It’s funny how the colours of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.
— Alex DeLarge

Alex DeLarge is the leader of a gang of "Droogs" partake in acts of "ultraviolence" on a nightly basis; robbing, assaulting and even raping innocent members of the public for their own sick amusement.

While robbing the house of a wealthy woman he is knocked out by one of his fellow gang members and left to be found by the police and is convicted of murder, as he unknowingly beat the woman to death when assaulting her. After several years in jail he is recommended for a revolutionary new treatment designed to eliminate criminal impulses by conditioning the participant to feel nauseating sickness at the mere thought of violence.

The treatment appears to be a success and Alex has his prison time commuted to time served and is released but he soon finds himself unable to adapt to society and is brutalised by his former victims and gang members, his treatment preventing him from defending himself. After he attempts suicide after being drugged and subjected to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony by a former victim (the piece played to Alex during his treatment) he is given a high paying job by the government as compensation for the failure of his treatment. Little do they realise that the treatment has worn off and he is now back to his old sociopathic self, ready to commit even more crimes.

He eventually assembles a new gang. But after meeting Pete, a former gang member of his, Alex learned that he had reformed. Because of this encounter, he began to take less pleasure in ultraviolence and began to considering retiring from his life of crime to start a family.

Battle vs. Norman Bates (by Happy9999)

Sough of wind went when Norman Bates were sitting silently behind the counter of his motel. Taking a glimpse at his old, wacky specimen, he managed to make a smile. 'Well, another quiet autumn afternoon--that means mother won't be disturbed by unexpected guests, or ....' His whispers stopped as a car was being noticed . The car was a convertible one with a strangely-dressed teenager-like person inside. To Norman's surprise, the teenager kept roaring wildly as he drove near, and as soon as the car was parked, he jumped out of it, holding a cane and yelling in a peculiar form of language that contained specific familiar English words, but certainly not normal English. Norman quickly stood up, he opened the back door and rushed back to the basement where his 'mother' had been staying in. 'Hello, mom. 'he gasped nervously. 'It's obvious, pretty obvious that a cheap erotic hippie-like young man with cheap erotic mind has entered our sacred, clean and tidy motel. If you were to be my dear little boy, you would get rid of that hippie wouldn't you?' Norman changed his voice. 'EMM...Mom, anyway the hippie hasn't made any mess yet...' Said Norman as himself. 'Well, you are of disappoint, if you aren't going to force that hippie leave, then I will!' Said Norman as his mom. Before Norman could reply , the sound of broken glass came from upstairs . All in a sudden, Norman took the two needles beside the chair, and grabbed the kitchen knife which had been placed down here since he failed in killing Marion's sister. He then snuck on, reached the freaking doorway where a psychopath teenager called Alex Delarge dressed in his ridiculous diaper-like costume, whispering a joyful tune---'I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain, what a glorious fee---!' Alex stopped singing . Gazing around the empty townhouse, Alex felt a bit of weird--how come such a tidy house remained silence after his breaking-in. Alex was calm on the outside, but thinking all the time, wondering where the damn owner had been. 'HEH, thinking was for the gloopy ones, and that oomny ones use like, inspiration that being brought along by the lovely music---ready for a bit of the ultra-violence?' Alex waving around his cane, breaking various vases, glasses. Then he kicked down a chair, and dashed into the silent doorway. All in a sudden, a figure appeared at the corridor , armed with a knife. Since Norman launched the attack from the back, Alex failed in dodging it and got a cut at the back. However, Alex turned back quickly and kick the figure in the chest. Norman fell back, holding his knife tightly. Being outraged, Alex jumped up , bashing the cane onto Norman's head. ' Well witty, witty , witty well.' Alex raised his cane, ready for a second beat, but he back injuries pulled him back. 'Ouch!' He shouted, and touched his back . Though feeling dizzy and sick, Norman managed to stand up and immediately got the basement door next to him opened. Then he smashed it close, and hurriedly got down. Just a few seconds after the door being shut, Alex kicked the door open. He took his cane apart and revealed a blading dagger. 'You're going to pay..' He grumbled. Scanning around the basement, he noticed the creepy dead body of an old lady, but he simply ignored that as an modern violent artwork. He clumsily jumped down the stairs, the blood on his back had already made his shirt wet. Realizing he had made another mistake of impulsion, it was too late when Norman appeared behind the stairway and dashed to him. Alex wanted to defend by stabbing Norman with the dagger, but Norman crushed into him and injected a needle into his neck. He let go of his dagger. With blood coming out of Alex's throat, Norman held his hurting head, trying to figure out a plan on dealing with this dead body--There had been too much of a mess, mother was disturbed again, and the basement floor was covered with red liquid.

