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I have dedicated my life to the study of the deadly arts. I can blend in with any crowd. Strike from any direction. And eliminate anyone with a single thrust of my blade. My name is Altair, and my actions will be remembered for ages to come.
— Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

Altair Ibn-La'Ahad was a highly revered member of the Levantine Assassins during the Third Crusades, and an ancestor of Desmond Miles. Altair was once an arrogant and brash Assassin, throwing aside the typical rules and suited them to his own liking. This was changed, however, when in an attempt to retrieve a mystical item from the Temple of Solomon was thwarted by Templar Robert de Sable, who then launched an attack on Masyaf and murdered Kadar Al-Sayf.

Al Mualim pretended to murder Altair but really stripped him of all ranks and his weapons, making him little more than a novice. From there, Al Mualim assigned Altair to hunt down 9 Templars that continued to fuel the fires that kept the Crusades alive. Altair succeeded, in doing so discovering that Al Mualim himself was a Templar that wanted to be rid of his com Altair, after a lengthy battle, defeated his former Mentor in combat and ascended as Mentor of the Assassins. 

From there, Altair completely revolutionized the way of the Assassin Order. Once a highly decorated group, the Assassins began to blend, shrouding themselves in secrecy and deception. Altair, as Mentor, kick-started the secretive style of the Assassins. During a mission with Chinese Assassins to halt advances of Genghis Khan, Altair's son was murdered by Abbas, a former friend. When Altair demanded to know why Abbas sent the former Mentor into exile for many years after killing his wife Maria Thorpe as well. 

Altair hid in the desert for many years, slowly allowing the Apple of Eden he had taken from Al Mualim to give Altair knowledge in letting him return to Masyaf. Returning, he found that many  Assassins had begun to slouch about their duties and Creed, resorting even to petty theft and murder of those they were supposed to protect. Confronting Abbas one final time, Altair shot his former friend with a small hand-cannon in his hidden blade and consoled him as he died. Altair remained as Mentor for many years, before sending the Levantine Assassins out to join others to their cause. Being the only one left in the fort Masyaf, Altair died peacefully in his library and left his Apple for Ezio Auditore da Firenze to find. 

Battle vs. Garrett (Original) (by Death'sapprentice77)[]

Altair is wandering through the streets of Jerusalem amidst a crowd. An arrow whizzes past him striking the ground causing the crowd to go mad with panic. Altair looks up and sees that the shooter, Garret, is up on the roofs and Altair gives chase as Garret runs away. Altair Sees that Garret is within the range of his throwing knives and throws one but misses. Garret drops into the crowd and Altair looks around and catches Garret running into an alley. Altair draws his sword and walks into the alley.

Little does he know Garret is sneaking up on him with his Blackjack ready to strike. Fortunately for Altair, he hears his footsteps and whips around and strikes at Garret with the butt of his sword but Garret ducks and hits Altair in the gut with his Blackjack Altair backs off giving the thief enough time to draw Constantine's Sword and the two begin to trade off blows. Garret gets the upper hand and disarms Altair and Altair draws his short blade and slashes his arm causing Garret to drop his weapon and Garret Draws his dagger and stabs at Altair but he dodges and the two trade off blows and Garret slashes Altair's leg and arm causing him to scream in pain and drop the blade. Altair runs off and Garret pursues. Garret looks around in confusion and realizes he's lost him he passes by a stand unaware that Altair is hiding behind it. The assassin jumps out from behind the stand but Garret notices to late and Altair stabs him through the throat with his hidden blade. The thief slumps over dead and Altair runs off to retrieve his equipment and find his assassination target.


Expert's Opinion[]

The reason Altair won was because all of his weapons were designed to kill the hidden blade was designed to kill where as the Blackjack could only incapacitate.

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Battle vs. Karim (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Karim entered a room in the Ancient Persian temple known as the Forbidden City, to see a zombie wielding a European-style broadsword climb down a ladder at the other end of the the room. Karim raised his Ram Dao and charged at the "zombie".

