No soldier ever really survives a war.
— Audie Murphy

Murphy was born in Kingston, Hunt County, Texas, to the very poor Irish sharecropper Emmett Berry Murphy and his wife Josie Bell Killian. He grew up on farms near Farmersville and Greenville, Texas, and near Celeste, Texas. He was the sixth of twelve children, two of whom died before reaching adulthood. Emmet and Josie's children were, in order, Corrine, Charles Emmett "Buck", Vernon, June, Oneta, Audie Leon, J.W., Richard, Eugene, Nadine, Billie, and Joseph Murphy. Audie attended elementary school in Celeste until his father abandoned the family in 1936. He dropped out in the fifth grade to help support his family. He worked for one dollar per day, plowing and picking cotton on any farm that would hire him.

Murphy became very skilled with a rifle, hunting small game like squirrels, rabbits, and birds to help feed the family. One of his favorite hunting companions was neighbor Dial Henley. When Henley commented that Murphy never missed what he shot at, Murphy replied, "Well, Dial, if I don't hit what I shoot at, my family won't eat today." On May 23, 1941, when Murphy was 16, his mother died. Murphy worked at a combination general store, garage and gas station in Greenville. Boarded out, he worked in a radio repair shop. Later that year, with the approval of his older, married sister Corrine, who was unable to help, Murphy placed his three youngest siblings in an orphanage to ensure their care. (He reclaimed them after World War II).

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