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It's like a T. rex, but smaller, faster... meaner.
— Connor Temple

On the 15th September 2006, an Albertosaurus came through an anomaly into the present day. Finding itself in a warehouse it came across two inventors, Evan and Brooke Cross, killing and devouring Brooke before being driven back through the anomaly by gunfire from Mac Rendell, who had arrived to save the pair.

This same Albertosaurus would come through another anomaly in 2012, running amok in London beforebeing corned by ARC soldiers. It was tranquillised and captured by Project Magnet troops with a plan to send it back through the anomaly to it's own time period but it awoke and escaped it's confinements, killing most of the soldiers and fleeing through yet another anomaly, which lead it right back to it's first appearance in 2006. This time however after killing Brooke and going back into the anomaly it was gunned down by Evan, finally getting vengeance for the deaths of Brooke and Max.

Battle vs. Indominus rex (by Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan)[]

Time: 2015

Venue: Islar Nublar

Indominus rex charges at the pack of Apatosaurus in front of it. The sauropods tried to stamp him or hit him with their tails, but Indomius rex overpowers them. All of them were either wounded or killed. That could be a nice lunch for a T. rex, but I-rex kills for sport. Owen Grady would be hunting him. It better beware. It walks on. Something was in front.

Anomaly. I-rex stared at the dinosaur in front of it. The dinosaur stared back blankly. Indomius rex roars at Albertosaurus (primeval) and tries to bite it, but Albertosaurus ducks. I-rex slashed his claws into Albertosaurus's flesh. Raged, Albertosaurus charges and bites I-rex. Effortlessly, I-rex shook off. Indomius rex charges, but Albertosaurus attacks, but Indominus rex shook off again. Albertosaurus roars and attacks. Indominus rex kicked but missed. It roars and reaches for the I-rex's neck.

"Not bad," thought Indominus rex. He charges.

"Whoa, what the hell."

Albertosaurus charges and stares at the rex.

After a few claw slashes, it was clear who won.

Albertosaurus was deeply scratched, but I-rex had some bloody wounds too. It tries its best to fight back. He roars and bites and smashes.

I-rex doubles over. Its vision is fading for a second but it steadies. Albertosaurus was dying. It collapses.

Albertosaurus rolls a few times and stays where it was.



Owen Grady came. "It kills for sport -- apatasaurus."

Owen spotted the Albertosaurus.

"Oh. Where did that come from?"

The end.

Expert's Opinion[]

Experts believe it was much larger and built for fighting, and could kill a full-grown T. rex so it would have no trouble fighting a smaller version of a T. rex.

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