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I told you to leave or die, you refused and now you would have killed us all. You unleashed the creature we feared from more than three thousand years.
— Ardeth Bay

Ardeth Bay was a Medjai tribe leader who was sworn from manhood that he would not allow any outsider to travel to Hamanaptra, for fear of Imhotep's ressurection. This later proved impossible as he was risen by Evelyn Carnahan who was reading from the book of the dead. Ardeth later joined forces with Rick O' Connell and the rest of them to kill Imhotep which they did. Imhotep was later re risen, which forced Ardeth to attempt to put him down again. Imhotep brought forth the scorpion king, so he could kill him and take control of his Army. Ardeth fought against the Army of Anubis with thousands of Medjai tribesmen. A second wave was coming to wipe them out but Rick killed the Scorpion King and sent him back to the underworld along with his Army.

Battle vs. Ra's al Ghul (Nolanverse) (by MilitaryBrat)

"Hamanaptra, City of the Dead." Ra's said to 4 men clad in black as they stood outside the city "We traveled back to this time for one thing, there's a certain pit where one could learn the secrets of immortality. No other League of Shadows leader has learned this secret. And it is of the utmost importance that I get to this pit. It would be the only way to get back to our time. Stay here men, if theres any trouble, you'll know what to do."

"Sir, your sword." Ra's lieutenant said to him.

"Ah yes, thank you Mordred."

At Hamanaptra............

"Ardeth, there seems to be somebody walking to us." Mohammad says.

Ardeth takes Mohammad's binoculars from him and takes a look and sees, a mile away Ra's Al Ghul.

"This man should not be allowed to raise Imhotep Ardeth," Anwar says.

"And he will not, "Ardeth says, "Leave that to me."

About 5 minutes later after Ra's ran the mile to Hamanaptra, he comes across the gates to the once great city.

"Hamanaptra. You will be my saving grace." Suddenly though, an Arab man clad in black and with strange tattoos on his face emerged from behind a pillar with his sword unsheathed. Ra's was prepared however and brought his sword out as well just in time to block Ardeth's strike. Both men stare intently into each other's eyes. Ardeth thinking "This man must not raise Imhotep. If I fail then all is lost, no not all. My brothers will stop him." Ra's on the other hand was thinking "I should have known that the medjai would try to stop me, no matter. I will end this man and then proceed to the lazarus pit."

Ardeth was the first to pull out of this brief stalemate, he aimed the point of his sword towards Ra's heart with intent at ending this fight as soon as possible. Ra's easily parried this attempted killing blow and started talking while fighting.

"So medjai, " Ra's started as he swung his sword in a full circle "What's stopping you from allowing me entry into this city?" As Ardeth pondered this Ra's swung his sword down at Ardeth's head. Ardeth, not expecting this after a question brings his sword horizontally to block Ra's strike.

"I'm here for protection against the rise of Imhotep." Ardeth says as he kicks out Ra's legs from under him and runs off into the maze of pillars and broken and buried statues and buildings. Ra's chases him and finds Ardeth waiting for him in a blocked courtyard.

"And I'm here for immortality young medjai. The League of Shadows must have a leader."

Thinking Ra's wants the book of the dead, Ardeth says to him while bringing his sword to attempt a strike says "You will not get the book of the dead"

Ra's swings his sword upwards to push away Ardeth's strike and then kicks him down on his back and procedes to run to find higher ground. He finds it on a rocky hill near an opening to underground Hamanaptra. Ardeth scans the area and finds Ra's up on the rocks. Ardeth runs to the rocks and Ra's opens up with an attack. He attempts a diagonal slice to Ardeth's face but is blocked by Ardeth's sword which slices Ardeth's arm instead. Ardeth gasps in pain but keeps fighting. Ra's attempts a decapitation, but Ardeth ducks in time and kicks Ra's feet out from under him, leaving him on the rocks of the hill.

"Leave this place or die." Ardeth commands.

"Really now?" Ra's says. "You need to learn how to mind your surroundings better young medjai." Ra's then kicks Ardeth back into the opening of the Hamanaptra underground. Ardeth falls 20 feet to a hard stone floor. He awakes to see Ra's meditating on the opposite side of the room. He finds his sword and then quietly as possible he walks over to Ra's and tries to attack, but Ra's eyes open and he grabs his sword, and blocks Ardeth's attack. Ardeth then thinks of a plan. He runs into a hallway. Ra's eyes now fully adjusted to the dark is able to spot Ardeth run into a hallway. Ra's considers going for the Lazarus pit first, but then he realizes that this medjai may very well be able to lead him to the pit. He runs after him and spots someone standing with his back to Ra's. He walks up to him, and stabs him in the heart. To his surprise however, the person he stabbed turns around with Ra's sword still inside him and reaches towards him. Ra's gives a good hard kick to the mummy's head which stops it cold. Ra's then takes his sword from the mummy, and sees that Ardeth has lit torches revealing 9 more mummies all standing around him inside of the sacrificial room.

"What is the meaning of this medjai?"

"Necessary evils, my friend. I raised these creatures to help me."

Ra's delivers these mummies to hell again, and turns to do the same to Ardeth but finds he's not there. He decides to look for the Lazarus pit again and finds Ardeth's blade sticking into his stomach.

"You need to learn how to mind your surroundings as well." Ardeth says as he pulls his sword from Ra's body. Ra's then falls to his knees, holding his wound. Ardeth cleans his sword, and walks off to find his way out.

WINNER: Ardeth Bay


Ra's is now mortally wounded. "This wasn't part of the plan, must get to the lazarus pit." Ra's gets up on his feet, and wraps a tourniquet around his wound as to stop the bleeding. He remembers his map of the underground and takes it out. He finds the location of the pit, steps in it and is healed.

"The man has been killed." Ardeth says to his fellow tribesmen as he finds them.

"Then why is he walking right there?" asks Nadir.

Ardeth looks in surprise and finds Ra's walking out the entrance of the city. Ra's gives a respectful nod to Ardeth and receives one back.

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