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One on one, we can each take down a villain or two, but 74... none of us can do it alone. Together we have a chance. What we did here, it can change things. The world needs us, but not as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. As a team of our own. Together, we can avenge the wrongs caused by all these villains.
— Iron Man

The Avengers is a super hero team comprised of several of the most famous super heroes in the entire of the Marvel Universe. Lead by Iron Man, they are an elite team that can be summoned to fight together against threats that either the humans cannot defeat or that need more than one hero. They are a powerul team and when united and attacking together are a very dangerous foe. The initial founding members of the Avengers are Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Wasp and Ant-man. They united to form the Avengers by discovering that when they all fought together against Graviton, they were able to win. They deicded to become a team and thus, the Avengers were born.

After they became a team, they took on new members like Captain America, Black Panther and Hawkeye and together the team proved to be a lethal foe that any opponent should take second thoughts before fighting.

Battle vs. Doomsday (DCAU) (by Redkite)[]

Before him sat 10 eyes. Perched in dark grey seats at a fair distance, but not one unsuitable for him to be spoken too. One of the seats, to the left of the one he had always wanted to kill, was empty, serving no purpose. In the center sat the one his life was created for. For all he knew is that he wanted to kill the one sat in the middle. They all looked at him, all with looks of disgust, disapproval and confusion. From where they sat, they formed a semi-circle of seats and the harsh looks they gave all converged on him, whom lay outside the semi-circle sealed in a fusion of cooled magma which was just enough to hold him.. for now.

“Did Cadmus create you?”, the face he recognized more than any of the others asked. His voice echoed in the mighty hall in which they were sat. It’s futuristic, dark grey metal design made the 5 that sat before stand out even more in their multi-coloured outfits.

He stayed silent. It was clear that only one thing was his mind, one goal, one mission, one objective - and that was all he knew. He just wanted to break free, and crush the one he recognized, crush him with his hands, and take the life from his body, ..but alas, the cool magma had him sealed, trapped, to stand as nothing more than laughable trophy to them. The one he recognized expected a reply – but knew he would not receive one. He looked to only one that wasn't human, or at least human looking. The green skinned one. “J’onn.”, the one he recognized asked the green one. The green one understood the prompt of his name and gave a concentrated look at him, his eyes glowing a strong orange in the process. The eyes continued to glow for another moment, then dimmed, he continued to look at him. “I can’t read his mind – his brain has been altered to resist me.”, the one he recognized looked back to him, “You don’t owe anything to them – they manipulated you and then tried to kill you.”.

“So I keep hearing.”, he replied, bored by this false story he was constantly hearing.

“From who!?”, the one he recognized asked irritability, edging forward from his seat as he asked. “All you need to know is that I will get free, and I will kill you.”, he replied sharply. “If that’s your final word..”, the one he recognized replied, suggesting a sign of disappointment in his voice as he spoke. A mechanical hole opened in the ground before the one he recognized, and from it rose a futuristic device on a metal table, brandishing glows of red behind a casing of metal and blue. The square device had two handles which faced the one he recognized and a short bent barrel facing him. The one he recognized stood up and grasped the device, “I only use this as a last resort...”, he raised to the device to prepare for it’s use, “It’s going to send you to another dimension – you won’t be hurt but you also won’t hurt anyone else again.”

“You’ll wish you’d killed me.”, he replied to this threat.

The barrel of the device ignited is an aura like energy of pure white, at this a beam left the barrel of the device and struck him where his chest would have been, had it not been covered by cooled magma. As the energy struck him, it overwhelmed him, and he was instantly covered in a fury of white energy, all the colour disappearing from him. He felt himself being drained into the device and in a flash, everything was overwhelmed by a powerful white light.

The light continued to blind him, he felt the air disappear from his exposed head, and an unbearable ringing sounded in his ears. The sound continued for several seconds before stopping, then everything changed. He felt the nothingness of space on his skin, yet his eyes now beheld to him a mighty aurora of red and black lights, constantly shaking and shifting ahead of him, and aside from these lights, he floated with the weightlessness of space.

He looked around and saw nothing else except the fury of lights. He turned back to his original position, and stayed still as he drifted gradually along. He grew tired of his covering and began to apply pressure to the rock that trapped his body. After much strain, the rocks exploded off him, and he floated among a mess of shards of rock.

In the distance, among the red and black lights he noticed something. A definitive white crack, a crack, literally floating in mid-air. He edged his body toward it, and drifted in the direction of the floating crack, only to eventually come face to face with a very wide floating crack. The crack was pure glowing white, and the thick crack had many shatters running off it. Confused, he reached out to the crack, cautious, his hand went into the crack, and the thick white energy he placed his hand in allowed his hand through, reacting like putting your hand in still water. He felt wind or some such force pushing on the other side of the crack. He reached his hand further in and suddenly, he was sucked whole into the crack. He fell through the crack, and into a furious and chaotic storm of multi-colours and lightning, the loud sound of unstoppable wind moving at intense speed drowned his ears and his eyes were blinded by an unbearable light of colours. He lost all sense of direction but knew he was spinning out of control, suddenly, this changed and he found himself in space, and all the chaos of the past few seconds had gone, but now he was falling. He was not in the place the one he recognized had sent him, or the place he had been in the last few seconds, he was falling, toward Earth. He began to pick up speed as he fell toward the glowing orb that was Earth, and a burning fury gathered around, causing him to groan in pain, he fell into Earth’s orbit, and in seconds fell into a fury of clouds, disappearing to land on the surface below in a mighty explosion.

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