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What we done in France, we had to do. And some as done it, didn't come back, and that kind of thing ain't for buying and selling.
— Gary Cooper as Alvin York in Sergeant York

Alvin York was born in a two-room log cabin near Pall Mall, Tennessee, on December 13, 1887, the third of eleven children born to Mary Elizabeth Brooks and William Uriah York. William Uriah York was born in Jamestown, Tennessee, to Uriah York and Eliza Jane Livingston, both travelers from Buncombe County, North Carolina. Mary Elizabeth York was born in Pall Mall to William Brooks and Nancy Pyle and was the great-granddaughter of Coonrod Pyle, an English settler who settled Pall Mall. William York and Mary Brooks married on December 25, 1881, and had eleven children. The York children were, in order: Henry Singleton, Joseph Marion, Alvin Cullum, Samuel John, Albert, Hattie, George Alexander, James Preston, Lillian Mae, Robert Daniel, and Lucy Erma. The York family is of English and Ulster Scots ancestry.

The York family resided in the Indian Creek area of Fentress County. The family was impoverished, with William York working as a blacksmith to supplement the family income. The men of the York family harvested their own food, while the mother knitted all family clothing. The York sons attended school for only nine months and withdrew from education because William York wanted his sons to help him work the family farm and hunt small game to feed the family. When William York died in November 1911, his son Alvin helped his mother in raising his younger siblings. Alvin was the oldest sibling still residing in the county since his two older brothers had married and relocated.

To supplement the family income, York first worked in Harriman, Tennessee, first in railroad construction and then as a logger. By all accounts, he was a very skilled worker who was devoted to the welfare of his family. York was also a violent alcoholic prone to fighting in saloons and accumulated several arrests within the area. His mother, a member of a pacifist Protestant denomination, tried to persuade York to change his ways without success.

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Battle vs. John Marston (by Greenberet69)

In the town of Thieves Landing a carriage stops in front of the bar, inside the carriage sits the Famous World War I Hero Alvin C. York along with 3 other American Soldiers and the driver also being an American soldier. York and the 4 American soldiers had just returned from the war in Europe and as soon as they diembarked the ship two government agents had stopped them and talked to them. The Agents had told them about a troublesome outlaw named John Marston who had killed American soldiers when they were "passing by" his farmhouse and heard of the great deed that York had did and wanted him to take him out. The other 4 American soldiers wondered why they were needed and that was because Marston was expecting trouble and had become friends with other outlaws and needed them to backup York. The agents promised York and the other American Soldiers lots of reward money for the death of Marston and the American soldiers and York unwillingly accepted.

Back to the Present...

York and the other soldiers exit the carriage while the driver gets onto the rooftop and uncovers a hidden M1917 Browning machine gun and points it at the doors while York and the other soldiers head to the saloon. Inside the saloon Marston along with 4 outlaws he had befriended were playing a nice game of poker until his name was called out.


John, the outlaws, and everyone else looked at who shouted the name and as soon as people saw him they all started saying that, that was Alvin York the famous World War I Hero who single handedly captured 132 Germans and took out a lot of MG Nests by himself. John stands up

"Hey now it's the famous Alvin York what are you doing here partner?" Marston asked

"I heard about what you did to those american soldiers who were just passing by your farmhouse and that's unforgivable." York said

Marston soon sees the other American soldiers with York.

"So I'm guessing that you were sent her by some Government agents to kill me weren't ya." Marston said

