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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Richter Belmont (by Death'sapprentice77)[]

Richter Belmont walks away from Dracula's Castle as it crumbles in the distance. He stops at a church and comes back fully healed from his battle with the vampire. He continues walking through a dark woods and spots Aragorn. He perceives him as a threat and throws 2 knives at him. The knives miss and land in the tree next to Aragorn. He retaliates and fires an arrow which hits Richter in the shoulder.

The vampire hunter scowls as he pulls the arrow from the wound he then throws more knives at him and the two exchange fire not one projectile hitting each other. Richter jumps up in a tree and throws more knives at Aragorn this time hitting the ranger in the shoulder. Aragorn winces and fires a flaming arrow at the tree Richter is standing in which bursts into flames. Richter leaps out of the tree and draws his whip. Aragorn removes the knife from his shoulder and unsheathes Anduril and the two begin exchanging blows, not retaining any damage.

Richter back flips and throws his cross boomerang at Aragorn who deflects it with ease. Aragorn charges and presses the attack and cuts Richter across the belly. Running out of options Richter unleashes Crash Cross. Running out of options Aragorn makes a run for it but trips and begins sliding forward toward the deadly blue flames. Thinking fast Aragorn fires an arrow hitting the vampire hunter in the shin causing him to lose concentration. The Ranger runs off to retrieve his sword but Richter wraps his whip around Aragorn's leg and tips him. He tries to whip him again but Aragorn rolls out of the way and draws his dagger and stabs it into Richter's thigh.

Taking advantage of the vampire hunter being in excruciating pain and retrieves his sword. Richter is enraged and takes the dagger out of his leg and limps toward the ranger. He whips at Aragorn wrapping the whip around the blade of Anduril. He pulls and sends Aragorn's face into his fist. The vampire hunter tries to whip him again but the ranger recovers from the blow, deflects Vampire Killer and thrusts Anduril through Richter's chest. Aragorn removes the blade from Richter and Richter falls over face first, dead. Aragorn sheathes his blade and walks off.


Expert's Opinion[]

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The battle has been declared for nerfing Richter's crash abilities.

Battle vs. Charlemange (by Death'sapprentice77)[]

Aragorn is continuing his trek through the forest, fully healed and rested from his fight with the hero of time. He doesn't get far when he spots an armored figure on a horse. The armor clad man who is none other than Charlemange offers the ranger a challenge in a duel to the death. Aragorn accepts and with that Charlemagne charges forward on his horse Lancea pointed forward. Aragorn rolls out of the way, seeing that he is at a disadvantage, he decides to even the odds by firing a flaming arrow at the brush near Charlmange's horse. In reaction the horse reels back, Charlemange falls off and the horse runs off. Charlemange stands up and throws his lancea at Aragorn who dodges it and retaliates with an arrow that bounces off Charlemange's helmet. The two warriors draw they're swords and charge each other. Both of them trade off slashes and jabs neither getting a hit. Charlemange attempts to bash Aragorn with his shield but the ranger dodges the blow and hits Charlemange in the head with the hilt of his sword causing the king's helmet to fall off. Giving him no chance to retaliate Aragorn lands a kick in Charlemange's mid section causing him to fall over. Aragorn steps on his shield and attempts to finish him off but the king rolls out of the way and draws his weiderpraxe and slashes at Aragorn who gets a small cut on his arm. The ranger draws his dagger and the two begin slashing at each other Charlemagne's slashes are dodged by Aragorn and Aragorn's are unable to hit their mark because of the armor. Aragorn locates Charlemange's one unarmored spot, his head, and slashes across his cheek. Charlemange reels back screaming in pain and Aragorn runs to retrieve Anduril and Charlegmange, his lancea. The king jabs at Aragorn who ducks under the spear and tackles Charlemange. Aragorn steps back up and keeps his foot on Charlemange's chest and plunges Anduril into the King's throat killing him. Aragorn resheathes his sword and continues on his trek.


Expert's Opinion[]

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The battle has been declared invalid because Charlemange was given a lancae, a weapon he never used, and unfair for Charlemange due to Aragorn's superhuman skill and superior metallurgy.