But the "zombie" was not a zombie, but Middle Eastern Assassin named Altair Ibn La'Ahad, looking like a zombie thanks to the blow to Karim's sanity delivered by the minions of the Ancients. Altair blocked the blow of from Karim's sword and countered with a strike that grazed Karim's arm.

The two warriors each took a powerful swing at each other at the same time, knocking each others weapons away. Karim drew his tulwar as the "zombie" that was actually Altair drew his short blade. The two weapons clashed for several seconds, Karim's sword grazed Altair, wounding him.

Altair jumped back, throwing three knives at Karim. Karim dodged two of the throwing knives and blocking the third with tulwar, before throwing a chakram at Altair, only for the bladed ring to miss and bounce off the stone wall.

Altair lunged at Karim with his short blade, knocking the tulwar out of Karim's hand. Karim grabbed a flaming torch and set fire to Altair's clothing, but he rolled away with amazing agility, extinguishing the flames as he went.

Altair threw another knife, hitting Karim in the thigh, wounding him, before Altair lunged at Karim, stabbing him the chest with his hidden blade. Karim fell to the floor, dead.

But it was not the end of for Karim. Altair stared in shock as a ghostly form of Karim rose from his body.

"I apologize for my actions in life. I was blinded by the darkness in this place", the ghost of Karim said.

"What do you mean, darkness that resides in this place", Altair asked.

"What I knew now in life, I have learned in death. An artifact of an ancient evil lies hidden in the temple, bringing insanity who visit and filling the temple with horrific creatures", Karim said, "It must never leave this place, but I need you're help to dispatch the creatures within... BEHIND YOU!".

Altair turned on the spot and picked up his sword from the floor as a creature with a praying-mantis-like stance, sword-like arms, and a head like a dogs, only it seemed to lack fur. The creature lunged at Altair, but he managed to impale it on his sword, killing it. Behind the creature, a pair of zombies advanced on Altair.

Altair drew his short blade and dual wielded it with his sword, slashing and thrusting at the zombies, cutting off limbs and heads. The zombies survived decapitation, but fell when their arms were severed. The zombies kept writhing on the floor, however, so Altair finished each of them with his hidden blade.

Suddenly, the ground shook as a giant monster broke down the wall to the room. The creature was about 10 feet tall, with three heads, and massive arms tipped in sharp claws. The creature fired a beam of energy, which Altair rolled out of the way of and dodged, before throwing two knives and one of Karim's chakrams at the creature, taking out each head, killing the beast.

In the next room was the chamber containing the artifact.

"This is where we part ways", Karim said, "I will continue to guard the artifact. You should leave this place, do not speak of it, for there are many who seek its location, for which to do evil".

Altair left the ghost of Karim in the chamber to guard the artifact, and began the trip out of the temple.


Expert's Opinion[]

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Battle vs. Heishiro Mitsurugi (by Weew1213)[]

Mitsurugi has his eyes closed and is breathing heavily...

He then opens them to see that he is up on this tower and he looks around to see where he is.

He sees these weird pillars that are connected by some bridge-like concrete sideways pillars; with an orange sky and thunder overhead.

He then, hears some armor clattering together and large footsteps running towards him. He quickly turns around and holds his sword in a diagonal way, pointing the blade downwards. He sees the Azure Knight (known as Nightmare), charging at him with his fiery red eyes and plume, charging towards him with his large blade is orange colored and is spiked at the hilt. It also has a purple-looking gem in the middle of the hilt but really there is a energy covering an eye like a bubble shield. This sword is known as Soul Edge and it is pointed at Mitsurugi in a horizontal angle.

Mitsurugi gripped his sword as best as he could and gritted his teeth as he prepared for the impact from Nightmare's sword. When the connection happens, everything seems to slow down and causes both blades to be knocked backwards from the impact.

But, something flickered in Mitsurugi's eyes and he brings his blade down and dashes through to slices his opponent in half. What he slices through is Nightmare's stomach or his ball of energy. He hears a distorted low groan and turns around to see Nightmare on one knee and he falls over defeated.

