Hilarious question, particularly from you. Did you ever ask why? Why we toppled all those dictators, undermined all those regimes, only to come home: "Well done, good job, but sorry, old boy, everything you risked your life and limb for has changed."
— Alec Trevelyan

Once known as Agent 006 under the employment of Her Majesty's Secret Service, Trevelyan betrays MI6 during a mission to blow up the Arkhangelsk chemical weapons facility in the Soviet Union while working with his close friend, James Bond.

During the operation, Trevelyan is caught and apparently executed by the base's commander, Colonel Arkady Ourumov. Presuming Trevelyan dead, Bond continues the mission and escapes aboard a supply plane. Nine years later, Bond's pursuit of a stolen helicopter and investigation of an explosion at Severnaya leads him to Saint Petersburg, where he learns from Valentin Zukovsky that "Janus", the head of the crime syndicate responsible for the theft, is a Lienz Cossack. Later, when he finally meets Janus, Bond is shocked to discover Trevelyan, who staged his execution at Archangelsk and now employs Ourumov, now a General in The Russian Army. Trevelyan's face is scarred from the explosion at the weapons factory, a direct result of Bond changing the sequence detonation timers.

Trevelyan reveals that his motive for his betrayal is a personal one. His parents were Lienz Cossacks who had collaborated with the Nazis but attempted to defect to the British at the end of World War II. When The British instead sent them back to the USSR, many were executed by Stalin's execution squads. Though Alec's parents survived, his father, ashamed to have lived, killed his wife and himself. At the time, Alec was only six years old.

He was then transported to the United Kingdom, and was taken in by MI6, who issued him the new surname Trevelyan, chosen because it had origins in the British Isles, but bore coincidental phonetic similarities to Armenian and other southeastern European surnames. MI6 continued to sponsor his training and education throughout his childhood, and he began formal work for the British government upon attaining his majority, in order to set revenge against the British government for his family's demise.

Source: Alec Trevelyan on Wikipedia

Battle vs. Hans Gruber (by AnnhilationNation)

Gruber: Red Red Red Red Red

Trevelyan: Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue

At a small bank in London, Hans Gruber, and four men had already muscled their way in, and are set up on the fourth floor of the building. The criminals are gathering millions in currency, as Gruber already has a casual escape planned out already. Outside, Trevelyan and four of his men are driving up, looking to put a huge dent in England's economy, as they hijacked a police truck. Gruber looked outside and saw the van, however, it was without lights on. "Hmm... a minor inconvience. Karl... get rid of them."

Trevelyan gets out with an AK-74Su, as his other men come out, one with an RPK, the other with an RPG on his back, and holding a Browning BDM, and another one with an AK, as one guy stays in the van. The four begin to walk towards the bank, when all of a sudden, a rocket was fired, destroyign the van, and one of Trevelyan's men inside of it. Blue (5-4)

"Well, well... What an unplesant suprise..." Alec says, as Hans tells the man with the SMAW an order... "Hit it again. We'll deal with the survivors personally." Hans says, taking the H&K P7M13 Pistol, as two of his comrades weild H&K hk94 SMG's, as the other takes an M60, while they head downstairs. Alec weilds an AK-74Su, as does another comrade, while they are followed by a henchman with an RPK, while one stays back, with his Norinco RPG Type 69, and aimed out of the window where the rocket was fired. As soon as he sees a target, he fired a rocket, obliterating Gruber's henchman Red (4-4) Without another rocket, he walked in with a Browning BDM, as they were about to enter the second floor. Heading downstairs from the top floor, and passing the third, as both factions meet in the offices of the second floor.

In the middle of the area, Hans' group takes fire, as the RPK weilding member of the Janus syndicate hits one of Hans' henchmen with the hk94. Red (3-4) A firefight quickly ensues, as Gruber's men retaliate with fire, as the other hk94 weilder managed to pump five rounds into the RPK henchman's chest, as the false terrorists retreat to the third floor. Blue (3-3)

Hans and his henchman with the M60 ran back, and started to set up, as the henchman tried to fire at their foes, however, he was ripped apart with Alec's AKS-74u. Red (2-3) The other men started to run after them, when the M60 weilding henchman opened fire, killing off the henchman with the AK, as Alec and his other fighter are using the office desks for cover. Blue (2-2) He kept firing, as Alec came up with a quick plan. He pulls out a small pistol, as the other henchman gets up, and started to fire a few rounds from his Browning BDM. As the M60 Weilder was about to fire at him, Alec Popped up and then fired a tranquilizer dart from the other pistol, as it hits the M60 weilder in the neck. Trevelyan then aimed down and pumped three rounds into their foe, and finished him off. Red (1-2)

Gruber then sees his comrade die, as he fired some shots from his pistol. He hits the henchman in the shoulder,, however, it is not a fatal blow, as he runs away to avoid fire from hsi enemies. Hans retreats past a hallway, as his opponents expect him to ambush with fire. Meanwhile, Hans turns the corner, and waits patiently, until the two of them get closer. Alec and the henchman creep through the hallway, make slow steps, as Hans pops out and slides a hockey puck, which explodes into a blinding light, and lets out a distracting ring. All that is heard next is three gunshots. When the flash clears, the henchman is seen dead, as Alec is down on one knee, clutching his stomach, as Hans says to him..."Sie machten die falsche Wahl" before shooting Alec in the cranium directly. Blue Blue (1-0) "Jetzt, zurück zum Geschäft in der Nähe" Hans said, before heading back up to grab the bonds and escape before the police come.

Winner: Hans Gruber

Expert's Opinion

Gruber was victorious, due to the fact that he brought superior weapons, in comparison to just as effective combat training to Alec Trevelyan. Plus, with a lethal combination of the Hockey Puck Flashbang, which can incapacitate multiple people, instead of only one with the tranquilizer gun, made a big difference.

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