Battle vs. Leonidas (300) (by So-Pro Warrior)[]



"It was the second day of battle at Thermopylae pass. The second day of battle had just ended with the Spartans and their allies eradicating the thought to be Persian Immortals. Night had fallen as the Spartans and their allies rested from battle, eagerly awaiting whatever the Persians would throw at them the next day. However, from out of nowhere a strange fog bank had rolled in and covered all of the land between the pass and the Persian encampmant. Not wanting to risk a sneak attack from the Persian forces, Leonidas chose four of his men to travel with him into the fog to keep a lookout for Persian forces. Should a force come their way, Leonidas and his men would retreat back to the others and warn them of the coming attack so they would be ready. Leonidas and his men set out into the fog...however, something strange would happen to the great Spartan King and his men."

Leonidas and his men kept their wits about as they traveled thrrough the fog. Their Dory spears pointed forward and above their raised shields, keeping their eyes and ears open for the sight or sound of an advancing army. The five Spartans remained quiet so as to not draw attention or alert the enemy to their presence. As Leonidas took another step forward, the sound of leaves rustling under his sandle caught his attention as he looked down, what should've been only dirt and rocks underneath his feet were gone, now replaced with grass, dirt, and fallen and dried up leaves. The rest of his men soon noticed this as well as the fog mysteriously lifted...and the Spartans found themselves no longer on the coastal cliffs of Thermopylae, but in a forest as they were surrounded now by trees, bushes and a few stone structures in ruins.

"What sorcery is this?! Where are the cliffs? The ocean? The pass?" One of the Spartan soldiers questioned aloud.

"Is this the work of the Persian dogs?" Another one of the Spartans questioned.

"No. This is something else. Keep your wits about men." Leonidas says as the group continue their trek through the forest, trying to find out where they are.

In another part of Amon Hen.

Aragorn and four of his Gondor soldiers steadily rode their horses on the path through the forest. They were on their way back to Minas Tirith after Aragorn said his farewell to Elrond at Rivendell, Arwen was back at Minas Tirith keeping things in hand there while he was gone but Aragorn had made sure to give her farewell to her father as well. As he and his men continued to ride through the forest, Aragorn's felt something, his instincts were telling him danger was coming as he looked out into the forest hill of Amon Hen, the location where Boromir was slain by the Uruk-Hai Lurtz.

"My Lord, what is it?" The Gondor soldier behind him asked, having of noticed his King's attention drawn towards the forest.

"We are not alone in these woods." Aragorn says, his men hearing this tense up and keep on the lookout for whatever danger could be lurking in the forest.

Aragorn and his men are only able to get a few more feet, when Aragorn catches sight of spear flying right towards his face. Aragorn's reflexes kick in as he grabs the grip of his sword Anduril and unsheathes it, throwing his head back to dodge the spear which flies past in front of his face and swings his sword upwards, cutting the spear in half as the two parts fly to the ground. This attack though scares his horse which he is able to calm as his men go on alert and look for where the spear came from, Aragorn looks down the path where the spear came from and spots five men, all of them wearing strange helmets, wielding spears in their right hands and massive shields that cover most of their body in their left. The four Gondor soldiers spot the strangers and all dismount their horses, unsheathing their swords and getting their shields out as they stand in front of their king to protect him.

Leonidas and Aragorn stared towards each other, both of them just seeing the spirit of a warrior within them. Upon noticing Aragorn and his men, Leonidas decided to capture one of them and interrogate them on where they were so they could find out what was going on. He attempted to take out one of the men in silver armor, but the Javelin went a bit off course and almost striked the warrior that Leonidas wanted to capture since he looked like he would know something. "Spartans! Show no mercy to these men!" Leonidas ordered as his men let out their battle yell and pointed their spears forward.

"My lord, leave these men to us. Protect the King!" One of the Gondor men yelled as the four Gondor soldiers charged down the hill towards the Spartans who charged back at them with Leonidas watching them. One of the Gondor soldiers jumped down towards one of the Spartans who blocked him with his shield and tossed the soldier over him onto his back. The Spartan then turned around and quickly drove his spear into the throat of the Gondor soldierYellow. A Gondor and Spartan soldier collide as the Gondor soldier swings his sword, only to be blocked by the Spartan's shield as the Spartan tries jabbing his spear into the face of the Gondor soldier, but the Gondor soldier is able to block the attack with his shield. The Gondor soldier is given an opening as he throws a kick into the Spartan's stomach, making the Spartan stumble back a few feet as he recovers and throws another jab at the Gondor soldier who dodges to his right and charges at the Spartan, slamming his shield into the Spartan's as the two push against each other to gain the upperhand, the Gondor soldier then raises his sword and swings it around the Spartan's shield into the side of his neck finally killing the SpartanRed.