"Yeah." York says

York and his men raise their M1917 Enfield 's and open fire towards Marston and the other outlaws while everyone else quickly gets down and doing so York with his first shot is able to kill one of the outlawsRed.png. Marston and the other outlaws grab their Winchester Model 1892's and return fire at York and the american soldiers. Marston fires towards an American soldier backing up towards cover and manages to hit the soldier in the headGreen.png. York orders his men outside and they retreat back outside, Marston and the other outlaws give chase after them but as soon as Marston get's to the door he manages to see the Browining M1917 and tries to warn the others but two of them run outside and the American soldier on the M1917 opens fire on the two outlaws and mows them downRed.pngRed.png. Marston and the other outlaw head up stairs and enter a room they had rented and uncover a hidden Gatling Gun and pushes it to the window. Marston takes aim at the carriage and opens fire riddling the american soldier on the M1917 with bullets who falls off the carriageGreen.png. Marston and the outlaw continue to fire the Gatling Gun at the carriage tearing it apart but York and his men are under the carriage and thus able to dodge the bullets. York takes aim again with his M1917 and fires it taking out the outlaw next to MarstonRed.png. Marston takes aim with his Winchester and fires towards York and the american soldiers missing some of the shots but as one of the american soldiers tries to crawl out fromunder the carriage Marston fires again hitting the soldier in the back through the heartGreen.png. York and the other soldier crawl out from the back and fire with their Enfields at the window Marston's at but both miss. York finds his Enfield out of ammo and takes out his Colt M1911 while the american soldier still has 2 more clips to use for his Enfield and both head back into the saloon. Both soldiers head up the stairs and begin to check the rooms, York kicks open one room door and goes in to investigate it but out in the hall Marston jumps out from a room ahead and fires his Winchester and hits the american soldier in the leg and again in the hip and the american soldier cries out in pain as he begins to bleed. York quickly runs out and is applies pressure to the hip wound until he sees Marston aiming his Winchester at him and pulls the trigger


York and Marston hear the sound and York pulls out his M1911 again and fires at Marston who takes out his S&W3 and fires at York but both don't hit one another. Marston then retreats out the back stairs, York patches up the American soldier and tells him he'll be back and goes after Marston. York goes outside and runs down the stairs until a shot rings out and a round hits the wall to the right of him and turns to see Marston who fires another shot but York leaps over the railing and fires two shots at Marston hitting him in the leg but the other shot misses. Marston fires off another shot until he finds himself out of ammo and quickly tries to limp away and reload at the same time. York reloads his M1911 and runs after Marston. He spots Marston trying to run away but York takes aim with his Colt and fires his gun putting a .45 ACP round in Marston's skullRed.png. Marston falls down dead and York yells "FOR THE US ARMY!" in Victory and heads back to the hotel to help the wounded American soldier.

Winner: Alvin York

Expert's Opinion

Alvin York won this Battle of the Sharpshooters because he was a trained American Soldier against an Outlaw, had faced the powerful German Army in World War I, and had the better weapons.

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Battle vs. Audie Murphy (by Necron Jesus)

No battle written.

Expert's Opinion


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Battle vs. Edward Richtofen (by Pygmy Hippo 2)

Western Russia

Edward Richtofen still had a lot of things to learn about how the Matter Transferance Device as it activated when he was walking back to his Wunderwaffe after leaving that admittedly interesting rival doctor to be eaten by the undead. How it also managed to bring back the troops he had and five others he couldn't quite remember if he had used in an experiment or not only served to anger him more when it left him with those idiots and without his great invention. Better yet, the thing was nowhere to be found and he was stuck in the middle of Russia which he had only heard of from an alcoholic 'ally' and he found it almost as amusing as his pawns to kill the communists and apparently anti-communists in their path.

He finally managed to figure out where the MTD ended up and Edward's Wehrmacht passed binoculars to him so he could see a large warehouse with a patrol heading towards it that didn't look like the other groups they had killed. The doctor suddenly realized it when he saw the flag flying on the building, Dempsey's country if he recalled correctly, and confirmed that he was indeed in the past as those two were allies in his time. Nevertheless Richtofen didn't care about them but he had a feeling he would have to cut his way through them to escape this horrible place and he didn't feel like going in without thinking of something resembling a plan.

Alvin York had been placed on patrol in Russia rather than called back home to help his nation against the newly communist Mexico, simply because the warehouse in this territory was considered extremely vital for some reason. He was never told why but at least he had a sizable group of squadmates with him and there was never much happening other than squirrels crawling about except he got an urgent report one day. Some unidentified group of soldiers was going through the neighboring area and killing any groups they came across, Bolshevik or White Russian, before stating that they were last seen headed their way.

It finally mentioned something about a priceless invention the US military found in their allies' portion of Russia and that the enemy group were likely going to try to seize it for themselves which Alvin and his American Expeditionary Force must prevent. The corporal put down the letter and checked that his rifle and pistol were loaded before going out on patrol again which resulted in another boring day of walking through the woods. One of York's soldiers got the feeling that they were being watched but he decided not to investigate, he still had time to prepare and he'd rather have them come to his defensive position than go find where this mystery threat was hiding.

