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War has already begun. Ape started war. And human...human will not forgive. You must go before fighting begins. I am friend.
— Caesar.

In the reboot of the Planet of the Apes films produced by Chernin Entertainment, Evolved Apes, is the term used to refer to apes whose intelligence has been increased by the Simian Flu. The Evolved Apes were introduced when a pregnant female chimpanzee named Bright Eyes began to show signs of intelligence when she successfully completed the Lucas Tower puzzle with a total of 20 moves, just 5 moves off from the perfect score of 15. Her intelligence was due to the use of the ALZ-112, a drug tested on apes to repair brain cells in humans. Bright Eyes gave birth to a son, later known as Caesar, who inherited his mother's intelligence in utero.

At only a day or two old, Caesar was able to feed himself from a bottle, much to the astonishment of his adoptive human father and grandfather, Will and Charles Rodman. As Caesar grew, Will taught him American Sign Language as a way of communication. Over this time, Caesar's IQ skyrocketed, much to Will's amazement as he mentioned that Caesar's skills outdid those of a human. Because of his own exposure and increasing intelligence, Caesar was the first of the apes to be able to speak, screaming his first word, "NO!", while fighting off Dodge Landon, which greatly startled Dodge, Rodney and the other apes. He also used his intelligence to lead a mass breakout of apes from the San Bruno Primate Shelter, Gen-Sys Laboratories and the San Francisco Zoo throwing the city into a mass panic. Apes from the zoo caught the virus from the apes at the sanctuary, which is what led to their enhanced intelligence. Caesar then led an Ape Rebellion in order to get the safety of the Muir Woods Park to start a new era of freedom and peace for his people. Within the 10 year bridge from the beginning of the Ape Rebellion, each new ape born from a genetically-modified ape advances quicker in intelligence and in speech. As a result of having advanced parents, these younger apes were able to also communicate by means of American Sign Language and limited English.

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