So then did Aethelgar's child enbolden them all, Godric to battle. Often he sent forth spears, deadly shaft sped away onto the Vikings thus he on this people went out in front of battle, cutting down and smiting, until he too on the battlefield perished.
— The Battle of Maldon

The Anglo-Saxons a people who decended from the great warriors of the northern Germanic territories (Hailing from northern Germany and Southern Denmark). As a group, they formed after being hired out by the Romano British to deal with the Picts of Scotland along the Northern boarders, and being given a large plot of coastal land in Northumbria as a gift. But this little alliance wouldn't last however. The Saxons realized that the Romano Brits were not in any way shape or form strong enough to withstand an invasion by them, and soon after attacked. They slowly took over more and more land within England, over time taking control of the whole country (in turn forcing the Romano Brits to travel either east into Wales or north into Scotland).

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