Come, you pack of morphine addicts; come to kill us in our own land, and I will await you standing strong at the head of my patriotic soldiers, not caring about how many of you there are...
— Augusto Sandino

Augusto Sandino was a Nicaraguan revolutionary who led a rebellion against United States occupation of Nicaragua. Active from 1927 to 1933, Sandino's life as a rebel began when he was exiled for attacking the son of a prominent government official, after which he was exiled to Mexico. In Mexico, he became involved with the anti-imperialist and communist revolutionaries that were taking shape in the post-Mexican Revolution political scene. Returning to Nicaragua, Sandino began a guerilla war against the Conservative government, where his effective but makeshift army ensured that the Liberal party were nearly capable of taking the capital until the intervention of the United States.

While the Liberals agreed to a ceasefire, Sandino declared war against occupying American forces, earning the solidarity from the Soviet Union and leftist factions within the United States. Sandino and his troops were able to disrupt American efforts to the point that the country pulled out from Nicaragua once the Great Depression began. In 1934, Sandino was assassinated by members of Nicaragua's National Guard and his forces were destroyed, although Sandino became a role model for later Latin American revolutionaries such as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, and declared a national hero in 2010.

Battle vs. Camilo Cienfuegos (by Mexican spider)

The Battle starts with Camilo Cienfuegos on Fidel Castro's yacht,the granma. He notices Sandino's boat coming next to them with armed soldiers. Camilo takes the M70 and shoots the boat driver. S. The fire fight begins. Sandino comes up from the bottom of the boat with the M1D. He fires a few bullets at Camilo's rifle and brakes the bolt on the bolt action and kills 1 of Camilo's men. C. He pulls the trigger and notices he is out of ammo. He takes out the FN FAL from one of his dead soldiers and fires at Camilo. One of the bullets hits his hat of his head. Camilo turns around angrily and yells, ESTO SIGNIFICA GUERRA! He takes his Thompson and fires a spray at the boat, hitting one of Sandino's men. S. Sandino pulls out the uzi and fires at the enemy boat. He hits two of Camilo's men. CC. Their boats are almost touching now. Camilo takes out the M1 and hits another one of Sandino's men. S. Sandino takes out the star BM and fires all the bullets at Camilo's boat, hitting his last soldier.C. Camilo is now down 2-1. He doesn't even think and takes out the MK2 and throws. Ironicly, Sandino's last soldier throws the molotive. The two explosives collide and the explosion kills Sandino's last man.S. This leaves only Camilo and Sandino. Camilo gets up, pats of the smoke and dust from his clothes, and takes out his M19A11. Sandino comes charging at him through the smoke. He gets Camilo on the ground and he his kneeling on his stomach. He knocks the pistol out of his hand and starts punching his face. Camilo throws him off and crawls for the pistol. He grabs it while Sandino grabs his leg. Camilo rolls over and smashes Sandino's head on the boat. He puts the pistol on his temple and says "Viva La Revolucion." and shoots him.

WINNER= Camilo Cienfuegos

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