Mitsurugi chuckles and says: "Guess you didn't have what it takes."

He sheathes his sword and begins walking away. He then feels something as if he forgot to grab something. He turns around and sees the Soul Edge.

He has this temptation to take the blade. He starts walking towards it, he seems to be unable to resist the blade. He walks over to it and bends over to pick it up. He feels this power that he hasn't felt before and thinks about if he wants the blade. He imagines all of the duels he can win with it. He then shakes off those feelings of temptation and throws the sword down in disgust.

"Shishi-Oh is the only blade I will use!" He thinks to himself.

He hears this high pitched noise behind and he turns around to see that the blade is charging up in some way. He looks at it in confusion and see this bubble-like energy expanding outwards.

Once the energy touches him, everything begins turning white.

Then to black and after that he finds himself in this smoky white area. He sees these foreign buildings designed in odd ways. Nothing like he's seen before but slowly, he remembers that this looks like Jerusalem. He sees a man running on the rooftops and sees that the man is heading towards him. He pulls out his sword and prepares for the man as he is cautious to face anyone. The man that is running on the rooftops, jumps off the building in front of Mitsurugi and flips over to land in a hay bail.

The man then gets out of the hail bail and it is revealed to wear a white robe with a large belt that has a red sash surrounding it.

"Who are you and how'd you get here?" The hooded man demands.

"My name is Heishiro Mitsurugi and Soul Edge brought me here." Mitsurugi replies.

"My name Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and you should leave." Altair orders him.

"I'm afraid that I can't do that because I don't know how."

"I know how you can." Altair responds and he pulls out his sword.

"This'll be fun." Mitsurugi smiles and grips his sword.

Altaïr lunges at Mitsurugi and swings his sword which Mitsurgi blocks. Mitsurugi responds with a swing of his own and Altaïr blocks it. Mitsurugi then swings twice and Altaïr again responds with blocks. They both walk sideways, swords ready, and both of them trying to read eachother. Mitsurugi walks up and then, he slashes at Altaïr multiple times. Altaïr blocks each slash but after each one, Altaïr begins losing control of his blade as if it was being knocked out of his hands.

Altaïr gets ahold of his blade again and attacks Mitsurugi with a flurry of strikes and Mitsurugi blocks each strike easily.

"My turn." Mitsurugi says.

Mitsurugi then, launches a barrage of sword strikes, each time at a different angle and the last strike knocks Altaïr's sword out of his hands.

Altaïr looks at his blade and turns his head to see the end of Mitsurugi's blade pointed at his face.

"Do you yield?" Mitsurugi asks.

"No." Altaïr punches him and turns around. He runs to a far enough distance and grabs one of his throwing knives.

After Mitsurugi was punched, he grabs his jaw and turns to look at his opponent and he noticed that something was thrown and he jumps to side to dodge which a throwing knife flies past his face. After each knife that was thrown, he knocks it down to the ground. The last throwing knife got stuck in the blade because Mitsurugi held his sword the diagonally and to the side. Mitsurugi pulls the knife out of his blade and throws it on the ground.

He looks around for Altaïr and sees that he is climbing on the building.

"You coward!" Mitsurugi yells at his fleeing opponent.

Mitsurugi runs after him and stops when he sees him on the top of the rooftop. Altair then, begins to run on the rooftops once more. Mitsurugi then follows him, hoping that he would drop down and face him. Mitsurugi looks in front of him to see if he would run into anything and nothing appears. He turns his attention back to Altaïr and continues to run after on the ground with Shishi-Oh still in hand. He turns his head back to what's in front of him and sees a horde of people heading towards him. He begins to slow down and sheaths his sword. He turns his attention to Altaïr and sees that he's climbing down from the building he was last on.

"Urgh!" Mitsurugi grits his teeth and quickly walks foward into the crowd and pushes past them.

