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I am an unnamed thief. For those of us who specialize in tough jobs, I'm a pro among pros.
— Arsene Lupin III

Coming from a lineage of thieves descending from a certain infamous French gentleman thief of the same name, Arsene Lupin III has made a name for himself stealing valuable treasures and escaping at the same time without leaving a trace; however as time passed, the thrill of stealing slowly begin to grow stale, so to bring back the excitement he once felt Lupin began to announce his crimes and challenge the authority to catch him in the act, which often brought him face to face against ICPO agent Inspector Koichi Zenigata who dedicated his life into capturing the elusive thief. When the stakes are even higher and treasure more grand Lupin often lists the help of Daisuke and Goemon, while Fujiko tags along when it suits her interests. Lupin is usually recognized by the signature color of his jacket consisting of either red, pink, or green.

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