Aragorn grabbed his bow and quiver of arrows from the side of his horse, a Gondor soldier knocked the tip of a Spartan's spear upwards and followed with a lunge towards the Spartan. The Spartan easily blocked the strike and slammed his shield into the Gondor soldiers face, sending him onto his back to the ground as he then raised his spear to finish the soldier off. Aragorn ran down the hill and spotting one of his men in trouble, quickly pulled out an arrow, pulled it back on the bow and released it, hitting the Spartan in his left eye as the Spartan warrior yelled out in pain, allowing the Gondor soldier to drive his sword into the stomach of the Spartan killing him as the body falls to the sideRed. Another Spartan and Gondor soldier are dueling each other, the Spartan throws his spear towards the Gondor soldier who jumps to his right to avoid it, the Gondor soldier quickly swings his sword down cutting the tip of the spear off as the Spartan soldier rears it back and sees his weapon now useless. Tossing it aside the Gondor soldier charges and brings his sword down on the Spartan who brings his shield up to block the attack. Seeing his man in trouble, Leonidas quickly rushes up and bashes the Gondor soldier away from his man, following it up as he rushes over and drives his spear into the Gondor soldiers throatYellow. Leonidas turns around and tosses his spear to his fellow Spartan as he takes out his Kopis to use. Aragorn pulls back and releases another arrow at another Spartan. The Spartan easily blocks the arrow his his shield as he then jumps forward and jabs his spear towards Aragorn who quickly twirls to his left to avoid it. Tossing his bow and arrows aside, Aragorn unsheathes Anduril as the Spartan rushes towards him again. The Spartan throws his spear at him again as Aragorn moves aside, Aragorn twists around the Spartan's shield to his side and swings his sword, decapitating the Spartan soldier whose head flies up into the air and lands right in front of Leonidas and his last Spartan soldierRed. Leonidas looks down to see his fallen Spartan's head as he then looks back up at Aragorn as his last two Gondor soldiers join alongside him. Aragorn sees the anger in the Spartan King's eyes, Leonidas and his last Spartan look at each other as Leonidas signals him with a head swing as the two Spartans begin to start running.

"After them." Aragorn says as he and his last two Gondor soldiers begin to give chase.

The Spartan King and his final soldier run through the forest of Amon Hen, Aragorn and his two Gondor soldiers just right behind them. The two run up a hill and arrive at the summit of Amon Hen, the Spartan soldier turns around and prepares for the arrival of Aragorn and his two Gondor soldiers as Leonidas runs up the ruin to the top. Aragorn and his men arrive as they stop in front of the soldier who swings his spear side to side to keep them back. Aragorn signals to both of his men to surround the Spartan as the two Gondor soldiers work their way around the soldier who keeps his wits about and continues to swing wildly. As the Spartan looks back at Aragorn, Aragorn has brought out his dagger and throws it right at the Spartan's face, the Spartan soldier unable to react in time as the dagger drives itself right between its eyesRed.

"No!!!" Leonidas yells in anger as he picks up the nearby Javelin he had placed there for backup purposes and throws it down at one of the Gondor soldiers who has his back turned, the Gondor soldier turns around as the javelin hits him in the chest, however due to the stronger metal of his armor the javelin is unable to penetrate, merely knocking him back a few feet as the Spartan King jumps down from the ruin. Landing on the ground the other Gondor soldier charges the Spartan King who knocks him away with his shield as the other Gondor soldier who has recovered charges at Leonidas who swings his Kopis upwwards and drives it right up the Gondor soldiers chinYellow. Aragorn approaches Leonidas, having of picked up his Dagger as he now duel wields the two and prepares to engage Leonidas who gets ready as well. The two kings charge each other as Leonidas swings his Kopis, Aragorn blocking it as he attempts to get at Leonidas with his dagger but finds it blocked by the shield. Leonidas pushes Aragorn back who quickly regains himself as the Spartan King charges at him and swings his shield at him, Aragorn ducks under it and manages to plant his dagger into the leg of Leonidas, the Spartan king letting out a grunt of pain as he turns around at Aragorn. Leonidas doesn't show care in the fact that he has a dagger in his leg as he charges at the King of Gondor and swings his Kopis, Aragorn blocking it as Leonidas attempts to hit him with his shield which Aragorn jumps away from, barely managing to dodge it as it's mere inches away from his body. Aragorn attempts to strike Leonidas while he is open, the Spartan King however is able to quickly recover as he brings back his shield, hitting Aragorn from his side and sending him face forward to the ground. Leonidas jumps up and drives his Kopis down towards Aragorn, Aragorn however uses his position to his advantage and quickly rolls aside and drives Anduril upwards right into Leonidas's chest, the Kopis not even close to the ground.