Edward Richtofen managed to break inside the warehouse without being noticed the next day and spent at least ten minutes looking for the MTD so he could leave with or without the Wehrmacht, he really didn't care about them. Suddenly he heard a bang and saw one of the younger troops fall on his back with a bleeding forehead from a M1917 Enfield shot as he approached a corner to wait for the American group with his Bowie Knife drawn. It didn't take long for Alvin York's men to walk past him and the last one got a steel blade in his jugular before he used the corpse as cover from gunfire from Alvin York's Colt M1911 before he decided to start a conversation.

"Dempsey said wonderful things about your nation and I suppose you're the leader here?" "Corporal Alvin York and you're not an American, you're another German." "Ah, my accent betrays me. Doctor Edward Richtofen is here to examine your troops and I must admit they are auite dull." Two Americans got shot repeatedly in the back and gut with MP-40s and another man got the forehead bullet treatment from a Karabiner 98K before Alvin yelled for them to get to cover as Edward took his opportunity to flee. The doctor's Wehrmacht foolishly approached the enemy troops with full confidence in their capabilities before the corporal's men set up a Browning Automatic Rifle and shredded two men with it before he personally shot one fleeing foe in the back. One of Richtofen's troops had some sense and threw a Model 24 grenade behind the large box, blowing it up and adding more shrapnel to two Expeditionary force victims, before York's men threw a Mk 2 grenade back at his position, sending him flying forward as he advanced.

Edward knew that he was even with Alvin at the moment and he intended to keep his troops from doing any more foolish moves by making them come with him and had two act as his guard as he attempted another risky diversion. "American! Is that the best you can do?" An Expeditionary Force member ran in and got immediately shot three times, twice by the Wehrmacht riflemen and once by the doctor's. 357 Magnum that blew a hole in his chest before the corporal's Enfield took out his left sentry and wounded the other's arm. Richtofen smiled as the other troops came from the other side and tossed his grenade at them, completely annihilating the group, as York finished the job before taking his final shot at a charging enemy troop.

Alvin watched in anger as Edward fled once again and carefully followed him with his Spike Bayonet attached before impaling a Wehrmacht member through the chest as he attempted to jump out at him. The doctor's MP-40 fired in one quick burst, taking out the corporal's arm, before he emptied the entire Magnum cylinder into his leg and laughed as he finally got a response in the cry of pain he let out. "Come on! Show me that Dempsey's fighting spirit wasn't an exception!" York went for his holster but Richtofen reacted quicker and stopped on his wrist before taking his sidearm and putting next to his own waist before drawing his Knife and pulling his foe up mockingly for a punch in the gut.

Alvin barely got his Bayonet off his rifle and clumsily swung at Edward who took gis time in dodging and jammed his blade into his opponent's bad shoulder, causing him to fall to his knees in pain. "Oh come on, that crazy blonde woman I let get eaten put up a better defense!" The corporal thrusted forward in rage after he got up but the doctor grabbed his wrist and twisted it before driving his Knife into his gut instead and stomped on his good foot which made him fall onto the weapon. Richtofen could almost see his blade sticking out and rolled the barely alive York on his front so that he could grip Bowie's invention once more and gut his 'subject' with it before returning his Bayonet by jabbing it in his heart.

"The blood!...Ah, I see you're still alive. Sadly I can only finish you off with more lethal irony." Edward finally killed Alvin York with a shot between the eyes from his own Colt M1911 which his foe then decided to take as a souvenir as he headed towards the Matter Transferance Device to activate it. The doctor was finally out of the time where a corporal killed most of his 'patients' but he soon realized that he was still in Russia but this time a giant blimp with a hammer and sickle on it went past in the sky. "I should find some vodka so I can be like Nikolai if this continues..." At least Richtofen had it with him now so it would only take him a couple days to figure out how to get back to Germany or at least some place that had things he could easily deal with like zombies.

Winner:Edward Richtofen

Expert's Opinion

Edward Richtofen didn't have the majority of weapons edges but the MP-40 proved to be the deadliest weapon here in the confined warehouse and he had a better grenade in the Model 24. Alvin York's American Expeditionary Force troops weren't nearly as experienced as the Wehrmacht although he did hold a slight edge over the doctor but his skills relied more on luck than planning at times. Both were able to kill their foes and Richtofen's sadistic nature only made him more dangerous along with a complete willingness to use his troops to help him survive while York was likely to try a solo attack once again.

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Battle vs. Anibal Milhais (by LB&SCR)


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