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He wears with him a jet black darkness and a cursed bloodline. He betrayed his kind and destroyed his father. And with him is a blood stained fate.
— Unknown, regarding Alucard

The dhampir son of the legendary Dracula, Alucard dreads his dark origins and actively seeks to twart his father's schemes by assisting the Belmonts and other monster hunters. Going as far as to brandish his name as 'Dracula' backwards, Alucard is defined by his mother's influence in teaching him to loathe the dark teachings of his father. His human side led him to see the hardship of them and finally rebel against Dracula.

Once known as Adrian, Alucard abandoned his father after realizing how Dracula imposed his wrath on innocent humans. Alucard since then has assisted the Belmonts in their endevours against his father, and has bested his father in one-on-one combat multiple times. He continues in his immortality to keep watch over his imprisoned father, and during periods of turmoil in the Castlevania universe he has been observed fighting for the side of good. Even after numerous victories over the return of the dark lord, he still remains skeptical, claiming that there will always be a dark lord, if not Soma or his father.

Alucard is a fierce combatant rivaling Dracula in terms of power, and being Dracula's son gives him similar physical traits and abilities. He can move faster than a bullet, and utilizes a vast arsenal of weaponry to enhance his already impressive abilities. He often relies on his shapeshifting and dark magic to take down swarms of enemies.

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