conquered vast swathes of land on their home continent, the Aztecs were somehow able to reverse engineer Viking longships and were able to reach Europe. Initial contact with the European kingdoms was peaceful as they attempted to buy land with jewelry. As the Europeans refused, however, the Aztecs became angered and returned to their home across the sea.

A few years later, the Aztecs returned with a giant invasion force, laying waste the European kingdoms and sacrificing their rulers to their bloodthirsty gods. During this time, a disease previously unseen swept through the continent, plaguing the few kingdoms that were lucky enough to escape the onslaught. Despite their success in Europe, however, the Aztecs' advance on their own continent was halted by the Inca who were armed with muskets. Though they were eventually able to turn the tide using the horses they imported from Europe.

Battle vs. Roman Army (by Deathblade 100)[]


Expert's Opinion[]

The Aztecs lost due to several key reasons, chiefly their obsolete weaponry, focus on individual combat,over-reliance on numbers, and the need to take prisoners. The Romans' superior weaponry and discipline meant they could afford to weather the Aztec assault and march to victory.

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