Leonidas groans in pain and begins pushing himself down Anduril in an attempt to get at Aragorn, Aragorn lifts his right leg and kicks Leonidas back and off Anduril, allowing him to stand back up as Leonidas attempts to stab Aragorn who parries the attack and drives his sword right into Leonidas's stomach, the Spartan King gasping out of air as Aragorn pulls his sword out of Leonidas. Leonidas falls onto his knees before finally falling face forwardRed. With the strange attacker and his men finally killed, Aragorn releases a sigh of relief as he walks over to his last Gondor soldier who has begun to regain consciousness, Aragorn helps his soldier to his feet and asks if he was alright which the Gondor soldier nods his head in response.

"My king? Leonidas!"

Leonidas's eyes darted open, he sat up and looked to his right to see Dilios kneeling beside him. "We just received word, we have been betrayed." Dilios says.

"What?" Leonidas questions as he looks around, the remainder of his men were all there.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes...yes I am. What a strange dream...and felt so real." Leonidas thinks in his head.

Winner: Aragorn II Elessar

Expert's Opinion[]

While Leonidas's weapons combined with his massive and powerful Aspis shield was tough for Aragorn and his men to deal with, and while Leonidas had to go through much more brutal training then Aragorn did. In the end Aragorn wins this battle due to his better leadership abilities, better armor and weapons and far greater combat experience. Aragorn has been through much more then Leonidas has, always having the odds stacked against him and always managing to lead his friends and allies to victory and take out many enemies while doing so. In the end, the King of the Spartans, was no match for the King of Men.

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The battle has been declared unfair due to Aragorn's superior technology.

Battle vs. Alistair Theirin (by Greenberet69)[]

Aragorn (5-5) Alistair

King Alistair and 4 Denerim Soldiers have set out on a journey to find a new land and after a 5 week travel spot the shores of the land called Middle-Earth. They decide to head up the river and soon arrive in the ruins of Amon Hen and disembark to find if there are any Natives to talk to. While traveling through Amon Hen one of the soldiers spots 5 people uphill to their left, Alistair and his men turn to see Aragorn along with 2 Gondor and 2 Rohhirm soldiers. Aragorn sees them and begins a conversation to see who they are. "Who are you strange men?" Alistair replies saying "I am King Alistair of Denerim from the land of Fereldan and who might you be" Aragorn tells him "I am Aragorn High King of Gondor, you don't belong here in Middle-Earth I cannot trust you Alistair begone or face the wrath of Middle-Earth" "Says who" Alistair replies. Aragorn grabs his bow and arrow and fires a arrow into the throat of one of the Denerim Soldiers (5-4). Alistair takes out his Warden Croosbow and fires his arrow hitting one of the Rohhirim in the heart (4-4). Aragorn and his men charge at Alistair and his men meanwhile Alistair and his men try to take them out with their crossbows. A Denerim Soldiers fires his arrow at Aragorn but the Gondor armor deflects it, while trying to reload Aragorn takes out his Dagger and throws it at the soldier hitting him reight between the eyes killing him instantly (4-3). A Gondor soldier charges at Alistair and attacks but Alistair uses his shield to block the strike and then stabs the Gondor soldier right through the stomach (3-3). Alistair tells his men to head towards the boat while he heads another way and so they split up with Aragorn and the gondor soldier going after the soldiers and the Rohhirim going after Alistair. The 2 Denrim soldiers make it to the bridge and attempt to hit Aragorn and the Gondor soldier with their crossbows and the Gondor soldier takes out his bow and arrow and fires at a Denerim Sodlier while he is reloading hitting him in the right arm only injuring him but Aragorn moves in and stabs the injured soldier right through the stomach killing him instantly (3-2). The Denerim guard in rage tries to take on both Aragorn and the Gondor Soldier using his sword and sheild to hold them both off. However he soon gets overpowered and while Aragorn blocks a strike from the Denrim guard takes out his dagger and pierces the Denerim guard right in the heart and they both head the other way to meet up with the Rohhirm(3-1). Meanwhile the Rohhirim catches up to Alistair and the 2 begin to attack each other with their sword and shield. Alistair bashes the Rohhirm with his shield blowing him back quickly moves in and stabs the soldier in the center chest killing him and heads up hill (2-1). Aragorn and the Gondor soldier arrive at the summit of Amon Hen looking for signs of Alistair or their Rohhirim without warning Alistair takes out his dagger and stabs the Gondor soldier right through the neck (1-1) Aragorn charges at Alistair and hits the dagger out of his hand and so Alistair takes out Maric's Sword, and Cailan's Shield and the two engage. Aragorn is able to strike Cailian's shield out of Alistairs hand then tries to slash him but Cailan's Armor protects him. Alistair does the same but Aragorns armor protects him from the slash and both warriors learn that their armor is to strong. Alistair tries to hit Aragorn on the head with Maric's blade but Aragorn dodges it and turns around to notice that Alistair is starting to tire. Alistair begins to become too tired from the heavy armor and knows that he must finish the battle fast before he becomes to tired, meanwhile Aragorn comes up with the plan to tire Alistair out. So Aragorn heads towards the ruined building and Alistair follows up the stairs onto the roof where the two engage once again. Alistair hits Aragorn to with his shield arm and knocks him back down to the forest floor and jumps down trying to stab Aragorn, but Aragorn dodges it and Alistair lands and gets his sword stuck to the ground and is to tired to try and pull it out. This gives Aragorn the chance and he stabs Alistair through his armor, Alistair yells out in pain and Aragorn pulls out Anduril and stabs Alistair right through the throat (1-0). Aragorn pulls out Anduril and Alistair's lifeless body falls to the ground, Aragorn yells "ELENDIL!!!!!" in victory.


