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The Al Khalid is a joint Pakistani-Chinese main battle tank armed with a 125mm main gun and equipped with composite and explosive reactive armor. The tank was developed in the 1990s, and was produced from 2001 onwards.

The 125mm smoothbore gun is a Pakistani-made gun similar to a number of Ex-Soviet and Chinese designs, capable of firing a variety of types of ammunition, including APDS and HEAT. The gun is capable of anti-tank missiles such as the Russian AT-11.

The 9M119M Refleks, NATO designation AT-10 "Sniper" is an anti-tank missile designed to be fired from 125mm guns of Soviet-built tanks. The "Sniper" is has a range of 5-6 kilometers and a tandem charge warhead.

The Al Khalid's armor consists of composite armor, presumably similar to the Merkava's as well as explosive reactive armor. The tank also has a laser detection system that can detect laser designators targeting the vehicle and release smokescreens and inform the crew of the direction of the designator.

Battle vs. Merkava Mark IV (by SPARTAN 119)[]

Merkava: 5

Al Khalid: 5

Northern Israeli borders, near future

A unit of five Al Khalid tanks given to the Lebanese Army by the Pakistanis, who also trained their crews, rolled across the Israeli border. Five Israeli Merkava tanks stood in their way. The lead Al Khalid fired first, launching a Refleks ATGW, only for the missile to the shot down by a Merkava's Trophy Active Protection System.

The Israeli tanks retaliated, firing a LAHAT missile. The missile impacted one of the Al Khalid tanks, sending it up in a ball of fire as its ammunition and fuel detonated, blowing the turret off the hull of the tank (Merkava: 5, Al Khalid: 4)

An Al Khalid tank retaliated, firing an APFSDS round from its main gun, taking out one of the Merkavas. The Isreali tanks fired back with its own 120mm, knocking out a Lebanese Al Khalid. (Merkava: 4, Al Khalid: 3)

The Remaining Al Khalids split up, moving the either side. The lone Al Khalid flanked the Isrealis from the left and managed to score a hit with a Refleks ATGW, the Trophy system not activation in time, sealing its fate. (Merkava: 3, Al Khalid: 3).

The first of the two Al Khalid tanks rolling towards the right flank of the Isreali's was picked off by a LAHAT missile. The second Al Khalid, however, managed to knock out a Merkava with its gun. Meanwhile, on the left flank, another Al Khalid was destroyed by another 120mm shell. (Merkava: 2, Al Khalid: 1)

The last Al Khalid was simultaneously struck by two shells from both of the two remaining Merkava's blowing the vehicle to pieces. {Merkava: 2, Al Khalid: 0)

WINNER: Merkava Mark IV

Expert's Opinion[]

While the Al-Khalid was faster, it lacked an adequate defense. The Merkava had good armor and a defensive system capable of taking down the Al-Khalid's 9M199M Refleks with the ASPRO-A.

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