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I'm nobody's sidekick.
— Annabeth Chase

The daughter of the goddess Athena and aviator Frederick Chase, Annabeth Chase was raised by her loving father and spiteful stepmother. As a demigod, Annabeth attracted the attention of monsters, which further grew the divide between her family. She eventually ran away, traveling across the country to the East Coast. She eventually met Thalia Grace, a daughter of Zeus, and Luke Castellan, a son of Hermes. The trio made it to Camp Half-Blood, a training summer camp for Greek demigods, where Annabeth grew an unrequited crush on Luke and was one of the few people to stay the whole year. While at Camp Half-Blood, she met Percy Jackson, quickly becoming friends with the son of Poseidon and going on a number of quests with him. On one such quest, Annabeth went into the Labyrinth and met Daedalus, who gave her his laptop full of his knowledge. In the Battle of Olympus, Annabeth gave her dagger to Luke, who had betrayed the demigods and become a host for Kronos, so he could kill himself. Annabeth and Percy become a couple, learning of a new prophecy that they hope doesn't involve them.

The prophecy does, and Percy goes missing. Annabeth spends her time trying to find Percy, and discovers from Jason Grace that he has likely been taken to Camp Jupiter, Camp Half-Blood's Roman equivalent. She joins three other demigods and travels to Camp Jupiter, reuniting with Percy and two more demigods. The seven demigods then venture to the Mediterranean to stop Gaea from waking up, but she finds herself on a quest to fight Athena's mortal enemy Arachne. Annabeth and Percy defeat her, but they end up falling into Tartarus. The two barely escape with their lives, and rejoin the rest of the demigods in Greece. They fail, but the group manages to stop Gaea back at Camp Half-Blood due to the (apparent) sacrifice from their friend Leo Valdez.

Battle vs. Raven (DCAMU) and Robin (DCAMU) alongside Percy Jackson (by MovieStuff65)[]

A bright flashing light overcomes Raven's mind, causing her to open her eyes with a start. She found herself on a park bench, with the sun warmly greeting her face and a firm hand on hers. She looks beside her, where Damian Wayne opens his eyes with a similar look of confusion, only to quickly resume his brooding frown.

"Where are we?" she asks aloud, looking around. "Barry, what did you do..."

"If I were to guess, this is part of him resetting the timeline. Again." Damian replies curtly, keeping her hand in his as he stands. " you hear that?"

Raven strains to listen, before shaking her head. "Exactly." Damian pulls out a small computer-like device from his utility belt, only to growl at its blank screen. "There's nothing. Strange; whoever put us here didn't bother to take my weapons. Not that I'd need them."

"How humble of you." Raven closes her eyes, mediating briefly as she collected her aura. "My powers seem to be working as well."

"Can you try to bring us back to Titans Tower?"

She nods, casting a dark purple portal beneath their feet. The portal envelops them, and the couple sinks into the ground, the portal closing behind them.

Percy Jackson couldn't tell if he wanted to go to town on the nearest, most punchable item he could find or crawl into a corner to hide. A growling in his stomach soon made him realize the answer was neither, eliciting a laugh from Annabeth Chase, who had been the first to shake off the initial shock of their new environment.

"Gods, I am going to kill Hera if I see her again," she says, offering a hand to Percy. He takes it, instinctively putting his hand to his jean pockets. He sighs in relief, the comfortable shape of Riptide meeting his grip..

"What's your plan, Seaweed Brain?"

"I had hoped you'd figured it out by now," he helpfully suggests, keeping his hands in his pockets. He looks around, finding themselves in a seemingly abandoned cafe, the lights ominously shuttering as if it were a horror movie. Not a good one, either. Like a Saw rip-off.

"Earth to Percy? Hello?"

Percy looks at Annabeth, who had already taken to looking behind the counter of the cafe. "Little help finding some supplies would be nice."

"Sorry. If I had a dollar for every time I woke up somewhere I didn't recognize, I'd have two dollars. Which isn't a-"

Before he can continue his reference, a large black portal forms in front of them. Percy heroically yelps over the counter to join Annabeth, waiting to see what formed to greet them.

Rising out of the black portal, Raven and Robin found themselves in abandoned restaurant. Robin clicked his tongue in annoyance, but before he could act out in anger Raven's hand went up. "We're not alone, Robin." He nods, drawing his sword and straining to listen for movement. He hears the light scuffling of crawling, and points in Percy and Annabeth's direction.

Raven floats into the air and sends a bolt of magic at the counter, throwing debris and a surprised demigod in different directions. Percy hastily pulls the cap off of Riptide, the sword flashing and briefly illuminating the dark room. Raven covers her eyes as Robin charges forward, throwing a batarang to distract his enemy. Percy easily deflects it with his sword, before parrying a thrust from Robin. Robin follows up with a swift kick, but Percy raises his spare arm in time to grab his leg and throw him at Raven. The two superheroes collapse into each other, with Raven the first to stir.

