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Who, then, O Muse, was the foremost, whether man or horse, among those that followed after the sons of Atreus? ...Of the men, Ajax, son of Telamon, was much the foremost so long as Achilles's anger lasted.
— The Iliad by Homer

In Greek mythology, Ajax or Aias was one of the greatest Greek warriors in the Trojan War. He is known as Greater Ajax, Telamonian Ajax, or Ajax the Greater to distinguish him from Ajax, the son of Oileus.

Ajax was the son of Telamon, the king of Salamis and a companion of Hercules. In his youth, Ajax was educated by the centaur Chiron, alongside Achilles, his cousin, and Patroclus. As an adult, Ajax possessed incredible strength for a mortal. When the Trojan War broke out between Troy and Greece, Ajax joined the fight and became one of the Greeks' greatest warriors, considered second only to Achilles.

After Achilles withdrew from the fighting after an argument with the Greek commander Agamemnon, Hector, the Trojans' greatest champion, challenged any of the Greek warriors to single combat. Ajax was chosen by lot and won the fight, crushing Hector's shield and piercing his armor. Apollo interrupted the fight, and the warriors exchanged gifts out of respect. Ajax received Hector's sword.

After Achilles was killed in battle, Ajax and Odysseus fought through the Trojan lines to retrieve the champion's body. When the pair returned to the camps, it was decided that Ajax and Odysseus would compete to determine who received Achilles's god-forged armor. The physical tests ended in a draw, but Odysseus proved the more eloquent speaker and won the armor. Infuriated, Ajax slaughtered the Greeks' livestock in a fit of madness. After he realized what he had done, he committed suicide with Hector's sword.

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Winner: Ajax the Greater

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