I will maintain.
— Motto of the Netherlands

The Armed Forces of the Netherlands (Dutch: Nederlandse Krijgsmacht) is the combined military forces of the Netherlands. It exists of the Royal Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marechaussee (or Military Constabulary). The Dutch armed forces exist by declaration in the constitution of the Netherlands. Article 97 of this constitution determines that the armed forces exist to defend the Kingdom of the Netherlands and its interests in the world; and to protect and advance the international rule of law.

The Dutch Armed Forces as it exists today came about after the fall of the First French Empire and the formation of the short-lived United Kingdom of the Netherlands. After its failure to suppress the Belgian revolution, the Netherlands remained neutral through most major wars but was forced into conflict in World War 2 when the Germans managed to invade and capitulate the small kingdom. During the occupation, former soldiers joined the resistance or the armies of the Allied nations in May 1945.

As a founding member of NATO, the Dutch military has taken part in multiple peacekeeping operations in Africa and the Middle East.

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