Unlike the government, we don't keep secrets of our capabilities. We don't sell policy, we sell power. We are a super power for hire.
— Jonathan Irons

Founded in 2035, Atlas Corporation quickly grew into the most powerful military force the world ever saw. It proved a reliable ally in the Second Gulf War where it rebuilt Baghdad and made it their HQ and in the Second Korean War where they aided US forces in driving North Korea out of South Korea.

But all that changed when the son of CEO Jonathon Irons was KIA in the Korean War. Consumed with vengeance Irons plotted to destroy the Superpowers that failed to save his son and had also failed to accompish the things they promised. Irons meet with KVA agents to stage a phony war to give ATLAS more power. After KVA had been defeated, Irons revealed his true nature to the world and began his attack with his new Manticore virus. Thanks to the effort of former ATLAS soldier Jack Mitchell, the virus was halted and Irons killed.

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