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All that we do, all that we are, begins and ends with ourselves.
— Arno Dorian

Arno Victor Dorian was a member of the French Brotherhood of Assassins and a Master Assassin during the French Revolution. The only known son of Charles Dorian, an Assassin who was murdered by the Irish-American Templar Shay Cormac, Arno was then made a ward of François de la Serre, Grand Master of the French Rite of the Templar Order, and raised alongside his closest friend, Élise.

After Charles' death, Arno was then adopted by the Grand Master of Templar Order in France, who kept his allegiance secret out of respect of his father. Arno was still distraught because of his father's death, even though he was friends with Elise and Francois. Years later, Arno moved away from the de la Serre household to the digs of the villages where he spent his days and nights, drinking, playing cards, and entertaining women. When Francois left one evening, Arno infiltrated the Palace of Versailles in order to attend a party held in Elise's honor. After sharing a romantic moment with her, he was forced to evade the guards. He then found a mortally wounded Francois, whom he mistaken his state for intoxication. One of the attackers, called to the guards which mistook Arno as the killer; he was then arrested.

After his first night in prison, Arno discovered that his watch was stolen by one of his cellmates, Pierre Bellec, and briefly dueled him for it before drawing attention that Arno could see mysterious drawings in Bellec's cell. He was then dragged to the corner by Bellec, realizing he possessed Eagle Vision. Once Arno introduced himself, Bellec revealed his father was am Assassin, before returning the watch and offering him to train Arno, which proceeded to for the following two months of their imprisonment. Civil uprising came and gave a chance for both Bellec and Arno, to escape, Bellec then gave him a medallion that said it would lead him straight to the Assassins, and performed a Leap of Faith, Arno followed. Wracked with Guilt, Arno sought the Assassins which he found the HQ to be under the Sainte-Chapelle. He was then inducted into the Brotherhood and vowed to hunt down Francois' murderers to redeem himself for his failures.

Battle vs. Shay Cormac (by Weew1213)[]

In Paris, France there is a war starting this very day.

Shay is sitting his chair, thinking about what to do next. There is cannonfire outside his house. He looks outside the window to see cannons fire at a fort. He looks down to see British Soldiers reloading a cannonball, he grins but as he is about to pull his back in, he notices hooded figures on the rooftops.

"Assassins!" he whispers. He gets his old outfit on and looks for a chest. He hears footsteps in the hallway and screams of people being forced out and French soldiers ordering people out of their rooms. He opens up a closet, rips every piece of clothing off the hanger and throws it behind him. He finds it and opens it up to grab the hidden blades first and put them on but, it's too late.

The soldiers open the door and command Shay "Sortir de cette pièce, maintenant (Out of this room, now!)!" Shay starts to slowly walk towards them and grabs both muskets pulls them towards him, the soldiers then are stabbed in the neck by the hidden blades. He then, grabs the rest of his equipment and heads out the door. He then, is hit with and shot with a dart. He takes it out and starts to feel drowsy, he then falls to floor.

He wakes up on a rooftop with a gun pointed at his head. "Who are you?"

"My name is Shay Patrick Cormac and you are?"

"Arno Dorian... you're the traitor!"

"Yes, and I think I remember your father, you were the boy with him on the day he died? Well, I'm sorry, I had the smae experience when I was younger."

"You murdered my father as well?! You're just nothing but some traitorous Templar scum."

"Do you know why I left the Assassins? Do you know what happened in Lisbon, Portugal in 1755? They had me slaughter thousands of innocents! To you Assassins, it's black and white, there is no good and bad, no good and evil, just a point of view! I destroyed the Creed because I was fixing all of my wrongs, all of the Creed's wrongs and saving the world." Shay explained as he pulled out both of his pistols and pointed them at Arno.

"How about we drop our guns and kill each other with our swords, eh?" Arno says as he puts down his gun, in front of a chimney and Shay does the same, it's also the same chimney that is seperating them from each other. They both begin to break into a sprint, but Shay stays a bit behind to get his two pistols. He then, chases after him with all the speed he can muster.

Arno's POV

He checks to see if the Templar is behind him, he grins and thinks "The old man can't keep up." He looks back to notice British and French soldiers fighting amongst each other. He launches himself onto a British soldier, killing due to force by Arno and the hidden blade injected into his head. Shay gets onto a post, throws something at a French soldier, he pulls and is hung from the post. Arno extends his arm and shoots a dart at redcoat, then, another and another. All those who were shot, look as if they were sick and slowly slump to the ground.

Shay pulls out his air rifle, firing multiple sleep darts at enemies, all of them slump to the ground. He then unloads on Frenchies using the berserk darts 'causing them to attack both their friends and Arno. Shay then, puts the gun on his hip and launches his sleep grenades, and then, berserk grenades. Arno tries to escape using the stun grenades and poison grenades but, is stopped by more soldiers. Arno sees a glisten on Shay's wrist and waits for him to use the hidden blade. He then, pulls out his French Cutlass and starts to attack the French and British soldiers.

Arno then looks over to his opponent to see him pull out the hidden blade and as if time stopped, he aims at the blade and direct hit! The blade is knocked out of the wrist band, Shay is looks at Arno and pulls out his sword and dagger. They walk in the opposite direction, Shay walks right and Arno walks left. Blades then collide, as Arno tries to attack Shay, he counters by having cutlass pried from his hands from the dagger that he has. As soon as Arno realizes this, he tries to shoot Shay with Phantom Blade but, it's cut off by Shay as well. He drops a smoke bomb down and starts to run away but is again stopped because of the shrapnel grenade launching him backwards into a wall.

He then looks around for a weapon and sees an axe, he then picks it up. He then gets up and with an overhead strike knocking both of the blades out of Shay's hands becuase Shay tried to block it with the blades. Shay is on the ground, crawling while on his back side. Arno gets onto him and puts his hidden blade to Shay's throat.

"You're lucky I don't kill you right this second!" Arno says angrily.

"I make my own luck!" Shay yells as he stabs his hidden blade into Arno and gets pushed off.

Shay then takes out both of his pistols and shoot them both into Arno's legs.

"You're an example of what I'll do to every Assassin who tries to kill me and now, I am the hunter." Shay says as he loads a bullet into the air rifle and aims, he fires.


Expert's Opinion[]

Arno is an excellent assassin but, not as good as Shay. He destroyed the Creed when they were the strongest, and has better experience because he was both an assassin and a templar.

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