"Percy, focus on the girl. Judging by that purple beam she shot at us, she's the powerhouse," Annabeth whispered, invisibility cap on. Percy nods, focusing his powers into the pipes of the building. After a brief moment of hesitation, the ceiling sprinklers burst open, filling the room with water.

Raven quickly raises a shield as Percy summons a large column of water, blasting her away from Robin and out the cafe's street window. Percy forms a small cyclone of water, following her outside. The Boy Wonder readies another batarang to retaliate, only for a invisible force to pound into the side of his head. Staggering, Robin swings his sword in the direction of the attack, hearing the satisfying clash of metal hitting metal as Annabeth deflects it with her knife. Robin turns, trying to locate his invisible attacker, and sees a barely imperceptible shape moving, the falling water exposing Annabeth.

He feints a thrust, missing the shape, before swinging his feet low and knocking Annabeth off of her feet. Her cap falling off of her body and rendering her visible, Annabeth hastily rolls to the side to avoid being skewered by Robin. She rises, holding her dagger out, and Robin smiles as he takes a fighting stance.

Outside, Raven takes to the sky as Percy emerges to meet her. She throws several telekinetic bolts at him, with the demigod avoiding all of them. Painfully aware of the lack of water outside, Percy uses the cyclone to rise up to the building's roof. The demigod breaks into a sprint, looking for any way to bring Raven down to his level. Raven forms a large construct of a raven, and the shadowy beast hurls itself at Percy. It slams into him, and breaks through the floor to take him back inside. The sprinklers let out one final burst to rejuvenate Percy before depleting the building's water supply.

As Percy shrugs off his harsh landing, Robin feints an overhead swing, allowing Annabeth to move in the gap and try to take advantage of her knife's small size. He holds his sword in one hand and uses his free hand to slam his elbow down onto Annabeth's neck. She falls down, only to receive a swift knee to her gut to catch her. She staggers to stand up, using the last of her energy to do a backflip and avoid fatal slash from Robin's sword.

"Get away from her you little shit!"

Robin barely has time to grasp how fast Percy moves, the demigod tackling him to the ground. He tries to slam the pommel of Riptide onto Robin's face, but the Teen Titan just grabs it with both hands and twists, forcing Percy to roll away to avoid having his sword thrown from him. The two boys stand, with Robin giving a battle cry as he and Percy's swords connect.

Percy's strength easily wins out, shoving Robin away and assailing him with a flurry of strikes. Finding himself outmatched for the first time, Robin grunts in frustration as he barely blocks each swing of Percy's sword. Percy swings his sword up in an underhanded slash, which Robin tries to block, only for Percy to retract his blade the moment they connect and change into an overhead strike, knocking the katana out of Robin's hands.

"I'm gonna give you one chance to back down," Percy threatened, jamming the point at Robin's chest. A solid black wall forms between them, giving Robin time to use his grapple gun to gain some distance. Raven levitates above Percy, eyes glowing with purple energy, before grabbing Percy with a telekinetic hand. She grabs him and throws him out of the building, and he sails through the air. Robin and Raven watch to see where he lands, with Robin grimacing as Percy slams into a water tower.

"We have to keep them isolated," Robin thinks to himself, allowing Raven into his mind. "Go keep him busy," he orders, turning around. "I'll apprehend the-" Robin's face falls as he sees the building empty, Annabeth and her cap long gone.

"Guess that's not an option anymore," Raven says, engulfing them both in purple energy. The two superheroes fly to where Percy landed, watching water slowly fall out of the human shaped hole. "Get ready..."

The tower explodes as Raven sets Robin on the ground, a large tsunami forming with Percy at its center. Cracking his neck and a serious scowl on his face, the demigod points his sword at Raven. A wave of water rises out of the tsunami, and Raven barely has time raise a shield before it slams into her. Robin attempts to move in, only for a watery tendril to form and wrap around him.

Percy takes a breath as he pauses to maintain the hurricane's shape, giving Raven enough time to levitate into the air. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven's entire body envelops into a purple energy, forming a large raven construct around her. The bird screeches, and she dives at Percy with all of her power. He responds by channeling more of his energy into the hurricane, transforming the small hurricane into a large, aquatic twister. The two slam into each other, causing black energy and gallons of water to fly into the air on impact.

Robin watches the battle in amazement as Raven and Percy duel, before hearing the unmistakable unsheathing of a knife. He feels something tug down, and turns to see Annabeth's knife plunged into his cape and the ground, pinning him in place. Robin pulls his cape and hears the fabric tear just before Annabeth's fist slams into his jaw. Taking her opponent by surprise, the invisible Annabeth delivers a quick jab to Robin's gut, causing him to exhale before a roundhouse kick to the temple knocks him out.

