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Arkantos... awaken.
— Athena

Arkantos is the protagonist in Fall of the Trident. Living on Atlantis when it was raided by pirates, he took up arms against the pirates when he was fourteen. His wife was killed by pirates at some time. Arkantos grew stronger and wiped out the pirates in the area.

Krios the theocrat urging Arkantos to join the Greek army in Troy, but Arkantos initially refuses. However, when the Pirate-bandit overlord Kamos stole the trident from a statue of Poseidon, Arkantos travels to Troy to regain the god's favor. He and Ajax, on their way back home from a side trip to the Trojan War, stop at Iolcos to repair their ships and find the city taken by pirates. They free the centaur Chiron, who has been imprisoned by Kemsyt (an Egyptian assassin working for Gargarensis), and pursue the cyclops Gargarensis. Gargarensis attempted to free Kronos, imprisoned behind 4 adamantine doors in Tartarus, which could only be opened by a mortal's hand in exchange for immortality.

Gargarensis, thwarted by Arkantos, closed the gate to Tartarus and escaped with his minion, Kamos, to the Norselands, followed by Arkantos. Gargarensis escaped for Atlantis and the fourth, and final, gate. After arriving in Atlantis, Gargarensis proceeded to the Temple to Poseidon to pray. Poseidon, hearing his son's words, animated a statue of himself and destroyed the Temple, under which lay the last Gate.Arkantos, knowing he could not confront Gargarensis and the massive, living statue without help, built a monument to Zeus and asked for his help. Arkantos's pleas were answered, as Zeus granted the Atlantean superhuman powers. Arkantos and his soldiers pushed their way to the centre of the city, where Arkantos and the Poseidon statue entered an epic duel. The statue towered above Arkantos, but he managed to dodge the killer blows of the statue's trident. Arkantos then jumped and plunged his spear into the statue's face. Gargarensis was shocked as he watched Arkantos' victory, for he thought that his plan would inevitably succeed. As the statue crumbled, the trident fell, and before Gargarensis could move, he was gored by the statue's trident. As Gargarensis died, Poseidon's wrath became clear, as meteors, earthquakes, tornadoes, and lightning bolts ripped Atlantis apart. Exhilarated at his victory, Arkantos fled, but he finally fell exhausted on the beach. As the island began sinking beneath the waves, Athena appeared before Arkantos, and she bestowed upon him what Gargarensis had failed to achieve--divine status. As his friends sailed away, they wondered what had become of Arkantos, and they were completely unaware that he was now deified.

Battle vs. Jason (Mythology) (by Laquearius)


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Battle vs. Marcus Decimus Gallus (by The Deadliest Warrior)

Marcus Decimus Gallus, a Roman foot soldier, and a Roman archer are exploring mysterious beach after their ship has crashed on the nearby reefs. Suddenly a strange man and two of his soldiers block their way.

“Step aside, man,” Gallus says impatiently. “I have no time for you.”

The man is Arkantos, and he merely nods to one of his soldiers, who fires his toxotes bow and catches one of the Romans in the neck, who chokes and crumples to the ground, dropping his bow.

The Roman footman takes out his javelin and throws it at Arkantos, but it bounces off of his armor. The Romans retreat and Arkantos and his men give chase.

As the Atlanteans turn the corner, they find no opponents, but instead the bowman falls with a javelin straight through his body. The Atlantean axeman throws his axe into the bushes and a gurgling scream is heard. The axe found is mark.

Marcus Decimus Gallus himself steps out of the bushes, and quickly kills the axeman when he approaches. Arkantos readies his Atlantean spear and charges in battle frenzy while Gallus prepares to counter-strike.

Arkantos stabs Gallus in the thigh, and Gallus angrily pulls the spear out of his leg and slashes wildly with his dagger, keeping Arkantos at bay. Bobbing and weaving, Arkantos desperately thinks of a way to retrieve his spear. Finally, the Atlantean Admiral dives to the ground, grabs his spear, and thrusts upward before the Roman commander can react. Gallus sways, stunned, and spits blood before Arkantos silently pulls the spear out and watches his adversary fall. Arkantos shouts a blessing in Poseidon’s name and walks along the beach, back towards Atlantis.

Winner: Arkantos

Expert's Opinion

Arkantos' superior armor, weapons, and training won this battle over Gallus for him, according to the experts.

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The battle was declared invalid because Marcus Decimus Gallus was given a dagger, bow, and pilum, weapons he never used.