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The right to be a god. Only one truly capable of "being" a god deserves that right. The right... With Uroboros, I have that right.
— Albert Wesker

Dr. Albert Wesker is a main antagonist in the Resident Evil franchise. An accomplished scientist and spy, Wesker worked behind the scenes in an attempt to attain his personal goal of worldwide genocide and human evolution, driven by his god complex and social Darwinist ideals.

As a child, Wesker was raised by the Spencer Foundation as part of a eugenics program intended to produce a race of advanced humans. Wesker was one of the few survivors. Immensely gifted and well-educated by the Spencer Foundation, Wesker earned a doctorate in virology as a teenager and was hired by the unscrupulous Umbrella Corporation. With Umbrella, Wesker helped to develop the t-Virus, a biological weapon that could create zombies and was capable of wiping out entire populations.

Wesker joined Umbrella's intelligence department to further their malicious projects. As a double agent, he joined both the United States Army and S.T.A.R.S., a special division of the police force of Raccoon City. Wesker decided to betray Umbrella, using his status as a mole to gather research data for his own ends. During the Mansion Incident (an experiment gone wrong) Wesker injected himself with the Prototype virus, a strain of the t-Virus that granted him superhuman abilities.

Wesker's new powers drove his already impressive ego to new heights. Working behind the scenes with multiple organizations, Wesker began work on Uroboros, a new virus that, if released would wipe out the vast majority of humans and leave behind only a select few as superhuman beings. Ultimately, Wesker's plans were foiled by the BSAA, a counter-bioterrorism organization that included Wesker's old enemy from S.T.A.R.S., Chris Redfield. Wesker was killed after an intense battle on an active volcano.

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Winner: Albert Wesker

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