"Damian!" Raven yells, her construct temporarily breaking and exposing her. Percy takes the opportunity to funnel water into the gap, and wrapping up Raven in a sphere of water. The girl desperately tries to form a shield around her, but Percy spins the water to disorient her. Raven grabs her throat as she swallows water, before eventually slipping into unconsciousness. Percy finally relents, dropping the girl into a wet heap on the ground.

Annabeth removes her cap as Percy collects himself, shoving it in her back pocket. She goes over to Robin, picking up her knife and sheathing it. "Percy and Annabeth win once again," Percy says, a tired grin on his face. He raises his hands in victory, and puts one to his hear. "And the crowd goes wild!"

She shoves her boyfriend playfully, looking in concern at the two unconscious people before them. "What do we do about them?"

Percy shrugs. "Let's leave 'em be. From the looks of it, I don't think they know where we are either."

She nods, and they sit down, waiting for answers from their two new companions.

Expert's Opinion[]

While Raven had more power at her disposal than Percy and Robin was a significantly better fighter than Annabeth, the Teen Titans were hurt by their lack of cohesion. Percy is an absolute powerhouse, capable of surviving Raven long enough to force them into a circumstance where he could use his hydrokinesis to its greatest potential, while Annabeth had the greater physicality and discipline to keep up with Robin. Where the demigods really took the lead was their teamwork; Percy and Annabeth have been fighting at each other's side as long as they can remember, and they've learned to compliment their partner's talents. Raven and Robin didn't have the team work or ability to isolate the demigods from each other, making them the losing couple in this bout.

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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Hermione Granger (by Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan)[]

Annabeth walked into the leaky cauldron. Percy had told him that Luke had mysteriously vanished here. Hermione Granger was investigating the Luke thing.

"Another crazy Muggle?" she gasped.

Annabeth put on her Invisibility Cap and swiftly knocked out all the people in the pub except Hermione who was clever enough and said "Accio!" and summoned the cap before pocketing it.

Annabeth leapt and struck but Hermione yelled: "Impedimenta!" and ducked. Annabeth slammed into the wall. Annabeth threw her knife but it was a mistake as Hermione slowed it down and hurled it aside.

Annabeth drew her bow and fired several well-aimed arrows but Hermione slowed them down and caught them all.


Ammabeth's bow flew fifteen feet high and the only thing he could do now is jump with her superhuman agility. She ducked an amount of Hermione's Stunning Spells.

"Is that the best you can do?" mocked Annabeth.

Hermione fired another spell that missed by an inch.

"Really, really. You can do better than that! I thought you were a witch?" yelled Annabeth.

Hermione yelled: "Petrificus totalus!"

Annabeth had no time to duck this time, she collapsed with a smash.

"This is the best I can do." she said coldly.

And Hermione leaves the pub, leaving Annabeth there unable to move a muscle.

WINNER: Hermione Granger

Expert's Opinion[]

The knife was made of celestial bronze, which means it couldn't harm Hermione. Hermione's has spells with a further range and even Annabeth could come close, she could just Apparate away. To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.


The battle has been disregarded because the author used sock a sock account to vote.

Battle vs. Ramona Flowers (Film) (by Codgod13)[]

Ramona is patrolling the forest near camp Half-Blood on a walk with Scott, when she hits the barrier,and decides to try and break it with her hammer. Her attemps fail, of course, but do attract the nearby Annabeth and Percy's attention, who go to check it out. They see Flowers and Pilgrim as a threat, and Percy briefly floods that part of the forest seperating the boys and girls. Ramon strikes at Annabeth, who evades ad draws her knife. Ramona attacks again twice with her hammer, and Annabeth dodges but is in a disatvantage becuse of her smaller weapon, so she sprints out of the clearing, her head already formulating about 14 different plans. She finds a very thin but tall tree and nearly cuts it in half with her dagger, and holds it so it wont fall over. As Ramona runs past, she drops the tree, and it falls just in front, of Ramona, momentarily blinding her with dust. Annabeth trieas to sneak up behind Ramona, but is caught by surprise when Ramna as she spins rapidly swinging her hammer. Annabeth isn't fast enough, and it breaks half the bones in her left arm, as she cries out in pain and stumbles backward. Ramona goes to deliver the final blow, but Annabeth slips n her invisibilty cap, with some difficulty only using her right arm. Ramona is stunned as Annabeth dissapears into mid-air. Then, she feels a cold pain in the back of the neck as Annabeth stabs her. About 4 seconds later, a bruised Percy Jackson emerges from the forest, and the two head back to camp.

Expert's Opinion[]

Though Ramna's weapon was far superior, Annabeth's hat and tactical genius put her on top.

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Battle was declared invalid due to Annabeth being buffed.