He keeps his head up above them to see where his opponent and sees that Altaïr is pushing past people out the way as well. Mitsurugi walks a bit faster and starts pushing people a bit more aggressively as well. He keeps pushing his way towards his opponent. He sees that Altaïr walks into a group of white hooded men and Mitsurugi begins increasing his speed to get to that group. He finally pushes enough people and walks up to the group and  pushes the first two out of the way and doesn't see his opponent.

"What the-?" Mitsurugi says in confusion.

He looks around and he pulls out his sword. He keeps looking around and he then, sees Altaïr launching himself towards with his hidden blade aimed at his face. Mitsurugi then swiped his blade upwards and it connects with his hidden blade; it breaks upon impact.

Altaïr then, pulls out his final weapon in his arsenal (or so Mitsurugi thinks), his short sword. Mitsurugi swats at his opponent but it's blocked by Altaïr.  Mitsurugi puts his blade back into the scabbard and an aura surrounds him; an orange aura that is.

"Your time is up!" He yells and launches Altaïr up in the air with a upward slash.

"You will submit!" He yells and brings Altaïr back down with a downward slash this time.

Altaïr groans, gets up and looks at his at his chest to see two heavy slashes. He then falls to his knees begins to spit out some blood and gasps for air. He slowly gets on his feet again and raises his fists as if he wanted to keep going.

"Try this!" Mitsurugi says and he slides his hand over the blade.

He then performs 4 quick slashes and says: "See that?"

Altaïr falls to his knees and his eyes roll back into his head. With a hard bump, he lands on his chest and lays on his chest, motionless.

"Hmph!" Mitsurugi says and he walks off with his blade on his shoulder.

He stops and looks over at Altaïr. He shakes his head and continues to walk into the Animus.

He continued into the Animus, not knowing that he changed the course of history. The Soul Edge trasported him back and the world seems to be different...

Expert's Opinion[]

Mitsurugi is a great swordsman. So great, that he defeated a gunman from dueling distance. With that noted, Altaïr's throwing knives are rendered useless here and for close quarters combat, Mitsurugi dominates there. Yes, Altaïr has more weapons but, they're good in close range which Mitsurugi has the advantage in. Mitsurugi is the better man here.

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Battle vs. Garrett (Reboot) (by Leolab)[]


Winner: Altair

Expert's Opinion[]


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Battles here were deemed to be unfair or otherwise not in accordance with wiki standards, and have been removed from the statuses of the warriors and displayed below.

Battle vs. Nanashi (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Altair stood in a trees above the road through a dense forest in Japan, having come to eliminate a samurai in league with the Templars, planning to facilitate a coming Chinese invasion. The man walked directly underneath the tree. That was when Altair decided to strike.

Nanashi heard a the sound of rustling leaves in a tree and looked up, just in time to see a man in a hood fall from the tree tops, with some sort of dagger sticking out of his wrist. Nanashi dodged the strike and drew his katana and, in one fluid movement, made an upward slash at Altair

The Assassin only barely managed to draw his short blade and block the ronin's strike. Nanashi jumped backwards, evading a thrust from Altair's dagger, and retaliated with a slash that would have taken off Altair's head- if the assassin hadn't faded from sight at that very moment.

Suddenly, Nanashi felt a blade nick his side. He turned his head, immediately spotting its source. Altair had jumped onto a tree branch a short distance away. Nanashi drew the dao he had captured from the Ming and hurled it at Altair.

The assassin jumped to another tree, evading the thrown sword, which embedded itself in a tree trunk. Altair drew his Syrian Sabre and lunged at Nanashi, slashing at him as he jumped. Nanashi blocked the blow with his katana, but the force was such that the sword was knocked out of his his hand, and he was knocked backwards, onto the ground.

Seizing the opportunity, Altair released his hidden blade and thrusted downwards at Nanashi. Lacking any other options, Nanashi put his hand in the way of the blade, which pierced the palm of his hand.

"AAAGH", Nanashi yelled as the assassin did something unexpected. He retracted his blade and looked into Nanashi's face.

"You... you are not the man I seek", Altair said, as Nanashi clutched his hand in pain.

"Who... are you?", Nanashi asked, surprised the foreigner could speak Japanese.

