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No plan, no cleverness can serve us now but this: to close with them and fight with all we have. Better to win life or to lose it fighting now, once and for all, than to be bled to death by slow degrees in grinding war against these ships, by lesser men than we.
— Ajax the Greater

Ajax or Aias, known in Etruscan mythology as Aivas Tlamunus, usually given the epithet Greater or The Great, to distinguish him from Ajax, son of Oileus (Ajax the Lesser), was the son of the hero Telamon, and one of the greatest warriors in the Achaean army during the Trojan War. He was trained by the centaur Chiron in his youth, alongside his cousin (and future fellow Achaean soldier) Achilles.

Ajax had incredible strength for a mortal, which he demonstrated in combat. When Achilles withdrew from the fighting, Ajax was chosen to fight Hector in his place. Ajax overcame his opponent, first wounding the Trojan with his spear and then knocking him down with a large stone. The fight was ended by Zeus, and the two warriors gave each other gifts out of respect. Hector received Ajax's sash, and Ajax received Hector's sword.

Later, he defends the Achaean ships almost single-handedly, fighting off the Trojans while wielding a massive spear. However, he is disarmed by Hector (whom Zeus favors) and forced to retreat.

When Achilles fell in battle to Paris's arrows, Ajax and fellow soldier Odysseus fought through the Trojan lines to retrieve his body. Upon returning to the camps, it was decided that Ajax and Odysseus would compete to determine who would receive Achilles's god-forged armor. The physical tests ended in a draw, but Odysseus proved himself the better speaker, and he received the armor.

Infuriated by the lack of respect he was shown after all his efforts, Ajax went mad. He slaughtered the Achaeans' livestock, believing them to be his fellow soldiers in his madness. When he came to his senses, he committed suicide with Hector's sword.

Battle vs. Xerxes (300) (by Laquearius)


Winner: Ajax the Greater

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Battle vs. Hercules (Mythology) (by Deathblade 100)

Troy, Asia Minor, 1180 BC

Ajax the Greater marches down a narrow road on the look out for Trojan soldiers. Suddenly an arrow flies past Ajax's face and lands in the dirt. Heracles is standing at the end of the road, Apollo's Bow in hand. Ajax raises his shield as Heracles fire another arrow down towards the Achaean. Ajax charges into range and hurls his javelin at the demigod, who promptly catches it and throws it back, with Ajax staggering backwards from the impact.

Ajax raises his Tower Shield and points his Dory at Heracles and advances. Heracles sees the spear being thrust towards him and ducks, with the spearhead scraping the back of the Nemean Lion's Skin. Ajax thrusts his spear forward again, only for the shaft to get snapped in half from a blow of Heracles' club. Ajax draws his Xiphos and slammed his shield into the demigod's chest.

The two exchange blows for a couple of minutes before, Ajax manages to cut Heracles in the stomach with his Xiphos. A swipe from Heracles' club knocked Ajax down, flattening the cuirass he was wearing. Heracles walks back to his bow and fires a Hydra venom tipped arrow at the Achaean shieldman.

The arrow pierces Ajax' shield arm, spreading its deadly coating through out the Achaean's body. Ajax staggers towards his opponent and slashes with his Xiphos, wounding Heracles in the arm before succumbing to the toxin.

Heracles slings his bow over his shoulder and picking up his club yells, "For you, Father!", in victory.

Expert's Opinion

While Ajax brought a more powerful mid-range weapon and special weapon, his lack of effective long range equipment was what sealed his fate. Despite the obvious advantage Ajax had with fighting the Trojans, Heracles experience of fighting mythological creatures and increased strength due to his demigod status swung this battle in his favour.

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The battle has been declared invalid for buffing Hercules' bow.