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You know, I tried to find my place in the world. I thought I found it, but I guess fitting in can be a lot more complicated than it seems, huh?
— Astro

Astro is the protagonist of the 2009 film Astro Boy. He was created by Dr. Tenma to serve as a replacement for his late son Tobi. Dr. Tenma would reject Astro, however, leading the robot to run and embark on an adventure to discover his identity, becomming a hero in the process.

After Tobi died in a tragic accident, Tenma created a robotic replica of his son to bring him back to life. This backfired as the replica only served as a painful reminder of his son's death. Upon discovering his newfound robotic capabilities the replica confronted Tenma who explained his true nature and rejected him as his son. Distraught, the replica flied away only to be pursued by Metro City's law enforcement lead by President Stone, who wished to obtain the blue core the replica was powered by, leading to him falling to the surface.

After waking up, the replica found himself met a group of children who were looking for old robots to be used in Hamegg's robot fighting ring. He also met a trio of inept revolutionary robots called the Robot Revolutionary Front, who dubbed him 'Astro'. Astro decided to live with the children and Hamegg for a while, even repairing a giant old robot who they named Zog. When Hamegg discovered Astro's robotic nature, he incapacitated him and forced him to fight as well. Just as Astro and Zog began to rebel, Stone's forces arrived and took Astro back to Metro City.

He was then taken to Dr. Tenma and apologized for not being a good enough substitute for Tobi and agreed to be deactivated so that the Blue Core could be extracted. Having a change of heart and realizing that even though Astro isn't Tobi, he's still his son, Dr. Tenma reactivated him and lets him escape. Furious, Stone sent the red core powered Peacekeeper to get him back, resulting in a fight that destroyed Metro City's power core, causing the city to crash to the surface. Realizing that the Peacekeeper is too unstable, Astro sacrificed himself to destroy it, but was revived by Zorg just in time to defend Metro City from invading aliens.