I am decorating you but you deserve the Council of War.
— Major Fereira do Amaral

Anibal Milhais was drafted into the Portuguese Army in July of 1915, in preparation for the small nation joining in the military action in WWI alongside the Entente. However, instead of fighting in Africa where the Portuguese were already in conflict with the Germans, it wasn't until 1917 when Anibal was mobilised alongside his brothers-in-arms and placed in Flanders, Belgium. Though not seeing major action, casualties mounted because the Portuguese often volunteered to do nighttime raids on the trenches. The day they were to be rotated to the second line, the Germans struck out suddenly with the Spring Offensive.

During one of the many clashes during that offensive, it was during the Battle of The Lys that Anibal stepped into he shoes of a hero. After suffering over 13,000 casualties the combined Scottish-Portuguese lines broke and they started retreating except for Anibal Milhais. Armed only with his Lewis Gun, Milhais set himself up and started facing 2 entire German Regiments alone, shooting nonstop and in all direction with his Lewis. The Germans lost 100 killed and many more wounded trying to knock this man out, that they actually believed that a much larger group of men were in front of them, and after three days eventually took a detour around him, trapping him behind enemy lines. Anibal picked up his trusty Lewis Gun and started walking back to the Allied lines while avoiding the Germans along the way. He rescued a Scotsman during the trek and they both returned to Allied Lines, but Anibal said nothing about his adventure.

A few months later, Anibal was in the same position as before, only this time it involved Belgians. Anibal stood alone while the Belgians retreated to a second trench, and after ensuring they'd made it retreated himself. Thanks to Anibal, the Belgians suffered 0 casualties retreating. This made the Portuguese Government make up there mind, and in 1918 on the Battlefield in front of 15,000 Allied Soldiers, Anibal Milhais was awarded the Pinnacle of Portugal's Honor System: Order of the Tower and Sword. He was then awarded the Legion of Honor by France.

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