"My name is Altair Ibn 'La Ahad. I have been sent here from far to the west to eliminate a warlord in league with a Chinese invader.", Altair replied.

"I am Nanashi, a travelling ronin. I have fought these invaders before. I fear they already have agents in this country. I can take you to their base."

"Very well then", Altair said, offering Nanashi his hand, "Can you still use that hand?".

"This?" Nanashi said as he tore off a piece of his clothing to act as a tourniquet, "I've had a lot worse. I've had a sword run straight through my arm, and I was shot with a one of those new "firearms" right in the chest".

"Then, let us make haste", Altair said, handing Nanashi back his katana, "I suspect you will need this."

WINNER: Altair Ibn La'Ahad

Expert's Opinion[]

Altair won this battle because of his superior training, and agility. This allowed him to overcome and disable his opponent, however, it was a close match, as seen by the fact Nanashi survived, but not without injury.

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Battle was declared invalid due to nerfing Altair from his Eagle Vision.

Battle vs. Aragorn (by Greenberet69)[]

In the land of Gondor at the White city known as Minas Tirith the High king of Gondor Aragorn II Elessar calmly sits on the throne when 4 soldiers of Gondor (2 regular infantry, and 2 tower guards) enter the room.

"My Lord we have reports that those strange men that we helped a couple of days ago are dead." One of the Gondor soldiers say

"How are they dead was word not sent out that these men meant us no harm." Aragorn said

"Yes sir but according to some villagers who were nearby when the men were killed they said that they saw 5 white robed strange men near them." The Gondor soldier said.

Meanwhile at the Gates of Minas Tirith two Gondor guards are on guard on the wall when one of them hears something and goes to investigate. He looks over the side of the wall and gets pulled down, the other Gondor soldier goes to investigate when he is struck in the throat by a knife. Just then a 4 Assassins scale over the wall and their leader the new Assassins Grandmaster Altair Ibn-La'Ahad jumps down and pulls out his throwing knife from the dead soldier.

"Alright men remember why we are here." Altair says

"We are here to assassinate the king of this land for assisting the Templars Grandmaster." One of the Assassins say

"Right now lets go!" Altair says and the 5 Assassins perform a leap of faith into 5 haystacks below.

The Assassins walk up the the eight floors of Minas Tirith and arrive at the White Tree and see the Tower Guards all over the grounds, Altair signals his men and they prepare their weapons and silently walk to the Tower Guards. In the Throne Room Aragorn and his men are discussing the deaths of the strange men, when the door quickly opens up and a tower guard is seen running towards Aragorn yelling

"My King, My king were under attack, were under..."

The tower guard falls down dead with a knife through his throat and Aragorn and his men look up to see Altair and his 4 Assassins with their swords with blood and all of the soldiers outside dead. Aragorn and his men draw their weapons

"Who are you?" Aragorn asks

"My name is of no importance to you, you must die for helping the Templars." Altair says

"Listen stranger I don't know who these Templars are but I will defend myself if I have to." Aragorn says

Altair raises his hand and the Assassins take out their throwing knives and throw them at Aragorn and his men

"SHIELDS!" Aragorn says

and the Gondor soldiers raise their shields and the knives bounce right off of them.

