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In this city, no one can hide from me. No one.
— Aiden Pearce

Aiden Pearce, known as The Vigilante or The Fox in the media, is a man shaped by violence and obsessed with surveillance. He monitors his family in secret to protect them from something that happened in his past. When his family has endangered once again, he takes justice into his own hands.

Pearce is a hybrid hacker/vigilante, who has hacked Chicago's CtOS by using backdoors he created while programming it. The CtOS is Chicago's Central Operating System, which controls the city's entire information network. Using the CtOS and his mobile phone, Pearce can access the personal information of everyone in Chicago as well as control the city's security system. His abilities include, but are not limited to, disrupting communications, controlling trains and traffic lights, and even causing a city-wide blackout when cornered.

Raised in Chicago's inner city, Pearce is accustomed to violence. When confronted physically, he typically uses a baton to retaliate, but he has also been shown to be proficient with firearms. In trailers, he most often uses a 9mm pistol, but he is known to be proficient with over 30 different types of firearms.

Despite taking justice into his own hands, Pierce tends to disable his victims when there is clear evidence for the police to make an arrest. In cases where there is not enough evidence to convict or if he is attacked, however, Pearce has shown no hesitation in performing executions.

After the death of his niece, Lena Pearce, Aiden used his hacking abilities and weapon proficiency to bring down the Chicago South Club, the Viceroys, the Pawnee Miltia, and the corrupt PMC affiliated with Blume Industries, and to eliminate the key figures associated with her death.