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Battle vs. Ghostface (by Battlefan237)

Ghostface killers: Brown Brown Brown Brown

Droogs: Orange Orange Orange Orange

Billy doesn't know how he ends up like this: his head is hurting as if a hammer keeps bashing it from inside, and blood comes out of his arm. He peeps out of the holes on his mask, scanning around the ground that lies the dead bodies of Stu and two teenagers---one of them is still holding his cane tightly. According to their plans, he should have been murdering their pre-determined targets--a teenage girl named Nancy Cates, but not fighting these annoying street hooligans. 'Well, the plan worked well at the beginning...' Billy fell into memory, just like those who's about to leave this wicked world. He led his killer party to the apartment where they would complete their plan at exactly 10:30 pm. However, their plan was stopped by a group of teenagers. They witnessed how those teens broke into Nancy's house by breaking the glass door . One of those who seemed to be their leader, was even whistling the tune of 'Singing in the rain' as they marched back. Billy suggested giving up the whole thing , but his friend John, who was deeply outraged, pulled down his mask and snuck to those teens. The teens, who probably had got drunk, were haunting around the yard. One of them was out of the group, and went behind the tree where John had been hiding. John cut the teen in the back Orange. The teen screamed, and drew the attention of other droogs. Alex Delarge jumped and chuckled while approaching the tree. John was in a bad position. He tried to escape from the back, but got trapped in a corridor that was blocked by piles of bricks. He turned and saw the tree droogs. He exerted himself to attack Alex, but Alex kicked him in the chest and made him fall back. Then, he jumped up and hit John with the cane. With a continuing series of attack, Alex pulled out the dagger as soon as John managed to get up, and pierced it into his neck Brown . One of the droogs, named Georgie, walked pass the position where Billy's mother had been hiding while the droogs were marching through the doorway. Billy's mom quickly let out the hunting knife and slashed Georgie in the back throat. However, what Billy's mom didn't realize was that Dim was just standing a few steps ahead of Georgie . Dim swung back his cane and directly hurt Billy's mother. Then, Dim lift up a chair and threw it at her, causing her to fall out of the living room. Her body whacked and crashed onto the marble foundation of the door step, her head bashed to the brick foundation and bleed out Brown . 'Mom!' Billy , whose anger had finally been stimulated, led Stu to the broken door. Well, Billy couldn't exactly tell out what happened next, but all he can remember is that Stu attacked the leading teen from an unexpected position, but received a smash in the head. At that time, he was busying fighting with the other teen at the other side of the room. It was a tough battle, Billy's arm was hurt by a broken glass bottle,but Billy succeeded in killing the teen after sliced one of his arms that was holding the cane and slashed him in the chestOrange . Stu did hurt Alex on the shoulder, but that didn't stop Alex from piercing the dagger right between the two eyes holes on the mask Brown . Billy dashed to Alex , holding his hunting knife. Alex, who had lost his dagger, just defended by using the cane. Fear and anger gave Billy the strength to ignore the pain brought by the cane. He pushed his way out and cut Alex right across the chest. 'Aahhhh!'Alex screamed as blood came out Orange . Billy, whose arm had been wounded by the cane, kneeled down and fell back . Pains and despair spread across his body as the sound of police cars appear. Billy woke up in a hospital two days after the fight. A woman who dressed like a doctor looked right into his eyes .'Young man, you're awake know,' she said in a kind and easy voice,' So you're about to receive your treatment.' 'What treatment?'Billy raised his eyebrows and asked with a curious and strange look. 'Well, we just need to show you some films.' The woman replied, and made a graceful smile out of politeness.

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While the droogs share the ability of fighting and close attacks, the Ghostface killers' killer instinct and super stealth ensured their victory.

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