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Why is it whenever someone says "with all due respect" they really mean "kiss my ass"?
— Ashley Williams

Ashley Madeline Williams is a human soldier who served in the Systems Alliance as a Gunnery Chief in the 2nd Frontier Division on Eden Prime, and was later assigned to Commander Shepard's squad after Saren Arterius' attack on Eden Prime.

Coming from a long line of Alliance soldiers, Ashley followed the family tradition and joined the military after graduating high school. She has shown proficiency with the standard-issue M7 Lancer assault rifle and light to standard-weight combat hardsuits and was noted for her steadfast endurance and aggressive instincts. Despite glowing recommendations, Ashley was denied further opportunities for advancement.

Ashley was stationed on Eden Prime during Saren's attack, during which she lost her entire squad was wiped out. She managed to survive, however and was later rescued by Shepard's squad while on their mission to retrieve the Prothean beacon that was recently uncovered. After the attack, she joins Shepard's crew on the SSV Normandy. During the assault on Saren's base on Virmire, Ashley becomes separated from the rest of the squad and gets pinned down by geth soldiers. Shepard can choose to save her but at the cost of Kaidan Alenko. If Ashley survives, she continues to serve on the SSV Normandy until it was destroyed during a superise Collector attack which killed Shepard. Ashley would have a brief encounter with Shepard a year later after they were revived by the Lazarus Project, though she distrusted her former Commander, fearing that Cerberus might have brainwashed them.

During the Reaper War she was once again placed under Shepard's command but was critically injured during their mission on Mars by a Cerberus infiltration unit disguised as Alliance scientist Dr. Eva. She was swiftly stabilized, however, and was brought to Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel. During her stay, she was granted the position of Specter by Councilor Udina. Just as she fully recovered, Cerberus attempted to stage a coup and she was tasked with protecting Udina, who was secretly working with Cerberus. Shepard eventually caught up with her, leading to a tense confrontation which either ended in Ashley getting killed or being talked down. Should she survive, Ashley could once again serve under Shepard or join the team of Admiral Hackett. Should Shepard activate the Crucible, Ashley presumably continues to serve as a Specter but presumably dies otherwise.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Samantha Byrne (by So-Pro Warrior)[]

Word of the death of Marcus Fenix at the hands of Commander Shepard spreads quickly over Sera and Shepard quickly calls in Joker on the Normandy to pick him up and warn the rest of the team about the problems the COG might cause and now must leave the planet.

On the Island of Vectes...

Samantha Byrne and 4 COG Soldiers are scouting the area as they had heard that one of many Shepard's team members were in the area and are out to exact revenge for Marcus. One of the COG soldiers overhears a conversation and warns Samantha who orders the COG with the Longshot Sniper to take to the high ground to confirm it's Shepard's team mate. The Sniper climbs up a rocky hill and spots Ashley Williams and 4 Alliance Marines who are awaiting for a shuttle from the Normandy to land and pick them up. The COG sniper radio's Samantha and she and the other COG soldiers get into position to kill them. The COG Sniper takes aim at a Alliance Marine watching the area aims for the head and fires a shot killing the marineBlue. Ashley yells at the other marines to take cover just as the COG with the Longshot finishes reloading and waits for someone to try and pop their head up. However a Alliance Marine not seen by the COG sniper as he was behind a damaged vehicle takes out his M-92 Mantis and aims at the COG Sniper and fires putting a bullet in his headDarkred. The marine puts away his M-92 and runs to join Ashley and the other marines but one of the COG soldiers pops up from behind cover and fires his Lancer at the marine and the marine is filled with leadBlue. Another COG soldier takes out a Bolo Grenade and starts swinging it and runs out of cover and starts charging at the Alliance soldiers and tosses the grenade when he gets close enough and blows a Alliance marine over his coverBluehowever another Alliance marine pops up with a M-22 Eviscerator and blows a hole into the COG soldier's stomachDarkred. Ashley pops out of cover and throws a Mk 14 grenade at a COG soldier who is behind a large rock, as soon as it passes the rock Ashley remotely detonates the greande killing the COG soldier behind the rockDarkred. Samantha and the other COG soldier work their way behind Ashely and the other Alliance soldier and the COG soldier gets behind the Alliance Marine with his Gnasher Shotgun drawn and blows the marines head offBlueAshley sees this and takes aim with her M-8 and riddles the COG soldier full of roundsDarkred. Samantha tries to fire her Lancer but the gun jams and she revs up the Chainsaw bayonet and charges at Ashley, Ashley however sees this and as Samantha raises her Chainsaw to bring it down on Ashley, Ashley quickly rolls out of the way and the Chainsaw gets destroyed by the rock that was behind Ashley. Samantha tosses the Lancer and takes out her Snub pistol and starts firing as Ashley but the Kinetic barriers on Ashley's armor withstand the shots and she quickly dives to the ground, pulls out her M-5 Phalanx and fires at Samantha striking her in the arm and knee and Samantha falls to her knees and Ashley puts a round in her headDarkred. Ashley raises her gun in the air and yells in victory "FOR THE ALLIANCE!"

Winner:Ashley Williams

Expert's Opinion[]

In the end Ashley Williams dominated in the Majority of X-Factors such as

  • Training
  • Armor Metallurgy
  • and Logistics

Ashley also dominated in the Close Range, Long Range, and Explosive Categories but the most important factor was Ashley Williams's armor that proved to be more tougher and protected more of her body failing in combat only failing 2.5% of the time compared to Samantha's armor that failed 97.5% as it wasn't tough and only protected a small amount of her body. That and Ashley's weapons were more better in shape as they never jammed and were reliable compared to the more unreliable weapons that Samantha wielded. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle was declared invalid because she was given weapons and armor from Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 3 despite the fact that the weapons and armor from Mass Effect 1 were canonically no longer in use by the time Mass Effect 3 took place.