Expert's Opinion[]

It was a really close battle but while both had excellent Armor the problem with Alistair's Armor was that it was way too heavy so it was going to cause a lot of fatigue and restrict a lot of his movement. Aragorn's armor was more lighter and had less fatigue and resrictions so in this battle the armor and meatllurgy was the winning factor.

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Battle was declared invalid for nerfing Alistair from his Templar abilities.

Battle vs. Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (by Greenberet69)[]

In the land of Gondor at the White city known as Minas Tirith the High king of Gondor Aragorn II Elessar calmly sits on the throne when 4 soldiers of Gondor (2 regular infantry, and 2 tower guards) enter the room.

"My Lord we have reports that those strange men that we helped a couple of days ago are dead." One of the Gondor soldiers say

"How are they dead was word not sent out that these men meant us no harm." Aragorn said

"Yes sir but according to some villagers who were nearby when the men were killed they said that they saw 5 white robed strange men near them." The Gondor soldier said.

Meanwhile at the Gates of Minas Tirith two Gondor guards are on guard on the wall when one of them hears something and goes to investigate. He looks over the side of the wall and gets pulled down, the other Gondor soldier goes to investigate when he is struck in the throat by a knife. Just then a 4 Assassins scale over the wall and their leader the new Assassins Grandmaster Altair Ibn-La'Ahad jumps down and pulls out his throwing knife from the dead soldier.

"Alright men remember why we are here." Altair says

"We are here to assassinate the king of this land for assisting the Templars Grandmaster." One of the Assassins say

"Right now lets go!" Altair says and the 5 Assassins perform a leap of faith into 5 haystacks below.

The Assassins walk up the the eight floors of Minas Tirith and arrive at the White Tree and see the Tower Guards all over the grounds, Altair signals his men and they prepare their weapons and silently walk to the Tower Guards. In the Throne Room Aragorn and his men are discussing the deaths of the strange men, when the door quickly opens up and a tower guard is seen running towards Aragorn yelling

"My King, My king were under attack, were under..."

The tower guard falls down dead with a knife through his throat and Aragorn and his men look up to see Altair and his 4 Assassins with their swords with blood and all of the soldiers outside dead. Aragorn and his men draw their weapons

"Who are you?" Aragorn asks

"My name is of no importance to you, you must die for helping the Templars." Altair says

"Listen stranger I don't know who these Templars are but I will defend myself if I have to." Aragorn says

Altair raises his hand and the Assassins take out their throwing knives and throw them at Aragorn and his men

"SHIELDS!" Aragorn says

and the Gondor soldiers raise their shields and the knives bounce right off of them.

