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It's kind of like this: politics is a dirty game, rock 'n' roll is a dirty game, and if you see someone in your pathway and you want to get to the top, take 'em out! That's what my sword's for.
— Eagle Falconhawk

The Aquabats is rockband of superhumans. Members include the leader MC Bat Commander, the over emotional Crash McLarson, the higly intelegent Jimmy the Robot, former criminal Ricky Fitness, and the weakboned, but fast healing, Eagle "Bone" Falconhawk.

Each member has their own weapons and abilities, though all of them use guitar cannons and microphoons to fight. For all their powers and abilities the Aquabats have they are quite bumbling, disorganized, and sometimes cowardly causing them to be labled "the world's most inept superheroes".

Battle vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (by Lasifer)[]

No battle written.

Winner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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