Blood Ravens, hear me! I am Araghast The Pillager! Master of Hounds, the Lash of the Black Legion! You, and ALL your kind are cowards! Lowly lickspittles! You must be emulating that pile of bones you call an Emperor! You are as dead and as useless as him! I am destroying your worlds, Blood Ravens, yet you do nothing! I see your precious craft, hanging in orbit above Aurelia! I am here! FACE ME, IF YOU DARE!
— Araghast

Araghast the Pillager was a notorious Chaos Lord from the Black Legion who led his own warband in the conquest for sub-sector Aurelia. He was known by a number of titles and his savagery was notably rare, even among the brutal wretches that are the Chaos Space Marines. Araghast served the Chaos War God, Khorne, but he did not keep his options solely focused on him. His warband contained a large number of sorcerers and magic users while the Chaos Lord himself could draw power from the Warp to destroy his enemies. His attempt to conquer Aurelia put him into conflict with the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter, of whom his second, Eliphas the Inheritor, is familiar with. Unfortunately, Araghast was betrayed by Eliphas himself and he died with the Black Legion under the traitorous dog's command.

The Battle for Darkness Begins (by Monkey Doctor 33)


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WINNER: Darth Malgus

2nd: Alarak and Mister Sinister

4th: Araghast

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