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The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
— Alucard

Adrian Fahrenheit Ţepeş, better known as Alucard, is a major character in the Castlevania video game series. The dhampir son of Dracula, Alucard despises his dark origins and seeks to thwart his father's schemes by assisting the Belmont family in their fight against evil.

Sometime after Adrian's birth, his mother, Lisa, was executed for witchcraft. Enraged, Dracula, who had already abandoned God and rejected humanity, decided to enact genocide on the entire human race. Disgusted by his father's actions, Adrian took the name of Alucard - "Dracula" written backwards - and joined with Trevor Belmont, the latest in a line of vampire hunters with a history with Dracula. Alucard and his allies ventured into Dracula's castle, Castlevania, and killed the Count. With his act of patricide weighing heavily on him, Alucard went into hybernation.

Centuries later, Alucard awakened to discover that Castlevania was controlled by a cult that sought Dracula's resurrection and that no Belmont could be found the combat them. Alucard took it upon himself to venture into the castle, discover the truth of the Belmont disappearance, and confront his father. Having slain his father for a second time, he disappeared.

In 1999, Alucard participated in the Demon Castle War, a united effort between religious and military factions that ended with Castlevania being sealed in a solar eclipse. Deprived of his source of resurrection, Dracula was slain by Julius Belmont and destroyed. Dracula's spirit survived, however, and reincarnated in the body of Soma Cruz, a high school student, thirty-six years later. Under the guise of the mysterious Genya Arikado, Alucard tracked down Soma and watched over him, ensuring that he would not follow the same path as Dracula.

Battle vs. Sorin Markov (by Dargoo Faust)[]



Expert's Opinion[]

In general, Alucard's vampiric abilities and dark magic are more potent than Sorin's. Death magic requires certain circumstances to be used effectively, while Alucard's magic is much more versatile. Sorin is also limited in his options for close combat, while Alucard's speed and shapeshifting would allow him to close the gap with ease and exploit this weakness. Sorin's powerful healing factor was the lone ability that Alucard did not have a clear counter for, but Alucard's swordsmanship, superior speed, and more potent magic gave him a variety of options for dealing enough damage to overcome it.

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