"Protect the king!" one of the Tower Guards yell

The Gondor soldiers charge at the Assassins and Altair and his men charge at the Gondor soldiers and Aragorn. Aragorn runs back to the throne chair to get his weapons and while Altair and 3 of the Assassins engage the Gondor soldiers one of the other Assassins goes right by them and charges at Aragorn. Aragorn grabs his Bow and Arrow and fires at the Assassin but the Assassin dodges the arrow but Aragorn quickly looses another arrow and strikes the Assassin in the knee but it doesn't stop him. Aragorn grabs his sword Anduril and his Dagger and charges at the Assassin. The Assassin draws his sword but Aragorn is able to hit the sword up and stabs the Assassin in the chestDarkred. Altair meanwhile is engaging one of the Tower Guards and while the Tower Guard is able to keep Altair away with his spear but Altair dodges a jab with the spear, grabs it and follows with a stab to the neck with his Short BladeGreen. The other Assassins and Gondor soldiers continue to fight, one of the Assassins fighting a regular Gondor infantry soldier strikes with his sword but is blocked by the Gondor soldiers shield but is able to dodge when the Gondor soldier tries to stab him and kicks the Gondor soldier back onto his back and tries to stab but is blocked again with the shield, the Assassin is able to hold the sword down with his foot and uses his other hand to sheath his Hidden Blade and the Gondor soldier stares in horror as he is stabbed in the neck by the Hidden BladeGreen. One of the other Assassins is fighting a Tower Guard when the Tower Guard knocks back the Assassin with his shield and stabs the Assassin with his spearDarkred. Altair and his last two Assassins take retreat back outside and Aragorn and the Gondor soldiers follow and engage again. Aragorn duels with another Assassin and gains the upper hand when he kicks the Assassin's sword out of his hand and is able to slash across the Assassin and blood begins to cover his white cloak and the Assassin tosses a throwing knife at Aragorn who is able to parry it and retaliates by throwing his dagger at the Assassin and striking him in the heartDarkred. Altair and his Assassin fight together against the Gondor infantry soldier and Tower Guard but the Tower Guard is able to stab the Assassin with his spear injuring him and the Gondor infantry soldier finishes the Assassin off with a stab to the chestDarkred. Altair retreats back as Aragorn joins his men

"Give it up, your outnumbered 3 to 1." Aragorn says

"Trust me I've been in worser situations then this and gotten out without a scratch" Altair says.

Altair charges at Aragorn and his men and the soldiers form a wall to protect Aragorn but Altair takes out his Short Blade and a Throwing knife and while he tosses the throwing knife at the Tower Guard striking him in the face and he is able to stab the leg of the Gondor Infantry soldier and follows up with a stab to the neck after getting behind himGreenGreen. Aragorn watches as the two bodies of the soldiers fall down with Altair not gaining a scratch. Aragorn prepares Anduril with Altair preparing his Sword and the two charge at each other and the two swords collide. Altair kicks Aragorn back to end the lock and charges at Aragorn who blocks a strike from Altair and headbutts him in the face and tries to stab Altair but Altair is able to dodge the stab and follows with a slash to Aragorn's leg which cuts him and sends Aragorn kneeling down but he quickly gets back up. Aragorn proceeds to cut Altair on the back but Altair resists the pain and the two lock swords again. They each try to gain the upper hand but neither of them give up their ground until Altair breaks the lock and starts running to the edge of the courtyard. Aragorn gives chase but before his eyes Altair performs a leap of faith at the end of the floor and looks down and to his amazement he sees as Altair falls to the level below and safetly land in a bail of haystacks and gets out with trouble. Aragorn goes down to the level that he saw Altair land in the haystack and starts walking through however the people of Gondor make it hard to see Altair who is actually behind Aragorn and uses his Eagle Vision to keep track of Aragorn. Aragorn notices a white robed person enter a nearby house and goes to investigate, when he gets inside Aragorn quickly stabs the white robed person and the person drops dead. Thinking it's Altair Aragorn removes the hood only to realize that it was actually one of the citizens and just as he gets up and turns around he is face to face with Altair who unsheaths his Hidden Blade and stabs Aragorn in the neckGreen. Altair peacefully lowers Aragorn to the floor and closes the High King of Gondor's eyes to let him rest in peace. Altair then gets up and walks out of the house and leaves Middle-Earth and heads back to the Holy Lands.

Winner: Altair

Expert's Opinion[]

This was by far a very close match-up. Both of these warriors were master Swordsman but in the end it was Altair who won the day for having been trained since he was a kid, his mastery in Stealth and Tactics, his more well trained soldiers and his skills with the Hidden Blade.

[User blog:Greenberet69/Altair vs Aragorn|To see the original battle, weapons, and votes, click here.]]


Battle was declared invalid due to nerfing of Altair by failing to mention his Eagle Vision