"Protect the king!" one of the Tower Guards yell

The Gondor soldiers charge at the Assassins and Altair and his men charge at the Gondor soldiers and Aragorn. Aragorn runs back to the throne chair to get his weapons and while Altair and 3 of the Assassins engage the Gondor soldiers one of the other Assassins goes right by them and charges at Aragorn. Aragorn grabs his Bow and Arrow and fires at the Assassin but the Assassin dodges the arrow but Aragorn quickly looses another arrow and strikes the Assassin in the knee but it doesn't stop him. Aragorn grabs his sword Anduril and his Dagger and charges at the Assassin. The Assassin draws his sword but Aragorn is able to hit the sword up and stabs the Assassin in the chestDarkred. Altair meanwhile is engaging one of the Tower Guards and while the Tower Guard is able to keep Altair away with his spear but Altair dodges a jab with the spear, grabs it and follows with a stab to the neck with his Short BladeGreen. The other Assassins and Gondor soldiers continue to fight, one of the Assassins fighting a regular Gondor infantry soldier strikes with his sword but is blocked by the Gondor soldiers shield but is able to dodge when the Gondor soldier tries to stab him and kicks the Gondor soldier back onto his back and tries to stab but is blocked again with the shield, the Assassin is able to hold the sword down with his foot and uses his other hand to sheath his Hidden Blade and the Gondor soldier stares in horror as he is stabbed in the neck by the Hidden BladeGreen. One of the other Assassins is fighting a Tower Guard when the Tower Guard knocks back the Assassin with his shield and stabs the Assassin with his spearDarkred. Altair and his last two Assassins take retreat back outside and Aragorn and the Gondor soldiers follow and engage again. Aragorn duels with another Assassin and gains the upper hand when he kicks the Assassin's sword out of his hand and is able to slash across the Assassin and blood begins to cover his white cloak and the Assassin tosses a throwing knife at Aragorn who is able to parry it and retaliates by throwing his dagger at the Assassin and striking him in the heartDarkred. Altair and his Assassin fight together against the Gondor infantry soldier and Tower Guard but the Tower Guard is able to stab the Assassin with his spear injuring him and the Gondor infantry soldier finishes the Assassin off with a stab to the chestDarkred. Altair retreats back as Aragorn joins his men

"Give it up, your outnumbered 3 to 1." Aragorn says

"Trust me I've been in worser situations then this and gotten out without a scratch" Altair says.

Altair charges at Aragorn and his men and the soldiers form a wall to protect Aragorn but Altair takes out his Short Blade and a Throwing knife and while he tosses the throwing knife at the Tower Guard striking him in the face and he is able to stab the leg of the Gondor Infantry soldier and follows up with a stab to the neck after getting behind himGreenGreen. Aragorn watches as the two bodies of the soldiers fall down with Altair not gaining a scratch. Aragorn prepares Anduril with Altair preparing his Sword and the two charge at each other and the two swords collide. Altair kicks Aragorn back to end the lock and charges at Aragorn who blocks a strike from Altair and headbutts him in the face and tries to stab Altair but Altair is able to dodge the stab and follows with a slash to Aragorn's leg which cuts him and sends Aragorn kneeling down but he quickly gets back up. Aragorn proceeds to cut Altair on the back but Altair resists the pain and the two lock swords again. They each try to gain the upper hand but neither of them give up their ground until Altair breaks the lock and starts running to the edge of the courtyard. Aragorn gives chase but before his eyes Altair performs a leap of faith at the end of the floor and looks down and to his amazement he sees as Altair falls to the level below and safetly land in a bail of haystacks and gets out with trouble. Aragorn goes down to the level that he saw Altair land in the haystack and starts walking through however the people of Gondor make it hard to see Altair who is actually behind Aragorn and uses his Eagle Vision to keep track of Aragorn. Aragorn notices a white robed person enter a nearby house and goes to investigate, when he gets inside Aragorn quickly stabs the white robed person and the person drops dead. Thinking it's Altair Aragorn removes the hood only to realize that it was actually one of the citizens and just as he gets up and turns around he is face to face with Altair who unsheaths his Hidden Blade and stabs Aragorn in the neckGreen. Altair peacefully lowers Aragorn to the floor and closes the High King of Gondor's eyes to let him rest in peace. Altair then gets up and walks out of the house and leaves Middle-Earth and heads back to the Holy Lands.

Winner: Altair

Expert's Opinion[]

This was by far a very close match-up. Both of these warriors were master Swordsman but in the end it was Altair who won the day for having been trained since he was a kid, his mastery in Stealth and Tactics, his more well trained soldiers and his skills with the Hidden Blade.

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Battle was declared invalid due to nerfing Altair from his Eagle Vision.