But if I play too hard, I break my playthings. I don't want their heads and arms to come off!
— Alice

Alice was an English girl who wound up getting caught in an air strike in the final years of the Second World War and was reduced to a state where she was constantly in pain at best or not even conscious in a hospital that only maintained her existence to research her magical circuits that were discovered there before she finally died. However that wouldn't be the end for her as she got a second chance at life as a Cyber Ghost in the net where she eventually settled on permanently moving to the Moon Cell where she got to summon Nursery Rhyme as her friend to play with, largely ignoring the Holy Grail War. She still knew about it and joined it to get the opportunity to meet other Masters in the hope of finding more playmates, preferably someone who could understand her, and likely to prevent herself from being deleted with her existence before the conflict consisting of watching the various candidates which made her into a notable urban legend.

After defeating two other Masters in the first Elimination Rounds, she would meet Hakuno Kishinami and Nero Claudius, a duo that played with her and Caster like the previous foes but that ultimately dealt with every trick they had and made her upset as she perceived that Hakuno was angry at her, choosing to stay with Nursery as a friend instead. Unfortunately for her, her Servant couldn't beat the Saber in a direct battle and they wound up getting deleted together but not before she was able to explain her situation and get some comfort from Kishinami that they at least enjoyed the games they had played leading up to their elimination while trying to ease Nursery's anguish at the situation.

Battle vs. Gilles de Rais (Fate) and Ryuunosuke Uryuu alongside Nursery Rhyme (by Pygmy Hippo 2)


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